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An ordinary citizen with well over a decade of study devoted to uncovering the truth about government and authorities.Deception is fostered by the omission of key information, background or facts. This is an important way in which your mind is being controlled. Whatever entity controls your mental frame also controls your life.Filling in the background and gaps helps you understand the impact and intent of government/authorities on your life, Better informed, you will take more meaningful actions to help restore your lost freedoms

Feb 03

How the Left Has Redefined Science to Make It “Politically Correct” – Part Three

By Terry | Abortion , anti Christian , anti God , atheism , Cultural Marxism

Evolution of Man

March for Science or Rather a Specific World View? As mentioned in the part two, we will be looking at the unspoken reality behind the so-called “March for Science” to see what it’s real intent was. What we will find is that it’s real intent was not to promote science but actually the left’s world […]

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Jan 31

How the Left Has Redefined Science to Make It “Politically Correct” – Part One

By Terry | anti God , anti religion , atheism , theory of evolution

The left loves to rewrite and redefine. Terms that people accept as meaning one thing get twisted about through repetition and reinterpreted to mean in many cases the polar opposite of the commonly accepted meaning. It’s called political correctness. The problem is that the “correctness” part of it means- it fits their definition of what […]

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Jan 21

A Real-Life Comparison of Two Woman’s 2019 Marches- Pro-Life Versus Woman’s March

By Terry | Abortion , anti God , Donald Trump , Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life 2019 Confrontation

The way one sees the world is filtered through their beliefs about the world. Those beliefs, recognized as the person’s world view, determines how they respond to that world. That is, their actions, communications to others- verbal and written, their appearance and their behaviors. In January 2019, two largely woman centered marches happened closely together. […]

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Dec 19

Tucker Carlson Reports on Impact of Illegals on Tijuana and Environment- Lies Cry the Left!

By Terry | American Decline , Government Deception , Illegal Immigration , media deception

Arizona Border Trash impact

While the media covers up the impact of immigrants and their economic cost, there is a negative environmental impact that is never mentioned. Costing states alone $89 Billion, illegal immigrants also leave a trail of trash behind when they enter and where they settle. Tucker Carlson reports the truth about this and the media jumps all over him for it.

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Dec 18

Texas Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional. Dems Promising “Tooth and Nail” Fight to Keep It.

By Terry | Constitutional , Government Deception , Obamacare , The Constitution

Obamacare ruled unconstitutional

Once the individual mandate was eliminated from Obamacare, it lost the Constitutional element in the Trump tax plan that the Supreme Court used to pass it- the ability of the Federal government to tax its citizens. Now, after a suit by 20 State Attorney General’s a Texas Federal Judge has ruled that it is unconstitutional. Is Obamacare now on the way out? The Supreme Court may determine that once again.

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