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Clinton Global Initiative Closing Down

Naaah…..it’s not “pay for play”. That’s a lie. That’s what the “progressives” claimed with about every criticism of Hillary during the campaign.

However, after laying off 74 employees in October, the Clinton Global Initiative (an offshoot of the Clinton Foundation) is laying off another 22 employees.

The reason given in the required Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) form’s “reason for dislocation” section for these latest layoffs was, “Discontinuation (sic) of the Clinton Global Initiative (sic).”

Dwindling Contributions

In 2011, the CGI meeting boasted 46 sponsors. By the last meeting in September 2016, this number had been cut in half.

After Hillary lost in November, the Australian government which donated $88 million over 10 years, did not renew their partnership.

Norway reduced its contribution from $20 million in 2015 to 4.2 million in 2016. Other sponsors or donors have cut contributions apparently making CGI less than necessary.

Indications are that the Clinton Foundation itself has been losing significant donations as well. Is that next?

The Real Reason?

Perhaps, the real story behind this abrupt end of donations to CGI and the Clinton Foundation now that neither Bill nor Hillary are in direct political power is that even though the Clinton organization claimed that the Foundation did much good around the world, the multi millions of dollars donated were merely bribes for political favors.

Now, that the Clinton’s are not able to deliver political favors, foreign governments are no longer interested in donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the foundation and its offshoots. It is interesting that very quickly after the opportunity for such favors was removed from the equation, donations have slowed significantly and even ceased.

But of course, it is all just another right-wing lie right? Or perhaps more accurately, an active demonstration of the real truth behind the Clinton machine.

Time will reveal just how “charitable” the Clinton’s and their foundation were and are.

Of course, the end of this saga will likely be quietly permitted to disappear. Kind of like the failure to find weapons of mass destruction during the Bush administrations search in Iraq after the 2nd invasion.

The Real Cause Behind the Incessant Whining Over Donald Trump

As the whining and excuses continue, endlessly it seems, the Democrats refuse to accept the rejection of their Marxist oriented, idyllic socialist dream by the people. It is becoming tiresome, predictable and almost amusing.

However, one begins to wonder just what is really driving all of these annoying antics. Perhaps if we can understand that, we will be able to understand what is to come and just give it the deference it deserves.

The Obama Legacy

Recipients of the Obama Legacy Enjoying a Day in the Sun

After all, conservative and freedom oriented citizens put up with 8 years of Marxist oriented policies that drove the already record national debt up to nearly double what it was when Obama took office.

Debt per citizen went from about $32,000 per citizen to now over $61,000. Debt per taxpayer increased from about $90,000 per taxpayer to now nearly $167,000. All thanks to the socialist “dreams of my father” as the Obama book, likely ghost written by former weatherman and police station bomber Bill Ayers, put it.

We put up with the State takeover of the health care system eliminating freedom of choice under the coercive power of the regulatory state. Fines for not participating in a system you may not even accept as always useful. Meanwhile, as predicted, rates are rising. Total annual costs now exceed over $3 Trillion. Obamacare is delivering triple and double digit increases to some key states. Quality will predictably suffer as the increases grow.

We watched more land grabs of natural resource bearing land than any previous President under the guise of environmental protection which produced the murder of LaVoy Finicum as a nasty side effect. Obama’s way of commemorating that event was to quickly grab millions of acres more land.

Witnessed one freedom restricting executive order after another be generated and treated by our “make it up as you go” politicians as though it were now the law. Not even passed through Congress for approval or rejection as the Constitution intended.

Observed the promotion of class warfare, straight out of the Communist playbook, leaving our nation more divided than pre-Obama by far. (Not accidental btw and a tactic which has been employed globally to spread the Communist ideology.) Groups like Black Lives Matter, created by 4 Maoist Communists, fueling racial divide and police killings, being welcomed into the White House by Obama.

Watched as Corporations were “bailed out” along with the “too big to fails” again unconstitutionally transferring their bad debts to the public instead of taking responsibility for their actions as would happen if we truly had a free market economy- which we don’t.

Saw more regulations added to the 77,687 pages of the Federal Register than even the George W. Bush administration added. The Bush administration averaged 62 major regulations annually over eight years, while the Obama administration averaged 81 major regulations annually over six years. Expected with a closet Marxist who believes the nanny State should control the people while those at the top profit admirably and more.

Not to mention the failed and costly initiatives on public money like Cash for Clunkers or the Solyndra venture which was touted as the new poster boy of the “green energy” market, praised as a provider of 1,000 new jobs was given a $535 million public money loan in 2010 with no strings attached and the went bankrupt in 2011 losing all of the jobs and the public money.

A year after the bankruptcy, the House Oversight Committee warned that the total Solyndra losses could be as high as $849 million.

Another dream that turned into a nightmare at the public’s expense.

And then there is more like the never ending wars etc. etc.

Tantrums and Hissy Fits?

So, did the people protest for over a week while violating civil laws and damaging private properties?

Did the media concoct one excuse after another for the election and re-election of Obama over McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012?

Did the conservatives blame their losses on something or other endlessly like the leftists have done after the sound spanking the Democrats just received from the Presidency to the State levels, rather than adjusting to the message they were given from the public?

The short answer is no. Instead, the people watched and patiently recognized with a growing concern that our nation is headed for economic and social catastrophe.

So now the people have done something totally unexpected to make a change badly needed. That is, elect a non-politician to the highest office in the nation.

Democrats literally laughed at this possibility but that smile has now been wiped off their smug faces.

The Response

Now, the leftists are pitching hissy fits. One excuse after another is being pulled out of their magic bag of tricks. Harry Potter had his wand taken away but they still have their buds left.

The media, which now has about as much credibility as a politician’s campaign promises, is still promoting nonsense as we saw from the “fake news”  such as the intelligence report on Donald Trump and his Russian connections recently promoted by the faux news source BuzzFeed- a highly specious news source which fills the minds of our millennials with concocted trash news.

One has to wonder what the difference is between the way freedom oriented conservatives reacted to the installation of blatant leftists (Remember Communist Van Jones and other “Czars” with Marxist inspired ideologies in Obama’s cabinet. ) and the present Democrats are reacting to the election of Donald Trump.

Yes, conservatives were disgusted and even angry, but did they take to the streets or for that matter even get a voice in the media? Hardly, if at all.

Perhaps if we look at the differences between a free market capitalist oriented system and the leftist dream of a socialist heaven, it will help to understand why the continuous hissy fits. Additionally, it will tell us what is to come as changes to reverse the damage of our Constitutional misfits are hopefully implemented in the future.

Free Market Capitalism

First of all, in a system of free-market capitalism, no one can succeed without serving “the people.”

In a market driven economy, as contrasted with a government driven economy, a business succeeds by better meeting the needs of customers- not fulfilling budgets. Customers drive the market, not bean counters and propeller heads. Real needs determine offerings not assumptions.

Businesses that excel at meeting customer demand are rewarded with profits.

The power of big businesses come not from government contracts and regulatory control but from the consumers who voluntarily vote with their dollars to purchase their product or service.

Their power can be extinguished quickly as soon as a competing entrepreneur comes up with a better offering. Those that don’t excel at meeting customer needs can disappear from the market place as it moves towards better deals.

Capitalist entrepreneurs gain wealth by providing products and services that people buy of their own free will. Service and quality is paramount.

Think back a bit in your own life and you can come up with your own examples such as the vinyl records industry and now even CD’s as the market place demands shift through the innovations of clever entrepreneurs.

The truth and end result is that entrepreneurs who became wealthy through free-market competition always benefit the society they serve by creating both jobs and wealth.

A side effect as well is that charitable giving and charities grow out of capitalist wealth, not the coercive force of socialist idealism.

The history of capitalism as it has operated in the last two hundred years in the realm of Western civilization has been a record of steady rise in the wage earners’ standard of living.

Stagnation in wages in recent decades has not been accompanied with the growth of the free market but rather the expansion of nanny government and massive increases in government regulation.

The hallmark of capitalism has been mass production for mass consumption. It has been directed by the most energetic and far-sighted individuals who indefatigably focus on improvement.

The driving force for never ending improvement is the profit motive.

Successful capitalists are constantly on the watch tower to discover how they can provide its customers with more, better, and cheaper products and services.

The excess of profits over losses only continues in a progressing economy to the extent to which the masses’ standard of living improves.

Consequently, capitalism is a system within which the keenest and most agile minds are driven to promote to the best of their abilities the well-being of the greater majority.

Government Driven Systems

While leftists attack capitalism and decry its presence often while enjoying the benefits of capitalist advances, the truth is:

It is government which is guilty of ignoring the needs of the people, not capitalism.

State dominated governments simply announce to the public:

“Here, we believe that you need this, and we will force you to pay for it whether you like it or not or choose it or not. After all, we know what you need better than you do. Trust us, we’re smarter than you. After all, it’s for the greater good and you wouldn’t want to deprive your neighbor of the benefits we think they deserve. Would You?”

