Collectivists Like Putin Hate Internet Freedom- Brands it a “CIA” project

By Terry | 1st amendment

Apr 28

The attack on freedom of expression by the State loving collectivists continues to grow. Recently, using the NSA spying and Snowden as an excuse Putin labeled the internet a CIA project (ostensibly because of its origins with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which is an agency of the United States Department of Defense.), Putin called for more international control of the internet and the break up of ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the Internet’s global domain name system.

Bloggers in Putin Russia- Now a Threat to National Security

How much freedom do you think we will have under that arrangement? Look to China and Russia for the answer to that question. Meanwhile, while Putin is slamming the CIA created internet and citing foreign influence at Yandex (Russia’s most popular search engine), the State DUMA, or Russian Federal Parliment, passed an anti-terrorism bill that will allow Russian bloggers to be prosecuted for publishing content deemed to be a threat to national security. Guess who does the deeming?

Under the amendment, any blogger, social network site or personal website receiving more than 3,000 hits a day with commercial advertising on their blog will be categorized as online media.  The fines for breaking the new law range from 10,000 to 50,000 rubles ($280 to $1,400) for individuals, and 50,000 to 500,000 rubles for legal entities.

Putin’s Real Concern


Is that KGB/FSB past kinda
bleeding through perhaps?

What Putin really hates is the freedom of expression that the internet allows, not the CIA spying. Heck, anyone with even half of their brain cells working knows how deceptive the Soviet spy network is and has been since the inception of the KGB agency under Communism which still reigns in Russia despite the claim that it converted to a Democracy when it allegedly “collapsed” in the 90’s.

Putin’s Real Background

Putin spent 17 years as a mid-level agent in the Soviet KGB’s foreign intelligence wing, rising only to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Then he was hand picked to run for President by Boris Yeltsin even though he spent most of his career in the background. Somehow, despite his lack of public polish, he won the “election” if that what you could call a Russian political race. (Or our Presidential elections for that matter these days as well which as we’ve witnessed with Obama are illusions not elections.)

Brazil President Rouseff – Marxist in Drag – Concurs

Putin’s remarks gained ground in Germany and Brazil. Of course, the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff is a former Marxist guerilla who spent 3 years in jail for some of her terrorist activities. Why wouldn’t she side with a Statist collectivist like Putin? She is cut of the same cloth.

Obama Too?


Two Peas in a Pod
The Buds Confer

Oh, and speaking of cut of the same cloth, while Putin is pushing for control of the internet back in March, Obama agreed with his bud during his visit to Moscow. This led to hearings on April 2, 2014 by the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology which conducted a Hearing on “Ensuring the Security, Stability, Resilience, and Freedom of the Global Internet”

The Collectivist View of Reality

The bottom line is that collectivists, or people who believe our freedoms are best determined by the State since we exist for its benefit and not for our own or our family’s, detest the freedom of expression that the internet allows. That is why a State dominated society like China rigidly controls its internet and Russia has implemented controls such as those expressed above against bloggers that are “deemed” to be a threat to national security which is a euphemism for any truth not sanctioned by the controlling elite or Communist core.

As long as we maintain our comments within approved expressions such as comments on American idol or some meaningless media “super star” like Miley Brainless all is well. However, venture too far into unsanctioned territory such as the truth about Putin, Obama, or former terrorist Dilma Rousseff and you are probably venturing into becoming a threat to national security.

The fact is, any expression of individual freedom under the tyranny of the State is a threat to their security as the controllers of our realities. This is simply uncivilized and not to be tolerated. Meanwhile anything you can do to thwart this movement is important. Look for the buzzwords of internationalization of the internet. We don’t need it. What we do need is less government in our faces and a return to the intent of the first amendment.

P.S. – As noted by Art Thompson in the video below since the Lincoln administration which first took Federal control of a public media (the telegraph) the Federal government has exerted control over all of the major public media except the internet. Guess what is next?

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