October 2013

Fed Running Out of Options. Now Calling for More Debt Based Inflation

When an economy is based on debt like every central banking based financial system on the planet, it has been shown to eventually fail. This is a historical precedent, not a prediction. It is not a statement of prejudice towards central banking and fiat currencies, it is a historical reality that has happened to every […]

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Is the Federal Reserve Really Federal or is it Privately Held?

Every citizen should be asking that question. After all, the Federal Reserve controls the overall rate of borrowing money. They also control the issuance of currency (not money, there is a difference) and thereby the velocity and quantity of money in circulation. That has a direct impact upon the costs of our goods and the […]

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Boiling the Frog- Slowly at First, Speeding Up Day by Day

At this point in time, all raising the debt ceiling does is kick the can down the road. At the end of that road and coming up fast is a complete collapse of the currency and the economy along with just about everything else we take for granted as always being there for our convenience […]

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