Meanwhile, with better benefits and salaries than the majority of the people they have been elected to serve, they create more public debt which the citizens ultimately assume the burden for.

Take for example, government funded entities like the world’s largest abortion provider- Planned Parenthood.

People are not given a choice as to whether they choose to fund this organization of unborn baby killers. They are simply coerced under a system of forced taxation to supply funds. The determinations are made by politicians and bureaucrats not the people from whom the money is forcibly extracted who end up assuming the debts of an organization they feel is vile and morally reprehensible.

The “power” of big government (or any government), in stark contrast to free market capitalism, comes entirely from the government’s ability to coerce and force the people to bend to its will with “intimidation, threats, and violence” as Thomas DiLorenzo puts it. This is always the mode of operation under a system of socialism.

As Thomas DiLorenzo writes in his summary book The Problem with Socialism:

When the Socialist Party USA or Democratic Socialists of America urge the greater politicization of all aspects of society, as they do on their websites with endless happy talk about “democracy,” this is really what they mean:

Subjecting more and more of society to bureaucratic plans and mandates imposed by a small political elite and enforced by threats, intimidation, and violence—the common everyday tools of all socialist governments. When the Democratic Socialists of America say, “Democracy and socialism go hand in hand,” what they mean is that they want every aspect of life to be politicized and brought into the realm of government supervision and control.

Force and Socialism Go Hand in Glove

Perhaps then what we are really seeing with all this resistance to the election of Donald Trump is groups of people and organizations who are clearly identifying themselves as Marxist inspired socialists.

They are accustomed to getting their way through coercion, intimidation, threats and deception. Whatever it takes to bully their way to the idyllic promised land is what they will do to get their way.

Now, they have delivered a perceived threat to their unrealistic dream of equality. They are looking at a reversal of their force driven tactics with a Donald Trump administration. They are not happy about it.

Angry Birds!

The bird feeders are under threat of being removed. The angry birds are dive bombing at their threats. How dare you take away my freebies! Freebies that the real owner of the bird feeders paid for.

Hey, they created the problem! They gorged themselves at the feeders leaving nothing but bird droppings and spilled feed behind and did nothing to fill the feeders. Now, the supplier of the feed has become upset with it.

The feeding has become expensive and non-productive. The suppliers must go out and work every day to provide the birds with food which they think is free.

The fact is it ain’t!

In fact, the price of bird feed keeps going up since it has become monopolized under a wasteful controller of the service eliminating the cheapening factor of competition.

Now, the people paying for the feed have become disgusted with the set up. They want to take the feeders down to let the birds fend for themselves as God (or nature if you prefer a euphemism) intended.

The birds are angry. So now, we must put up with their tantrums like a spoiled child who is now being subjected to unanticipated parental controls. It is annoying for sure and boringly predictable as well.

All I want is for it to become even more annoying than it already is. After years of providing free feed, it’s time for the birds to feel some pain for a change. Not revenge, just the shoe on the other foot’ Perhaps they can “Feel the Anti-Bern” as a new perspective and see how that fits.

Keep your promises Donald. Keep your promises.

The So Called Evidence from the Intelligence Community – Looks Like Fake News

When asked by Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill, about who benefits “from a President elect trashing the intelligence community, James R. Clapper, retired Air Force General, current Director of National Intelligence, responded with:

“I think there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism,” Clapper said, “…I think there’s a difference between skepticism and disparagement.”

Of course, McCaskill responded that: “There should be howls.” (about the cyber attacks) Adding that “if the roles were reversed, there would be howls from the Republican side.”

A bit disingenuous in light of the fact that without full confirmation of evidence there has already been punitive steps taken against Russia by Obama such as ejecting its diplomats.
Naturally, politicians are quick to defend our intelligence agencies defining them as great protectorates and patriots keeping as all safe.

Skepticism of Intelligence Agencies is Deserved

Again, a bit disingenuous after the NSA disclosures of agency snooping directed against U.S. citizens. These same people who support the single bullet theory of the JFK assassination, a patent absurdity after one takes a closer look at the events, particularly the Zapruder film.

Good Reasons to Be Skeptical

They intelligence agencies also claimed that RFK was shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Unfortunately, the LA Coroner, Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi who performed the autopsy on RFK less than 24 hours after his death found that the fatal shot was delivered from a .22 caliber gun only about 3 inches from his right ear from behind Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was never behind RFK when the shots were delivered. That revelation was quickly squelched and Noguchi quickly vilified.

It seems like the more you dig into the claims of the intelligence community, the less evidence you find to actually support them. And these are the great patriots and protectors of the people? Seems more like cover up artists in some critical assassinations and events for the real killers to me. (Read New World Order Assassins for $5, a Kindle Book available on Amazon, for more details )

The Intelligence Communities “Evidence”

A 13 page non-classified report was released to cover the evidence. One of the first claims was this:

“We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President elect Trump’s election when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.”

Uh, excuse me but one could reverse the names in this statement and make quite a convincing case for the majority of the media’s coverage of the 2016 election favoring Clinton over Trump. To me it sounds like a capsule summary of the 2016 election but with the names in the wrong places.

BTW, anyone investigating the media’s bias and avoidance of the facts revealed by the Wiki Leaks emails etc.?


No one has denied the evidence that Hillary and the DNC were involved in stirring up demonstrations at Trump rallies causing public disturbances and even injury. I guess if it was done by our people then activities like that are legal in the eyes of the enforcement and intelligence community. No investigation necessary.

If it was allegedly done by another nation, even if the information released were true and constituted illegal activities, then it is worthy of investigation and despicable. I mean, how dare they tell the voting public the truth about a candidate BEFORE the election. Truly an injustice right?

The So-Called Hard Evidence

An interesting article was posted by David Spring, M.Ed. a retired college instructor from Seattle who specializes in website design and security on his website Turning Point News.

David did the time consuming work of tracking down the “evidence” provided by the intelligence community. There was no evidence in the recent 13 page intelligence report but Obama issued a press release using the DHS-FBI report to justify increasing sanctions against Russia.

The press release stated that the “indicators” of the Russian hacking were found in the CSV and XML file attached to the pdf. No pdf was attached to the press release but after some digging Mr. Spring found the two CSV and pdf files and provides the link to them.

After some technical work, David was able to download the CSV file into an Excel spreadsheet.

What David Spring discovered was a list of 895 “indicators” of Russian hacking- basically IP addresses.

It was essentially a list of 895 servers from 40 countries world wide.

What his review determined was that “none of these domain names have any relationship to Russian government hackers”

He additionally discovered that:

“Next, the CSV file provided by DHS-FBI listed the physical location of all 885 IP addresses. What is most ironic is that, only two of the 885 IP addresses were from servers in Russia. The most common location of the hacking servers was the United States.”

Two out of 885 addresses? China, was listed with 30 servers btw but Spring also noted that the NSA has the ability to use satellite mirrors to hide the location of their servers “making folks believe that the attacks are coming from China (or Ukraine of Mongolia) when in fact they are coming from servers in the U.S.”

Highly unconvincing evidence to say the least. For the full article and the links to the reports as well as screen shots of some of the CSV files go here.

Once Again Hype Triumphs Over Truth

As I previously posted, this whole hype over the Russian hackings is nothing more than a means of saving face over the spanking that the Democrats and Hillary received in the recent election.
They lost admirably at both the State and Federal levels along with the defeat of Hillary, at record levels in some cases such as the State Representative level. It was an embarrassing rejection of their leftist message. Fact is, people are getting sick and tired of the socialist nature of our government policy and the socialists don’t like it.

So they are trying to convince a public who essentially rejected them that acceptance of their candidate is the equivalence of accepting the Communists who backed him.
Laughable, and in light of the so-called “evidence” even more so.


In the end, I think all of these attempts to denigrate Trump will back fire on them. The public already rejected them and with the fake news nature of this evidence they are losing credibility fast.

I also think it will “steel” the intent to begin to dismantle the leftist or more accurately described as Marxist policies of Obama and his ilk. Instead of blocking these efforts, it may be more like throwing gasoline on a bonfire pile of logs and ignite the intended changes into a raging fire.

For our nation’s and young people’s sake, I hope that it does.

Could This Be the “Russian” Who Leaked the DNC Emails?


Trump wins the election and its nothing but whining, disruption and attack by the leftist media and friends- and the guy hasn’t even taken office.

Seems to me like the Democrats and the left just cannot accept nor grasp just why it is that they lost. Perhaps they just don’t want to because then they would have to accept the fact that their model of reality is not really even worth embracing.

With the track record of tyranny and death associated with leftist idyllic dreams applied to reality I can understand why.

They have left nothing but destruction in their wake with the “workers of the world” living under a police state of tyrannical control and impoverishment with a privileged handful truly enjoying the benefits of a life of comfort. Most of the rest end up straining to make a life not even reaching an acceptable middle class standard of living.

