Newly Elected New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, Makes Illegals His First Priority

Newly Elected Democrat Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy is just getting started. After spending $20 million of his own money just to win the June primary, the former Goldman Sachs financier executive, who served as the Ambassador to Germany in the Obama administration, is kicking off his administration with a bang so to speak. […]

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The Progression of Socialism Leads Back to Adolph It Seems

The general practice of aborting unborn babies diagnosed with birth defects has nearly eliminated Down’s Syndrome in Iceland with Denmark close behind it. This came out during a debate in Ireland on abortion in which it was mentioned that it was the stated policy of the Denmark government “to eradicate Down Syndrome by abortion by […]

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Washington Post Allegations Against Roy Moore- Yet Another Leftist Hit Piece?

While the Mainstream Leftist Media and Anti-Trump Dems Are Going Apoplectic Over Judge Roy Moore’s Washington Post Accusations, Excuse me if I cast a little skeptical doubt on the claims. First of all, does anyone remember the 12 woman who were trotted out about a month before the November election by the Hillary campaign? All […]

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The Liberal Defense of Uranium One- More Factual Denials

Liberal left apologists, upon hearing of Uranium One, are now attempting to cover up this evidence of real Russian collusion involving their most recent Presidential candidate. Their 11 month investigation into Trump and Russia has produced no evidence but they are mighty quick to jump to the aid of the real Russian collusionists- Hillary and […]

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Clinton Uranium One Russian Collusion Gains More Traction

As the nearly year old, Trump Russian collusion wears thin, more details surface about the Clinton Uranium One Russian collusion. A deal that put $145 Million into the Clinton Foundation while Bill got a $500,000 Speaking Gig in Moscow. Putin and Moscow meanwhile acquired 20% of our domestic uranium reserves. Control which continues into the […]

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Destruction of Statues is Not Intended to Help Society- But Rather to Erase and Replace Our National Identity

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Russia narrative is running out of steam. Despite the drum beat of the issue by the leftist liberals in the media, an obvious lack of evidence is forcing the Anti-Trump movement and its sycophant, Corporate controlled media to replace it with a proven favorite- racism. An oldie but […]

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Bernie and Capital Bldng

Recent Studies Show Canadian Healthcare is Far From Free and Not Getting Better

Cost and Long Wait Times are Driving Canadians Out of the Country for Medical Care- Primarily the U.S.   While Bernie Sanders Socialist dream is imploding economically in Venezuela into tyranny that doesn’t even faze the Bern. After their recent election, censured by the U.S. and neighboring nations as a sham, Maduro, now a virtual […]

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John McCain

McCain’s Vote Scuttle’s Republican’s “Skinny” Bill

The vote on the Republican “Skinny Bill” failed because of two words- John McCain. Murkowski and Collins were expected to vote no. Their votes were factored in already. Democrats knew who to go after to sink the bill. Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, undergoing cancer treatment herself, appealed to McCain to “vote your conscience, vote […]

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The Hypocrisy of Maxine Waters

When You Go Into Politics Poor and You Come Out Rich, You’re Stealing-  Harry Truman The Empty Barrel Test My father always used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.” Maxine Waters has a big mouth. Coupled with average intelligence at best, she makes over the top accusations with no evidence whatsoever. This likely […]

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Real Russian Collusion by the Clinton’s Completely Ignored

Cash Flowed to the Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal reads the Headline in the New York Times article by Jo Becker and Mike McIntire from April 23, 2015 Sounds like tin foil hat stuff doesn’t it? Nevertheless, sometimes fact is simply stranger than fiction. Uh, Talk About Russian Collusion The facts say that as […]

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Slain NYPD Police Officer and Twins

Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Lives Matter? The Evidence Suggests Otherwise.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) claims that it is opposes the death of black citizens. After all, they did choose to name their organization “Black Lives Matter”. So, surely all black lives matter right? Do they really? Or is there instead, a selective outrage directed towards specific targets? Perhaps the reality of BLM is that only […]

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The Virginia Congressman Shooting- More Gun Control or Not?

The champion of leftist ideology, the New York Times, posted a headline pointed towards Republicans for wanting less gun control in the wake of the Bernie Sanders Democrat, radical leftist who targeted Republican Congressman at their Virginia baseball team practice. The shooter likely encouraged by the continuous negative narrative aimed at the Republican political agenda, even had a list […]

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Pope Encyclical

The Pope Gave Donald Trump an Encyclical on Climate Change Endorsing Pagan Not Christian Principles

First of all, as a former Catholic and Catholic school student for my first 6 years of education, I am fully aware of the beliefs and practices of Catholicism. I don’t practice the religion now although still consider myself Christian, perhaps even more so. That said, I was not surprised to discover the Pope handing […]

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The Hypocrisy of Politicians- Corrine Brown Indicted and Found Guilty on 18 Charges of Fraud and Tax Evasion

Caught stealing from her favorite charity, former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown was found guilty on 18 of  22 fraud and tax evasion charges in a Jacksonville federal court. Brown served as a Florida representative in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 until 2017 vocally opposed to Republican policies of course. She was defeated in her […]

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New York Times Pines Over Communist Idyllic Dreaming As Inspirational to Americans

You want evidence of where the NY Times is coming from? Read their wonderfully idyllic Sunday article on how Communism inspired Americans. Like we need Godless Communist idealism to inspire us? It’s called media white washing.   Think about the candidate and President they fawned over vs. the one they hate. Gee, I wonder if […]

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