The Truth About Santa- Beyond the History Channel

At this time of the year, the figure of Santa Claus is ubiquitous and an accepted American symbol of the Christmas season. In America, a Christmas without Santa just isn’t Christmas.Santa with Pack

Children highly anticipate Santa’s arrival eagerly hoping they get what they asked for. Parents on the other hand take careful steps not to let them know that the real gift giver is them and not Santa. They are convinced to accept this role by societal conditioning and media propaganda including a constant drone of children’s Christmas programming which increases in crescendo as Christmas day approaches.

After all, it is just an innocent fantasy and fun for the children. But is it?

The Real Story of Christmas?

The History Channel runs a show each year at this time called The Real Story of Christmas. You can watch it online here. It is interesting but there are some built in biases and background left out that would be good to know.

For example, in the “real” story we are told that “the Church” declared the feast day of the nativity  on the same day as the birthday of the sun god Mithra. They fail to mention that “the Church” is actually the Roman Catholic church. This ties in to some of the mythology built into the Santa image.

As any bible believing Christian and many Protestant church members know, the Catholic Church and religion is very different from Protestant denominations. In fact, it can hardly be considered biblical. Most Catholics do not even read the bible to be honest (I was raised as a Catholic BTW and attended parochial school for the first 6 years of my education.)

The Other Churches

The Protestant movement arose once the invention of the printing press made bibles more available. Formerly, they were mainly in Latin only and closely held by the Catholic church. Few people actually read them. This gave the Catholic church free reign upon interpretation of what is acceptable “Christian” behavior.

Once believers starting reading the bible themselves, however, they began to realize how off the Catholic church actually was and rejected/protested the church’s teachings. Hence, the rise of Protestant denominations and churches.

How Catholicism Arose

The Roman Catholic church itself developed as a response to the growth of true Christianity based on Christ’s teachings from apostles like Paul. Despite the fact that the Romans were doing their best to eliminate Christians, perceived as a threat to the empire, the group continued to grow. So Rome adopted another tactic and created their own State religion- The Roman Catholic church.

Note the Similarity to the Papal Hat (bottom right) and the stone Babylonian Dagon on the left? A Giveway or Tell, as They Say in Poker?

To appease and attract existing pagan religions, the Catholic Church was created as a hybrid of Christianity and paganism. You can note this in the pagan symbolism found throughout the religion. For example, one of the most common papal hats is markedly similar to that of the Babylonian god Dagon, a fish related, fertility god. (For more on pagan symbolism and the Catholic church on YouTube click here.)

I don’t want to go into detail in this post and take up too much space. I simply wish to point out that like a lot of the mainstream media facts presented as facts, they are often half-truths (deception by omission).

The “Church” as the History Channel decides to put it does not represent all churches. In fact, if you conducted an objective and careful study Catholicism, it does not even really qualify as Christianity if it were based on the foundation of Christian beliefs, the bible.

Again, this post is about Santa Claus not Catholicism so I will not go into too much detail here. I just mention it as a way that the History Channel spins their yarn about the “Real” Story of Christmas inaccurately.

So Where Did This Santa Claus Character Come From Anyway?

It is commonly accepted the Santa Claus morphed out of St. Nicholas, the Greek bishop of Myra. (Twas the Night Before Christmas poem for reference). He was known as a defender of Christianity, which is not very Santa like. However, he was also commonly linked to Odin, the ruler of Asgard, a major Germanic god which added some Santa as we know and love him traits to this personality.

Odin the Wanderer- 1896 Version

Odin, flew around the heavens at the time of the winter solstice (known as Yule) and was depicted as a white bearded man with magical powers. He rode an 8 legged horse (Sleipnir) who could leap great distances (like reindeer). Odin was feared because his judgements would determine prosperity or death in the coming year. Children would leave their boots by the chimney filled with carrots and hay for Sleipnir. Odin would leave sweets and fruits in return for the children.

Another winter connection from Germanic legend is Frau Holda, the Germanic goddess of winter. In German folk legends, she is depicted as a beautiful blonde who is the protector of children’s Santa on His Sleighsouls. Like Odin, she would fly through the night and give gifts to children, as noted. In some depictions, Holda is dressed in red and uses chimneys to deliver gifts. Some Germanic traditions involve leaving food and milk for Holda Dec. 24, known as Mother Night.

Now you can see the Santa Claus legend beginning to round out: passing judgment on life and prosperity, flying about with a magical leaping horse, giving gifts to children, going down chimneys, getting bribes to appease him/her like food and milk, coming at the winter solstice (around December 25th) etc.

What is Santa Claus Today?

Here’s the truth about what Santa has become to us today. Yes, he has all of the characteristics of the pagan gods above but he has now morphed beyond having those characteristics.  Christmas is tangentially now, at best, a celebration of the birth of Christ (Christ’s Mass right?). Christ is secondary to gift giving and getting now which is the cultural and commercial priority.