To me the whole “Russia done it” thing is simply a way for leftists like Obama to save face. A means of avoiding the embarrassing fact that the people rejected him, his dreams and most of all his actions.

What About Them There Russians Though?

WikiLeaks Julian Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity of Fox in December on his radio show. He affirmed that Russian did not provide WikiLeaks their information.

The left will attack this as well of course. Anything that doesn’t fit their litany of excuse narratives has to be questionable and false in their skewed reality.

Mysterious Death

Well then, if the Russians didn’t leak the DNC emails then who did? Perhaps there are some answers to that question.

Of course, the media and the left will reject anything but the Russians. However, what thinking person really cares what they think? If you look more carefully into the assassinations of JFK, RFK and even MLK, you begin to see that our leftist media has been misleading the public with red herrings for decades anyway.

On July 10, 2016 at approximately 4:19 a.m. according to the DC police report 27 year old Seth Conrad Rich was shot and later died that same night in Northwest DC.

Who Was Seth Rich?

Seth Conrad Rich of the DNC

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer originally from Nebraska who came to DC to get involved in politics. He didn’t have a lot of enemies. The police have no suspects or even an established motive.  Although they are investigating it as a robbery, his wallet was still on his body and nothing was noticeably missing.

Although he was known to be drinking that night and possibly intoxicated, Seth was shot multiple times in the back according to the police report. Why shoot a potential robbery victim, possibly a drunk one, in the back and not take anything? Sounds more like an ambush and not a very convincing robbery to say the least.

The media and police claim there was a spike in robberies in the area. However, crime in DC is not exactly a rarity. What they call a spike could likely be a normal set of circumstances. Three armed young men were arrested a few nights later. However, none of the spiked robberies involved deaths.

According to the Daily Mail, the modus operandi of the robberies was for the robbers to approach brandishing a weapon, take the victims cell phone and wallet and then vanish, not shoot them in the back and take nothing.

A Potential Clue to the Real Motive?

The odd thing about this death is that in addition to the $25,000 reward from the DC police, WikiLeaks is offering an additional $20,000.

Now, this peaks my curiosity. Why would WikiLeaks have any interest in this at all? Shootings and deaths occur often, even in DC. Why this particular death?

There are some who speculate that Seth Rich may have been the source of the Podesta and other email leaks from the DNC.

If this were the case, perhaps the real motivation for the shooting was not robbery but, in fact, payback and an active discontinuation of a potential future source for information the public is not supposed to know. As with assassinations from our past, the public will very likely never know for sure. One can only speculate.

Intelligence Agencies Refuse House Questioning

Meanwhile, the evidence of the Russian hacking is so weak that even the Intelligence agencies refused to appear in front of the House Intelligence Committee (called by Chair Devin Nunes, a California Republican) for questioning and called it off on December 14th. Not a very convincing endorsement of the Obama and lefts narratives it would seem.

Nunes wanted clarification as to why the CIA who earlier claimed there was insufficient evidence of Russian involvement is now indicating otherwise. The CIA and other agencies backed off after they originally agreed to meet.

Not a strong indication that they actually have tangible evidence to support their claims.

Worse Than the Sour Grapes Fox Even

When the fox couldn’t reach the grapes in Aesop’s fable, he simply left and said they were probably sour anyway. Even the fox however, didn’t throw a tantrum. He just left.

We put up with 8 years of additional undermining of our Constitution; a doubling of the national debt (which will likely exceed $20 Trillion before Obama leaves office); Marxist medical care imposition; land grabs involving murder and much, much more.

Were there riots and active demonstrations accompanied by blanket media coverage? No!

Get Over It- Leftists

We, the citizens, are in danger here of replicating what is going on today in Venezuela with the debt crisis caused by our deficit spending “leaders” and the debt based currency system that drives it.  Which is to say massive civil unrest, poverty and currency devaluation leading to a collapse of the economic set up.

Venezuela’s currency has begun to show signs of collapse big time. The nation is in danger of social chaotic collapse thanks to the Marxist ideals of Chavez which led to overreach of government and big time debt, as well as idyllic and foolish economic decisions.

Sound familiar? Wake up. That is where your leftist idyllic dreams lead. Most of you, in fact, will suffer along with the rest of us despite your fantasies of equality.

Time to Move On

Hillary Lost- Period. We could not afford more Obama- Period. Despite your avalanche of media bias; massive money spent and quite likely vote manipulation- the woman lost.

She was not in touch with the public at large. She represented her and her handlers interests, NOT the citizens.

The people figured that out. Despite the media onslaught of support and even Obama and friends campaigning for her along with the leftist celebrity shills- she lost!

Move on! There is enough danger ahead for ALL of us regardless of political convictions. We need to focus on that.

Personally, while I am glad Hillary did not get in, I am still concerned about our future. It’s time to wake up to where your fantasies actually lead. Grow up and help instead of being useful idiots of the left.

The problem is minds that have become quite narrow are not very good at change nor recognition of fact based realities over idyllic fantasies that have never worked in reality anywhere.

At least that much has become clear based on the real evidence of real life anyway. Some people still live there you know.

All the News that Fits the Accepted Narrative- A Prime Fake News Example

Russian Hackers Penetrated U.S. Electricity Grid Through a Utility in Vermont, officials say

That’s what the headline read. It didn’t take long for the spin meisters to leap into action! After all this “news” fit the Obama narrative to the “T” didn’t it?

What? Attack our grid? Them horrible, sneaky, mean, nasty Russians….why I oughta….

Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy (a Democrat of course) asserted that it was a diabolical plot to take down the U.S. electrical grid in the middle of winter….calling it a direct threat to Vermont saying “we do not take it lightly”

The Washington Post (Hillary’s Bestest Friend) ran with it too:

Rep. Peter Welch (Another Dem from Vt.) said the attack shows how rampant Russian hacking is.

It’s systemic, relentless, predatory,” Welch said . “They will hack everywhere, even Vermont, in pursuit of opportunities to disrupt our country. We must remain vigilant, which is why I support President Obama’s sanctions against Russia and its attacks on our country and what it stands for.”

ABC News jumped right in:

Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin said his office is in touch with federal officials and the state’s utilities.

Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world’s leading thugs, Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality-of-life, economy, health, and safety,” he said in a statement.

He said the hacking episode should highlight the urgent need for the federal government to “vigorously pursue and put an end to this sort of Russian meddling.

Mass Alert!

Oh my heavens!!! The sky is falling. We are all doomed! Doomed I say!

Millions will freeze to death this winter! Frozen men, woman and children! Worse than Ted Bundy even. Oh, the horror…..the abject horror!

Why…..they probably even purposely targeted areas that Hillary was strong in. This means war!!!!!! War I say!!! Call out the troops!!!

Only One Minor Problem…

Uh, ever hear of “fake news”?

Yeah, turns out it was just one computer– a Burlington Electric Department laptop with malware on it.

One laptop. Heck, I used to treat a minimum of 2 pc’s a week for malware from a population of about 500 of them.

Happens all the time because people surf on the internet and naively click on links or stupidly visit Hollywood gossip sites etc.

Every day in fact.

That’s why programs like MalWareBytes exist and thrive.


A Sneaky Disclaimer Under an Alarming Headline

The Washington Post was forced to supplement their original story with an editors note at the top:

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid. Authorities say there is no indication of that so far. The computer at Burlington Electric that was hacked was not attached to the grid.

Not attached to the grid? Calling Malware “hacking”? A bit embellished or dramatized may I say.

If now they know it was just one laptop and not, I emphasize, NOT attached to the grid!

Then why the headline still claiming “Russian operation hacked a Vermont Utility...” and “showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security

It’s called spin folks. FAKE news extraordinaire!

They figure leave the headline up. Some suckers will skip over the Editors Note and dive right in. Buy into the story hook, line and sinker without any investigation like Democrats Senator Leahy, Representative Welch and Governor Shumlin

In the end, its just more deception by omission from the Corporate controlled media and the political lap dogs of the financial elite who run the show.

Fake News?

Yeah, read the newspapers or listen to the news on TV. They’ll feed ya plenty of it.

Like P.T. Barnum, the 19th century circus promoter, said: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Apparently, we have millions of them in this nation. Look how many votes Hillary got. Doi!!!

While Doubling the National Debt- Obama Spent Almost $100 Million on Travel

Judicial Watch reported that it has obtained new documents from the Secret Service and the Air Force about Obama’s travel expenses. The reported facts bring the known total over the past eight years to $96,938,882.51. What the hey, just add it to the tab right? After all, it ain’t his money is it?

Obama’s Earth Day Trip

To speak about the still questionable topic of global warming alone, the total cost of the trip was $1,012,3678.76. Over a million bucks to talk about global warming? And that was in 2015. Hadn’t we heard enough from this guy on the issue already yet we still have to fund him a million to hear more?

