September 2013

Bernanke Tapering Continuation- Admission by Fed That the U.S. Economy Is Still in Trouble.

If the economy were really doing well, as the media would have us believe, then why continue to buy $85 Billion of debt? The very obvious answer- it ain’t! Ron Paul, was interviewed recently on the issue and made this abundantly clear. He is such a breath of fresh air among an atmosphere of complete […]

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Oklahoma City Bombing – Precursor to 9/11?

I never really watched anything on the Oklahoma City bombing before. However, after seeing this documentary offered for sale, I searched for it and found it on YouTube. [vsw id=”x6NfZa4daO4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] ┬áThis documentary called Oklahoma City – A Noble Lie was made in 1995 right after the Murrah Building bombing which occurred […]

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Welcome to the John McCain Syria Dog and Pony Show

John McCain is acting once again. He played this role before during the 2008 campaign so he has had some practice and does it quite skillfully by now. He is nothing more than a well-paid bit actor playing a role for the public image campaign which feigns opposition to satisfy those who are incapable of […]

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