December 29, 2013

Banking Crisis in Europe Deepens. World’s Oldest Bank in Italy in Crisis.

The world’s oldest bank and Italy’s 3rd biggest bank (Monte dei Paschi di Siena) needs to tap investors for cash to pay back the EU loan of 4.1 Billion Euros it received earlier this year after the euro debt crisis. It was forced to delay a vital 3 billion euro ($4.1 Billion) share sale to […]

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The Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday is Not a Cause for Celebration! Part 3

So, just what have we gotten from the advent of the Federal Reserve? Well, let’s hear from some who should know. Noting the similarities as Congress neared a vote, they called an Ohio attorney named, Alfred Crozier to testify. Crosier noted the similarities between the Aldrich Bill and the Glass-Owen Bill but also made some […]

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