Michelle’s Aspen Ski Trip

In February 2016, Michelle took a trip to Aspen Colorado with her daughters for some skiing. That cost us $222,875.58. Hey, she needed the rest. It ain’t easy to be a First Lady you know. Apparently, even the daughters feel the stress too as well.

Help for Hillary

In July 2016, during Hillary’s campaign, Obama went to North Carolina with Hillary. That Air Force one trip cost the taxpayers $360,236. Good investment huh? The lying you know what lost anyway.

Obama’s Trip

Not to worry. For stress relief in August 2016, Obama took a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. That one cost tax payers $450,295 in flight expenses alone.

I hope he felt relaxed afterward cause if it were his money, he probably wouldn’t have. Guess he figured since he was pushing a $10 Trillion addition to the national debt throwing in another half million or so wouldn’t make much difference anyway.

Besides he had to rest up to campaign for Hillary. After all, its a tough job but someone had to do it since she apparently wasn’t willing to. What? Me Campaign?

Farewell- Quickly Please!

Now, I don’t know about you but frankly I can’t wait until this dude is out of office for good. Not only has he buried us in very deep hole of debt that most people don’t even fully fathom, but he has strapped us all with regulatory controls that are designed to increase “State” control over private citizens and businesses.

Good riddance to unwelcome baggage. Talk about fake news- just  wait till we hear the media spin on his legacy about how wonderful a President he was.

And when the “you know what” that he left hits the fan, guess who will take the blame?

It won’t be Obama E. Neumann. Might even be Bush again. They already got 8 years out of that excuse. What’s another 4 or 8 right?

Obamacare Premiums Will Jump 25% on Average Next Year- More to Come

Obamacare Premiums Will Jump 25% on Average Next Year- More to Come

Sources are reporting that premiums on mid-level Obamacare health plans will rise on average 25% next year. ABC reports:

Overall, it’s shaping up to be the most difficult sign-up season since HealthCare.gov launched in 2013 and the computer system froze up.

Enrollment has been lower than initially projected, and insurers say patients turned out to be sicker than expected. Moreover, a complex internal system to help stabilize premiums has not worked as hoped for.

Nonetheless, Obama says the underlying structure of the law is sound, and current problems are only “growing pains.” The president has called for a government-sponsored “public option” insurance plan to compete with private companies.

Republicans, including Trump, are united in calling for complete repeal, but they have not spelled out how they would address the problems of the uninsured.

Clinton has proposed an array of fixes, including sweetening the law’s subsidies and allowing more people to qualify for financial assistance.

Sharpest Jump Yet

Keep in mind that 25% is the average. In Arizona it will be 116%. In Pennsylvania, it will be 43%. North Carolina- 40%

Minnesota is considering calling for a special session to generate special funding to deal with the increase for citizens in its state.

However, more importantly, the cumulative rise in premiums since Obamacare began the rise has been a whopping 126%.

When the plan was initiated, it was projected that at least 21 million sign ups were needed to make Obamacare work. To date, only 12 million have enrolled so far.

The Hype to Sell It to the Public

When Obama was selling the Affordable Care Plan to America, the promise was that “We will start by reducing premiums by $2,500. Premiums will go down he claimed as did Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Since Obamacare began the average family (the middle class) is paying $4,100 more for their health insurance. That is, a $6,500 increase over Obama’s promise. Is it any wonder that he is campaigning for Hillary now? They are two peas in a moral pod it appears. Subject to hyperbole and well…..downright lying.

Obamacare’s Fatal Flaw

Any plan that eliminates underwriting risks, as Obamacare has with its elimination of screening based on pre-existing conditions, is destined to collapse under its own weight.

This alone creates a fatal flaw that will doom it to fail. Either premiums will rise to the point of becoming unaffordable, and/or benefits will be cut to point of making the coverage hardly worth the cost.

As we witnessing with Obamacare, insurers will simply abandon the plan as 1.4 million people in 32 states have discovered. Large insurers like Aetna, Humana and the United Healthcare Group have left the exchanges by simply terminating their plans……..because they are losing too much money. This is the “choice” that Obamacare has produced for consumers- less competition.

So, now despite the subsidies by the government (which are paid for by whom?), Obamacare premiums will rise significantly next year.

So what is the predictable response of the Statists like Obama and Hillary?

No admission of failure of direction or flaws in the basic concept. Instead, they propose that more government control and public money be thrown at the problem their plan created.

In short, their solutions will be like using gasoline to put a fire out, simply because it is a liquid.

How Underwriters Help Insurance

Any plan that eliminates underwriting. such as Obamacare has done, creates a fatal flaw that will doom it to failure.

There is a reason that people are able to earn a living as actuaries and underwriters. They are a key component of the business of insurance.

Without their work, insurance is little more than legalized gambling or a game of Russian roulette with a bullet in the chamber. Eventually, the chamber will spin to the bullet and then its BAM! You lose. Rates rise at uncontrollable levels.

Underwriting helps make insurance affordable and here’s how.

Insurance is a shared risk pool.

All of the insureds pay their premiums to the company to create a pool of money. Most people believe it works like this. They pay the insurance company. The insurance company pays the premiums.

I sold health insurance and that’s what I thought. I was surprised to find out that I was wrong. My brother straightened me out.

How Insurance Really Works

At the time we had our little talk, my brother ran the AARP plan for Prudential. At the time, I sold health insurance to small businesses along with other types of insurance and investments.

At the time, insurance plans were rated based on claims experience. I could sell a policy with a $200 annual deductible, 20% co-pay up to a maximum of $2000 with unlimited coverage and your choice of hospital or doctor for about $200.00 a month for a family.

I keep saying at the time because all of this has changed and guess what? Insurance premiums have sky rocketed.

This fact alone should tell you something about how well the changes have actually worked. Eliminating risk underwriting has not helped premiums. This is why.

My brother and I got into a discussion at one Christmas family gathering. At the time, we were both in the business of selling health insurance. I knew that premiums on older insureds with higher claims experiences were pretty high. So, I asked him, “How can Prudential afford to insure all those people on the AARP plan? Won’t the rise in rates cause them to lose too much money?”

He responded by asking me, “Well, who pays the premiums?”

I replied, “The insurance company.”

He said, “No, they don’t.”

A bit surprised at his answer because after all, I sold a lot of health insurance plans to small businesses. So, I challenged him and asked, “Well, then who does?”

He explained to me that insurance (all insurance btw) is a shared pool of risk. Into the front door comes all of the premiums which fill up the shared pool.

However, out of the back door goes the payments for the claims.

Out of the side door goes the insurance company’s admin fees. The insurance company earns its profits by attaching a fixed administrative fee. That doesn’t change. Their profits come from the administrative fees, not the premiums.

At the time, Prudential managed the AARP plan because they came in with the most competitive percentage on the fixed admin fee. When that changed, which it did eventually, Prudential lost the AARP coverage to another carrier with a lower admin fee. The plan remained, the insurer changed. Common in fixed models like an AARP plan.

Well Then, What If Claims Rise?

Remember, the premiums coming in the front door fill the pool. The claims going out the back door drain it.

So, if the pool gets too shallow from high claims expenses, you have to fill it back up with more premiums. Where do the premiums come from? Well, as we already noted, they come in the front door from the insureds.

The insurance company doesn’t fill up the risk pool. They still get their fixed admin fee to earn their profits. Efficiency and reduced claims costs advance their profits, not premiums.

So, the answer as to who pays the premiums in a health insurance policy is quite simple: the insureds do. More claims? Simple fix. The people who are insured pay more.

In the case of a government plan, we all end up paying because government simply fills up the pool with more money that gets added to the public debt.

If the claims in the pool rise, the people in the pool will pay higher premiums to fill it back up. Or in the case of Obamacare, we all eventually pay which inflates the value of the dollar reducing our purchasing power and our ability to save or invest as well.

The insurance company doesn’t want higher premiums. When premiums grow, healthy people who can afford to pay and don’t drain the pool with excessive claims, leave the plan.

Sick people stay because they are benefiting the most from the plan. They cannot afford to leave and lose coverage.

However, when rates rise, the people who can leave the plan will. They are very “insurable” and will be able to find more affordable coverage elsewhere.

That in and of itself is a primary reason rates continue to rise. Less people are paying in tightening the pool. Healthy people along with their premiums have left. More claims are going out the back door from the sick people left in the plan. Less people. More costs. Rates rise.

What Eliminating Underwriting Does to Insurance

In health insurance, underwriting allows the insurer to gauge their risks. As a member of an insurance pool, you want them to gauge their risks accurately. The better their risk predictions, the lower premiums you will pay because claims will be moderate.

If the underwriters assess poorly and take on a lot of bad risks, you will pay higher premiums because claims costs will rise.