Christmas as we all know has become a consumer holiday now with nothing related to Christ these days. Hardly a time of spiritual celebration but rather of materialism. Heck commercial oriented entities even use an X in front of the “mas” to pretty much tell you what some intend to do with the Christ connection to this holiday.

The words of the song- Santa Claus is Coming to Town tell more:

He’s making a list
And checking it twice
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

Like the God of the Bible (and Odin) Santa is judging us on his moral standards. He will also punish us or reward us like a supernatural being, not our parents.

Like the God of the Bible, Santa is all-knowing and observes everything. (Also like the Elf on the Shelf that I covered in another post.) However, you aren’t good to meet God’s standards, you are “good for goodness sake”. No biblical standards or commandments to live up to simply a nebulous and arbitrary “goodness” to be good for.

What’s the real truth about Santa then?

He’s the secular replacement for the Christian God of the bible. Secular meaning not connected with anything spiritual or religious. According to Psychology Today, “To be secular is to maintain a naturalistic worldview in which belief in anything is always proportioned to the evidence available.”

There is a big problem however with that interpretation however. The naturalistic worldview is the basis of the evolutionist. The problem is, when you actually take the evolutionary model and analyze its assumptions, one finds paltry evidence at best to support its claims. I can flesh this out, but let me just say this for now: it takes way more faith to accept the evolutionary model based on the evidence available than to believe in a Creator God.

The War Behind the War

Now, you may not have noticed with all of the distractions provided by our “electronic age”, but there is a war going on. That war is a war behind the wars, which is to say, a war to enslave and control humanity. A new world order (Please watch this BTW) if I may.

One of the major battles of this war involves jettisoning a personal God and replacing this with the God of the State (The Marx Model) and the Godless evolutionary model.

Guess what? Jolly Old St. Nick is a weapon in this war. Sad that one of our most cherished figures for children is just that but unfortunately all too true. After all, take a look at how he impacts parents and then read the Communist Manifesto’s intention on what should happen to the family. I think you’ll see how Jolly Old St. Nick aids that cause.

Santa places parents in a compromising position. By accepting your role in the Santa mythology, you are allowing yourselves to be participants in a lie. (BTW, I am not casting blame here. I admit that I got sucked into this as well when I had children.  It is very easy to buy into this agenda. I share this to seed you with a new awareness. One that I regret I did not have when raising my children.)

When your children discover this lie, how do you think it makes them feel about the integrity of their parents? Could this be a contributing factor as to why our children do not listen to us when they get older?

With parents compromised as the authority, are these children not now open to having a new authority stand in its place- like the State perhaps? Does this not also help to undermine the family unit as Marx and Engels wrote about in the Communist Manifesto as I noted above?

Suggestions for Parents About Santa

I don’t want to come off as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol here. I will be sharing gifts with my now adult children this year too. However, may I suggest that we be honest with our children for starters? If you participate in this deception, you place yourself as a parent in a position of compromise.

Do you fancy your children (or children to be) as morons? Who ends up with egg on their face when they discover the truth about Santa for themselves as you KNOW they will? Is this really the position you want to place yourself in with your children? Wouldn’t you rather teach them to be truthful, to trust your judgement and moral integrity instead?

Let Me Suggest Another Tack

Tell your children the truth about Santa. When they see him, let them know he is simply a person dressed up in a red suit. When they see him again in another store (you know they will), reinforce your truth, “Oh, look there’s another man dressed up in a red suit.”

Explain to them what Christmas is really supposed to be about, the birth of Christ or Christ’s mass as the derivation goes. (Remember, if you are truly a Christian you are in this world but not “of ” it. Reflect on what that really means.)

Santa with Crying ChildrenSanta’s actually a bit intimidating to a small child. They usually don’t like him and his big white beard when they first meet him. We often have to convince them to like this character.

Gift giving doesn’t all have to be from Santa you know. After all, was not the birth of Jesus celebrated by the wise men with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh? Gift giving can beWise Men and Jesus Birth celebrated related to the baby Jesus if you wish, not the Santa Claus deception. Hence, you don’t have to give that part of the holiday up. You can probably also relate other decorative aspects to the Christmas story as well with some thought and imagination.

The point is giving up Santa (which they will give up at some point in time anyway) does not have to mean giving up Christmas. A Christian oriented celebration of the season can be a really enriching experience of this season, not a cultural deprivation but a cultural enrichment. (Really now, how enriching is it to run around depleting your wallet anyway?)

Just remember what really is at stake here– your integrity as a parent in the eyes of your children. I encourage you to step outside the box on this one.

I know how our present media driven culture is stacked against you. Commercial entities have made their stake in the game clear by replacing the name of Christ with an “X“. Will you do the same or trod upon The Road Not Taken, as Robert Frost put it……and “make all the difference”? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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