Dividing people into classes based on their sex and age helps premium payments. Younger healthier single people will pay lower premiums. Lower premiums for them will attract more of them. Their premiums and their lower claims will help offset some of the costs for the older and sicker people who will pay higher premiums.

Woman of child bearing age may pay higher premiums because it costs more money to have a baby. Single females with lower claims offset some of that rise for that class. There is a balance that works itself out if all is done intelligently and carefully. Never perfect but better than no underwriting or risk assessment at all for sure.

Now however, much of that has been discarded. People think that premiums are going up because insurance companies are making money off of them. They aren’t.

As mentioned above, insurance companies make their money from the admin fee, not the total premium. If claims rise, premiums will also.

As should be clear by now, that is because the insureds pay the premiums, NOT the insurance company.

The bottom line: reducing underwriting of risks will generate higher premiums. The shared pool becomes a gamble or a crap shoot based on chance, not a skilled assessment of risk.

This is how knew from my brother’s little holiday class that Obamacare is destined to fail. It will collapse under the weight of its own crap shoot arrangement.

That is also why I knew that Obamacare is more about control of the people. It was never intended to be a genuine solution. This is why the law is so large and covers much more than health insurance. It controls the people from cradle to grave. Costs are a secondary factor. Control is the real intent.

But Wait There’s More!

When you eliminate underwriting, which means take out the ability to reject a person as a poor risk because of pre-existing conditions, or even the risks associated with their class of insureds (age, sex and even occupation), insurance necessarily attracts the highest risks.

Those people who can benefit the most from it by having their penalty of higher premium to enter the pool eliminated will grab it because they have no other good choice.

By paying much less than they would if they paid for their already existinghealth-care-costs-split treatment for a pre-existing condition like diabetes, heart disease, cancer even pregnancy, they get more benefit for the money. The healthy people in the plan, who may in fact even take better care of themselves, suffer with higher premiums anyway.

This may sound heartless, but those are the facts. Increased claims cause premiums to rise. The more sick people that enter a plan or even get sick while in a plan, the higher the premiums will rise because higher claims leaking out the back door will drain the pool requiring more premiums from insureds already in the pool.

How Hillary Sees It

Hillary however doesn’t acknowledge the above connection. During the second debate Hillary said,

But here’s what I don’t want people to forget when we’re talking about reining in the costs, which has to be the highest priority of the next president, when the Affordable Care Act passed, it wasn’t just that 20 million got insurance who didn’t have it before. [Note: Actually 12 million but hey it’s Hillary speaking.] But that in and of itself was a good thing.

But everybody else, the 170 million of us who get health insurance through our employees got big benefits.

Number one, insurance companies can’t deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Can you see the disconnect? In short, she doesn’t know what she is talking about and doesn’t understand how insurance really works in real life.

Or worse, she does but doesn’t admit it publicly (which I wouldn’t put past her BTW). More important to her than what happens to costs perhaps is who controls the people by controlling the coverage.

After all, it was Lenin who was reported to say that “Health Care is the Keystone to Socialism.”

She also stated that:

Well, I think Donald was about to say he’s going to solve it by repealing it and getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. And I’m going to fix it, because I agree with you. Premiums have gotten too high. Copays, deductibles, prescription drug costs, and I’ve laid out a series of actions that we can take to try to get those costs down.

Folks, how is she going to “fix it” if she claims that one of its biggest benefits of Obamacare is that it eliminates the pre-existing condition underwriting?

She can’t. The plan is destined to fail. The elimination of risk assessment by guaranteeing coverage regardless of current health will continue to attract the sickest people who need it the most just as ABC admitted above. Her fix will be like the “fix” we are seeing now. Higher premiums and declining quality.

The Real Solution- A Free Market

Before the government entered into the health care marketplace, we had some of the best health care in the world. Underwriting was able to operate freely as it does in other markets like car insurance. Bad driving records get you rejected by an insurance company or you pay higher rates. It forces people to drive more carefully.

Health insurance could do the same. That is, fear of high rates would encourage people to take care of themselves. It helps them. It helps the pool of other insureds. It helps the insurance company remain in the business of providing you coverage in the event that life steps in the way and your health conditions suddenly change.

Then Medicare and Medicaid began in earnest. Everyone was covered once they reached a certain age or had a certain income. Healthcare premiums began to rise steadily shortly thereafter.

It has continued ever since. (P.S.- There is no Constitutional authority to take control over a private market btw in case you were wondering.)

The government and Statists will never admit that but as a seller of health insurance delivering increases of 80% and more, I watched it first hand after Medicare got going in earnest.

The game, as renewals rolled in, to retain the business became to offer alternative plans at lower cost. Then in a year or two, they went up too. The game of shop and switch went on once again. It was stressful for not only the agent and the business owner but also the insured as plan benefits went down with higher deductibles and co-pays but costs also went up.

The problem was created by government control of a free market. Government caused costs to rise by eliminating the very things that helped keep them affordable such as the elimination of underwriting through guaranteed coverage despite your pre-existing health condition.

Now, it is even worse. Insurers are guaranteed a customer base by the force of law. They have no choice without penalty of law but to participate in this failing health care model. Consequently, drug companies can raise costs and know that they will have customers anyway. (Just like government subsidized college education btw.)

Obamacare is a disaster already and it will get worse. If it continues, we can expect nothing more than rising costs and declining quality of care- that I can confidently predict.

We either end it or watch it fall apart before our eyes. It can not be “fixed”. It was deeply flawed from the beginning and bound to fail. Watch and see.

Hopefully, you won’t have to.

Hillary and Open Borders- Proof She is Lying Once Again

Hillary and Open Borders- Proof She is Lying Once Again

In the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Hillary was finally asked about the WikiLeaks disclosures over the past few weeks to which Donald replied, “Thank you” BTW. I felt the same since the media has proven itself to be more heavily biased against any other candidate of any other election including, to my surprise, Ron Paul in the last election.

They would rather keep the public focused on social dirt than real issues that impact us directly such as the sovereignty of our nation. After all, without borders, there is no nation is there?

So, let’s take a closer look at exactly what Hillary was asked and exactly at how she responded and what it means.

The Question

Chris Wallace, by far the best moderator on any of the three debates, specifically asked Hillary, during the segment about immigration and borders the following:

Secretary Clinton, I want to clear up your position on this issue because in a speech you gave to a Brazilian bank for which you were paid $225,000, we’ve learned from the WikiLeaks that you said this, and I want to quote, ‘My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.

After Trump’s “Thank you” and interruption from the audience, Wallace continued, “So that’s the question. Please, quiet, everybody. Is that your dream, open borders?”

Hillary’s Response

Well, if you went on to read the rest of the sentence, I was talking about energy. You know, we trade more energy with our neighbors than we trade with the rest of the world combined. And I do want us to have an electric grid, energy system that crosses borders. I think that would be a great benefit to us.

But you are very clearly quoting from WikiLeaks and what’s really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions, then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the Internet. This has come from the highest levels of the Russian government, clearly from Putin himself, in an effort — as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed — to influence our election.

So I actually think the most important question of this evening, Chris, is finally will Donald Trump admit and condemn that the Russians are doing this and make it clear that he will not have the help of Putin in this election, that he rejects Russian espionage against Americans which he actually encouraged in the past?

Those are the questions we need answered. We’ve never had anything like this happen in any of our elections before.

As we will see this is nothing less than a red herring dodge, deflection from the real question and obfuscation of what she actually said.

And in case you think this statement is taken out of context, watch this YouTube video of Hillary as First Lady fawning over former Council on Foreign Relations member, Walter Kronkite, on his receipt of his global governance award from the then existing World Federalist Association now called the Citizens for Global Solutions.

Trump’s Response

Donald called Hillary’s evasive non-answer as “a great pivot off the fact that she wants open borders” and asked, “How did we get off to Putin?”

Any objective viewer, not just those who are Trump supporters, would agree.

Instead of answering the question directly (and honestly I may add), Clinton essentially said that her getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar is irrelevant because what is really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government (AKA as Putin the supposed BFF of Donald according to Hillary) has engaged in espionage against Americans.

This is what is called “preparation by Hillary” BTW. Spin and deflection rather than facts. So, let’s take a closer look at what Hillary actually said and what it actually means after a bit of context to her remarks.

Who is Banco Itau?

This speech, for which Hillary was paid $225,000, was given to Banco Itau which is Latin America’s largest Corporate & Investment Bank. They are part of the Itaú Unibanco group, one of the world’s largest financial conglomerates. In other words, she was speaking to the financial elite of Latin America- a decidedly Leftist hemisphere to be honest.

Hillary’s Actual Statement to Banco Itau

This what Hillary actually said in her speech to this banking elite audience:

My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.

Let’s unpack her statement.

Hillary told this major foreign bank that her “dream” was “a hemispheric common market.” If she stopped here, this statement stands alone.

She could have simply stated, “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.” and her statement would have made complete sense.

However, she went on to embellish her dream and add features that would be included in her “dream” as follows:

  1. Her dream would arrive sometime in the future. In other words, it is something she is working towards. A new world order perhaps?
  2. Her dream would include open trade and open borders. In short, this is an encapsulation of the New World Order which high level politicians like her husband, George Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Henry Kissinger, and other puppets of the financial elite have mentioned numerous times in the past.
  3. Her dream would include green, sustainable, energy. Incidentally, can you imagine cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas etc. being powered on “green energy” alone? If yes, may I offer you a bridge in Brooklyn for sale real cheap ‘cause you just qualified as a prime customer?

Hillary’s Conclusion

A hemispheric common market would create growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.

Now, this is a highly questionable conclusion to say the least.

In every case when government has over stepped limited boundaries and grown to have power over the people rather than the reverse (We’re talking the actual results Communism has produced everywhere it has been applied.), the persons under such a scenario have experienced tyranny and poverty, not growth and opportunity.

For the elites, like Hillary, in control however- the results are exactly the opposite. They end up with growth and opportunity- not every person. Of course, when talking to a group of banking elites that conclusion is understood. They all share the same dream.

Not About Green Energy

In short, Hillary’s claim that her statement was about green energy is patently false. As is obvious when we dissect her statement, green energy was an embellishment of her dream of a new world order or a “hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

The dream was a new world order. Green energy was part of it, not what the dream is actually about.

The statement she made at Banco Itau actually reveals Hillary’s true colors which is why she nearly immediately threw out the red herring about Russian espionage and influence on our election.

What It Means

To be clear, open borders means no nation. This is no small thing. Eliminate borders and what do you have? The answer is pretty clear- no nation and potentially no law and order as well.

So, in place of anarchy, chaos and law of the jungle as is said, what can be used to fill the vacuum to establish order?

Well then, how about a global government? This New World Order thingy political elites like her husband and others have referred to repeatedly in the past.

As noted above, when government controls the masses, the end result has always been tyranny and poverty not freedom and prosperity.

Why the Opposite?

Why does a spread of government produce tyranny and poverty rather than freedom and prosperity?

As Lord Acton in the middle of the 19th Century stated:

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The more absolute the power, the greater the corruption. This new world order would likely result in absolute tyranny despite Hillary’s claims of “growth and opportunity for every person”.

To take it a step further I would submit that the reason for that result can be found in the Bible in the verse by the prophet Jeremiah as follows:

The heart is deceitful, above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

The key is to limit man’s power, not expand it. As the framers generally intended in fact, the smaller and less intrusive the government; the more limits it has; the more freedom and opportunity we end up with.

For as Thomas Jefferson put it:

When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.

Technology Industry as an Example

Technology is a market with little regulation and significant competition. Of all of the markets, it perhaps is the best example of a free market in operation. I don’t have to give you examples of how that has helped the consumer.

Now some will claim that Apple and others have transferred production elsewhere how is that helpful to the American consumer? To answer that fully we need to look at another debate comment by Hillary in more depth- “Chinese steel” and unpack that to see how deceptive that characterization is.

In the end however, the American consumer has gotten better products at lower prices. The technology keeps getting better and better giving you more for your money.

Capitalism, not Socialism btw.

Trump Frittered Away His Chance

Donald with the actual facts could have nailed slippery Hillary to the cross. Instead, he blew it and let her get away with more spin into yet another lie.

He took the bait and went down the red herring path Hillary threw out talking about how she used Russia to pivot away from the point. However, he then let the talks slip into a debate about his relationship with Putin.

He should have stayed on point and pressed Hillary on her actual statement. He didn’t.

As a skilled liar and lifetime politician, Hillary knows how to obfuscate and deflect. She’s done it all her political life.

This will not change an iota if she is elected. Her success in life is based upon this model. She is a strongly entrenched globalist and inveterate fraud.

Our Choice

Would you rather have a skilled liar with the intention of furthering her dream of a border-less New World Order?


Would you rather have a politically clumsy businessman with the intention of making America great again?

With Hillary, the Wiki Leaks revelations and Project Veritas investigation videos, have pulled away the curtain and demonstrated her to be the deceptive fraud she has always been. Lying to the public with a well-practiced, Cheshire cat smile that she plasters on at a moment’s notice.

Personally, I’m not happy about either of the choices. Nevertheless, I think I’ll take my chances with the clumsy businessman.

You want Hillary? Like Pontius Pilate, I wash my hands of this matter. Good luck. She will not be my President.

Meanwhile, I suggest you pray and stock up on ammo and food just in case. It may not help but like chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt

2016 Presidential Election- Lopsided Bias Concentrating on Dirt Not Real Issues.

2016 Presidential Election- Lopsided Bias Concentrating on Dirt Not Real Issues.

While the media hammers away at Donald Trump’s character, the dirt on Hillary is swept under the carpet. The bias is obvious. The public naively laps it up.

Our nation is mired in a massive mountain of debt.

Foreign wars which have sucked away multiple Trillions of $ have dragged on for over a decade now.

Our infrastructure is decaying.

We export more raw materials and goods that assist manufacturing than goods Americans actually make.

Taxes are growing as States and local governments attempt to make up for their overspending which mirrors our Federal government.

Inflation is kicking in as the prices of necessary goods like food continue to climb or are hidden by packaging giving you less for more money.

Incomes of the middle class have stagnated for decades and the annual increases we once expected are either absent or an insult as they are so paltry.

Medical care costs and premiums are continuing to rise. Obamacare is proving to be the failure I predicted before it was passed by the parasitic traitors euphemistically called “public servants” with overall insurance premium increases of over $4,000 a year for families since its passage showing how effective it has been in lowering the costs of health care.

Insurance companies now exiting the exchanges because of losses (again predicted and expected by anyone who understands how insurance really works).

The Black community has experienced a 58% increase in food stamps, a significant decline in employment and home ownership and a shocking increase in violence within their communities as a whole under a President who promised to deliver safety and prosperity whom they supported without question.


The Raised Fist Salute Tells Much About Bernie If You Understand It’s Origins and His Background

Public safety is decreasing as Islamic extremists kill the unarmed public as in Orlando and San Bernadino while the Marxist fronted Black Lives Matter shoot the police and organize riots with the
fist raised communist salute betraying their real intent.

Regulatory control has grown significantly while banks and private Corporations were handed over massive amounts of public money to cover their bad business judgement and losses.

And there is more…..much more. IMHO it does not look good for our long term futures.

The Election Coverage

So what does the media and the Clinton campaign concentrate on in this election? Donald Trump’s trash.

Nothing about Hillary’s seedy past. They are all piling on Donald.

A tape is released of a trashy conversation, conveniently timed on the same day WikiLeaks released 12,000 of Hillary’s emails demonstrating more of her elitist mentality and how firmly in bed she is with the Wall Street insiders. Yet, the media is calling on Trump to fold camp and drop out because of seedy comments in a private conversation.

More trash will likely come. That is where the media is directed to keep this campaign focused. Not on the real issues impacting Americans.

The Media Mission

Since the beginning of Trump’s run and unexpected success in the primaries, the media as a whole have been concentrating on one goal- attack Trump in every way possible and not focus on the issues created by our political and economic systems that impact each and every one of us in our real lives.

Let’s be honest- Trump has not led an exemplary life. Being a wealthy businessman and not homely looking with a penchant for beautiful woman, he’s got moral baggage. (Don’t we all in some way or another?) He is a mirror of our societal moral decline as though those who protest are so lily white. As for Hillary?

Trump doesn’t hold a candle to the lecherous, womanizing behavior of Hillary’s husband who, even as governor of Arkansas, would pick out woman in the audience and make sure his aides invited them to meet him privately to move on them, was accused of rape on more than one occasion, lied to all of us about Monica Lewinsky and much more including drug trafficking and use and even involvement in murders (See the Clinton Chronicles for details)

Meanwhile, Hillary attacked and assassinated the character of Bill’s woman and we hear nothing about it. She laughs about defending a child molester who raped a 12 year old and we hear nothing about it.

Hillary calls half of Trump’s supporters deplorable. Described Bernie’s supporters as living in their parents basements; discussed her favorable private connection to Wall Street which she publicly attacks in the Wiki leaks emails recently released; helped cover up Bill’s criminal activities as a lawyer for the Arkansas Rose law firm; accepted millions from nations that abuse woman as property for the Clinton foundation; violated national security with her home server while (like Bill) lying to the public and in front of congress about it………..White Water, cattle futures trading scandal, and much more (Again watch the Clinton Chronicles for the details on Bill and Hillary’s rise to power )

Meanwhile, Hillary Gets a Free Pass

Why the free pass for Hillary on social issues and dirt and the bombardment of Trump?

What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander right, if the media were fair. Would it not?

Not in this campaign apparently.

I suggest it is nothing more than the manipulation of public opinion to fit the needs of the controlling powers.

That is, the one-world, globalist elite who are steadily undermining this nation economically and morally to fold us into their New World Order. They want a puppet in office, not a wild card who they cannot completely dominate.

If Hillary gets in, the status quo will be maintained. The direction we are headed in will remain on course.

She is in their back pockets. Trump is not.

They don’t know what to expect if Trump gets into office. With Hillary (as with Obama) it is very predictable. She shares their world view.

Hillary has said as much when she gushed over the how the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) tells her what to do at the opening of their new Washington office on July 15, 2009:

I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to I guess the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.

The “Establishment”

The CFR is a globalist group of insiders who favor a global government with David C. Rockefeller as its Honorary Chairman and all of the “too big to fails” on its Corporate membership list.

Trump doesn’t qualify to speak with this bunch however. He doesn’t fit the profile of a parasite dependent upon their good will for his position. Nor does his put America first message fit into their design for America.

So their lap dogs, the media, hammer away at Trumps social vulnerability while giving a free pass to Hillary’s shady past.

To me, it is obvious how the public is being manipulated.

To the public, who have been raised to accept the opinion of media “experts” on TV and now on social media, all that counts is what the mainstream media focuses on. They selectively are led to ignore where our country has been, is headed and where Hillary wants to lead it which is to say more of the same.

Instead they focus on the social issues rather than the real world results thereby ignoring decades of evidence in Hillary’s case. If anyone should be in a “basket of deplorables” it is she and her ilk not Trump supporters.

Neither candidate is without baggage. Not exactly what you would want in a President, but perhaps what we deserve as our nations morality declines. The moral issues? Hey, it’s all part of the intended decline of America as a world leader. Our nation is reveling in it and our candidates reflect it.

However, the intended direction of the controlling powers is to me crystal clear. It has been since the primaries.

The Choice

To the public, who have been raised to accept the opinion of media “experts” on TV, all that counts is what the mainstream media focuses on, not where our country has been, is headed and where Hillary wants to lead it, which is to say more of the same.

As the morality of our nation declines, so does the quality of our candidates which mirror the nation’s moral fiber. So should a Trump-Hillary Presidential choice be all that surprising? Not to this writer.

However, in this campaign of the lesser of two evils, which has been the norm for decades now, the choice is simple.

If you think we are headed in the right direction vote Hillary. The game of dismantling America will continue as they prepare us for their New World Order.

If you want to roll the dice and take a chance on change, vote Donald.

Either way you get morally flawed leadership.

The question is not however Hillary or Donald despite the media’s emphasis.

It is a choice between one who is firmly under the corrupt and evil control of the power elite who are steering us towards collapse on all levels to fold us into their New World Order.

And a morally flawed, wild card, non-politician who promises to make America great again.

With all I know about how the insiders are playing this nation and the background of the Clintons, the choice to me is clear.

Either way, remember who is really in control and it transcends all of us IMHO. Ultimately, however, a choice of evil vs evil can only produce what?

As the lead character, Maddie, of the Coen Brothers version of True Grit put it in the opening soliloquy of the film:

There is nothing free in this life. We pay for everything except the grace of God

Seek that first. Anything else is a bonus. God Bless America? Or perhaps is it time for judgement?

Trickle Down Economics? A Made Up Term That Doesn’t Exist in Economics

Trickle Down Economics? There is No Such Thing.

Leftist politicians like HIllary throw this term around as though it means something in economic theory. The problem is: to economists it is a made up term with no basis in actual economic theory. Just another political buzzword that is used to denigrate those who have and make empty promises to those who do not.

In a recent article by FEE they point out:

It’s hard to pin down exactly what that term means, but it seems to be something like the following: “those free market folks believe that if you give tax cuts or subsidies to rich people, the wealth they acquire will (somehow) ‘trickle down’ to the poor.”

The problem with this term is that, as far as I know, no economist has ever used that term to describe their own views.

Critics of the market should take up the challenge of finding an economist who argues something like “giving things to group A is a good idea because they will then trickle down to group B.”

I submit they will fail in finding one because such a person does not exist. Plus, as Thomas Sowell has pointed out, the whole argument is silly: why not just give whatever the things are to group B directly and eliminate the middleman?

Tax the rich more?

Another illusion to make the voter feel like they will be given something from government they didn’t earn and give the promising politician their vote in return. Fact is, you could tax the rich everybastiat penny of  their income and it would still hardly make a dent in the $19.5 Trillion Federal debt that is growing in leaps and bounds from interest on the debt and continual government spending.

Like it or not, it is those who earn more who ultimately hire more. Unless there are excess profits, there will not be enough to pay the workers. That is a fact of life. Unless you work for yourself, you need for your employer to be profitable. Otherwise your job goes bye bye.

Tax Refunds?

We get so-called tax refunds but in reality the government doesn’t “give” us tax refunds; it simply refrains from taking more of what we created.

We earned the money with our efforts and labor. The government takes a chunk of it and then makes you feel good by giving you some of it back. Do the math. They still got more than you think.

The real trickle down is from the income we earned with our labor to a government who wastes it on wars. Corporate subsidies and entitlements creating a permanent underclass of non-achievers who want a free ride because they are entitled to it or so they are told.

Lies for Votes

The reality is that during campaigns promises are made that are never kept. Trickle down economics is simply a made up term to be used to take advantage of the beaten down feeling we all share with a government that governs far too much. A government that controls too much. What really trickles down is tyranny not freedom.

The only thing we should want from government these days should be much less of it. The return we would get would be more freedom to live our lives as responsible adults in place of children fawning over their deceptive slave masters.

Don’t expect that outcome from a Hillary who wrote “It Takes a Village” a tome on how we need more government not less.

Trump? Your guess is as good as mine, but with the Federal Reserve still intact and in control (If you can call a economy on debt fumes teetering towards collapse control that is.) we need change of a radical kind. The lesser of two evils is the best we can do in this election. Either way, I wouldn’t get too enthusiastic. Better you prepare for the worst and continue to do your best for your future and not counting on a failing government for anything. You will end up disappointed otherwise. That I know.



Hillary Clinton’s Economic Naivete Sounds Like Bernie’s Socialist Marxism

Hillary Clinton’s Economic Naivete Sounds Like Bernie’s Socialist Marxism

Hillary demonstrated her failure to grasp economic reality back in 2010 at a speech given at the Brookings Institute on January 27, 2010. She was asked by Kemal Derviş, the Brookings Director their Global Economy and Development Program, how do you manage between the fiscal responsibility to the poorest segments in the US and global populations while strengthening economic recovery?

Her reply demonstrates how little she understands about economics in the real world versus the idyllic visions of globalists based on Marxist inspired idealism.

As part of her answer as noted in the video above Hillary replied:

 I also believe you put your finger on one of the biggest international problems we have, and I’ll just — you know, this is my opinion; I’m not speaking for the administration, so I will preface that with a very clear caveat.

The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues, whether it’s individual, corporate, whatever the taxation forms are. And I go back to the question about Brazil.

Brazil has the highest tax-to-GDP rate in the Western Hemisphere. And guess what, it’s growing like crazy. And the rich are getting richer, but they’re pulling people out of poverty. There is a certain formula there that used to work for us until we abandoned it, to our regret in my opinion.

So, my view is that you have to get many countries to increase their public revenue collections in order to make investments that will make them richer over the long run. 

Brazil – Growing Like Crazy?

Well, perhaps the words should have been reversed in Hillary’s statement. It was growing but based on a naive and crazy way in that it did not reflect the real world.

The chickens have come home to roost as a result of Brazil’s socialist inspired “highest tax to GDP rate in the Western Hemisphere”. According to Forbes in a January 14, 2016 article:

Brazil isn’t the same country it was in 1930, but it’s economy is sure looking that way.

The country is facing its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression in the United States. This year will be another year of contraction. Labor markets are shedding employees and inflation, once under control, is now over 10.6%. There is no end in sight to this crisis. China won’t save it. A weaker dollar won’t save it. The impeachment of Dilma Rousseff won’t save it either. A lot of Brazil’s problems are boring, old school budget woes. The fiscal picture in Brazil is as grainy as a black and white photograph from the 30s. It dominates how corporate and portfolio investors view Brazil. And it has many believing that the country might not hit bottom this year, as the World Bank forecast last week.

The economic, political and fiscal outlooks in Brazil have “deteriorated significantly” in the past few months, according to Barclays Capital analysts led by economist Bruno Rovai in New York.

Sure doesn’t sound like it is growing like crazy any more does it? The growth was an illusion fueled by funny money and other people’s wealth. And like all of these Marxist inspired wealth distribution plans, they always produce the opposite of their idyllic intent.

Brazil is not an isolated case of failed socialism in our modern times however. One of their neighbors shares their fate as well.

Venezuela’s Failed Economic Experiment

The socialist economic ideas of Hugo Chavez, inspired by the Marxist Cuban model of Fidel, were initiated with great promises. Using the idyllic cry of populist Marxists, Hugo promised to help

Hugo and Fidel - Best Buds

Hugo and Fidel – Best Buds

the poor and disadvantaged. As always in the Marxist/socialist model, it was with other people’s money filtered through the State.

The same basic model of Bernie Sanders and Hillary with her Marxist share the wealth idea to tax the Corporations to make them “pay their fair share”. A stream of never ending taxation which ultimately lands in the lap of the average citizen in the form of job losses and increased costs of goods and services.

As Francisco Rodriguez, chief economist of the Venezuelan National Assembly who in September 2000, took over a research team with functions broadly similar to those of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office in the Chavez’s government stated:

Chavez’s political success does not stem from the achievements of his social programs or from his effectiveness at redistributing wealth. Rather, through a combination of luck and manipulation of the political system, Chavez has faced elections at times of strong economic growth, currently driven by an oil boom bigger than any since the 1970s.

The change can be broadly characterized as having four basic dimensions.

First, the size of the state has increased dramatically. Government expenditures, which represented only 18.8 percent of GDP in 1999, now account for 29.4 percent of GDP, and the government has nationalized key sectors, such as electricity and telecommunications.

Second, the setting of prices and wages has become highly regulated through a web of restrictions in place since 2002 ranging from rigid price and exchange controls to a ban on laying off workers.

Third, there has been a significant deterioration in the security of property rights, as the government has moved to expropriate landholdings and private firms on an ad hoc basis, appealing to both political and economic motives.

Fourth, the government has carried out a complete overhaul of social policy, replacing existing programs with a set of high-profile initiatives — known as the misiones, or missions — aimed at specific problems, such as illiteracy or poor health provision, in poor neighborhoods.

Venezuela Today

So, how has this economic manipulation worked for the people? Let’s get a current picture:

Venezuela’s economy continues to crumble, reflecting years of economic malpractice and heightened vulnerability due to weaknesses in the dominant oil sector.

Venezuelan oil production fell to a multi-year low in August, due to operational challenges over long-lasting under investment and suppliers scaling back their activity over delayed payments. The combination of depressed prices and record-low oil production raised the alarm ahead of multi billion dollar debt payments due this year and next.

Car sales contracted a sharp 83.4% annually in August, highlighting the adverse impact of distorting currency controls and a shortage of goods on consumption. The political situation has continued to worsen as the ongoing standoff between the ruling party and the opposition recently intensified.

In early September, supporters of the opposition held massive protests in Caracas to increase pressure on the government to approve a recall vote against President Nicolás Maduro.

In short, like all of the idyllic socialist schemes as dreamed of by Karl Marx- Venezuela is a morass of economic failure!


If you want more of this kind of economy, vote for Hillary. These kind of economies are what she endorses. Brazil? No thanks. And this is her model of success?

The public rejected Bernie. Hillary deserves the same fate unless you want more of the same – a faltering economy based on debt headed for destruction.

Donald? Who really knows? He isn’t a true politician. But hey, what have the politicians of both parties really given us? A debt over $19.5 Trillion and growing towards the same collapsed economies of Brazil and Venezuela and every socialist based economy.

I’m not expecting any politician to solve our problems, but really what choice does the public have- Gary Johnson? Dream on.

Will Donald Trump Save the World?

Will Donald Trump Save the World?


Already the Trump – Hitler comparisons are being rolled out by the indoctrinated liberals. Obama’s popularity deemed him the second coming of Christ but Trump is the second coming of Hitler? Kind of a transparent bias isn’t it? Ad hominem attacks on Trump will become predictably standard fare now that he has captured the public’s attention.

What intrigues me about Donald Trump is that he is not really a politician yet he is running for the highest political office in the nation.

Trump is running for political office but his background is not political. This has the pundits stymied and a bit on edge. Hillary’s supporters and the Corporate controlled media will now roll out the ad hominem attacks to paint Trump as a bigot or tyrant or whatever they can do to assassinate his character. This is the typical response of a true believer when facts get in the way of their fantasy.

Of course, Hillary’s criminal background will get a free pass like Bill’s did as the FBI decision recently demonstrated.

Fact is, the dudes never been an elected official, yet he managed to garner a record number of votes in the Republican primaries.

Of particular interest is that the political leaders in his own party despised him to the point of wanting to get rid of him despite the record number of votes.

One has to believe there has to be something good about someone whom corrupt, power mongers hate.

Is Donald the Change We Need?

Let’s be honest. The Republican, and Democrats too for that matter, have become predictable bores. Unless you are a sucker, brought up to be a liberal and look to government to make everything bad go away or have something to gain, there is not much to get excited about when you watch their speeches.

Politicians spin everything to reinforce the accepted media narrative which is always more government and less personal freedom in these times.Trump Claims Nomination

If the media says those buildings came down pancake style from jet fuel, they did. If they confirm that Kadafi must go, he must. If Lavoy Finicum was reaching for a gun and a threat in Oregon, well then he was a threat and his death by ambush was justified and on and on and on.

No questions asked. If the media and the FBI says that’s the way it was ( Right Hillary?) well then, that’s the way it must have been.

Donald don’t play dat as Homey the clown used to say. His acceptance speech last night reinforced that.

Donald flat out said that Hillary got away with a crime when she had a server at home with potentially compromising information on it and deleted over 33,000 emails. Not many politicians are willing to go out on that limb these days. A few like Rand Paul perhaps but most just sit on their thumbs and rotate with their mouths closed. The FBI can pardon criminals instead of prosecuting them in this twisted world where authority gets to be criminals along with Constitutionalists and Creationist teachers.

Free Trade

Free Trade deals are horrible and are hurting America says Donald. Yes they are. Repeal NAFTA? Really? Not many politicians willing to go out on that limb ‘cept Donald.

A few like Bernie Sanders may bring some focus to it, but look what else he brings to the table with us sitting at $19.3 Trillion in debt. Socialism? No thanks. Enough of that here already.

Americanism, not globalism?

A bit of a shocker and well outside the media narrative. How many politicians would dare use that phrase?

Fact is, it is what we need to return to and right quick too, or we perish as a nation.

Yes, perish.

Globalism and globalists like Hillary deem to eliminate nationalism, not reinforce it. The public are sick of it as they watch jobs and manufacturing erode leaving them at home and less prosperous.

It helped fuel the Brexit vote to leave the EU BTW much to the chagrin of all of the UK’s controlling politicians including now former Prime Minister- David Cameron. Maybe it will fuel Donald’s campaign here and upset our controllers?

Islamic Terrorism

Islamic terrorism is a threat to all of us. Call it politically incorrect in our cultural Marxist society, but its the truth. The facts speak for themselves.

While they haven’t tied the Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, directly to a terrorist organization, in Nice 6 suspects are now in custody. He texted for more weapons before launching his vehicle indicating he likely did not act alone.

However, it is no secret that his mind, while twisted (and frankly aren’t all terrorists twisted?), was under the influence of Islamic ideology. So really, does it matter if he was acting in concert with a formal terrorist group? It’s yet another example of what Islamic beliefs do to an impressionable mind.

Of the 84 people killed in Nice, 38 were from 19 countries other than France. Ten of them were children. One of them was an American student. That sounds like a threat to all of us to me. Not a politically popular stance but Donald tells it like it is.

Political correctness doesn’t matter to Donald despite the media attacks on his supposed bigotry. It is time to recognize that this is a problem that needs to be addressed head on, not be “politically correct”. Innocent lives are at stake and Donald is one of the few who isn’t afraid to say it. Obviously, not a politicians stance which is one of the reasons he garnered so many primary votes.

There was more.

The admission that Obama has dangerously nearly doubled our national debt. Time to own that one, like it or not media.

Obamacare should be repealed. When? The sooner the better.

Obama tearing

Why’s Everybody Always Picking on Me?

The Obama administration has promoted division in our society and is incompetent.

Division yes. Incompetent not! They are very competent just not acting in our best interests.

Incompetence takes them off the hook by making them look like they are making mistakes. They are not. They are just marching to a different drummer. One with his hand raised in a fist.

Most true of all was the recognition that there is a large forgotten group here in the U.S. and he (Donald) will now give them a voice.

Oh yes, how so very true! That part even got jaded me a bit stirred.

It has also stirred a ground swell that appears ready to grow. People want their voice back over an oppressive Leviathan government stifling our freedom and throttling our voices with an obsequious media and pandering group of politicians bending to the will of whoever is the Commander in Chief.

All in All

The speech was refreshing, entertaining and quite frankly has energized the Republican party! It wasn’t particularly the standard political fare, but it said the things that many of the more aware citizens know and feel. And that is refreshing.

Some in the party wanted to generate a coup and get rid of Donald. Are they as twisted as the Islamic terrorists?

This guy is a shot in the arm to a party of zombies which is blending into the other party of zombies.

Donald ain’t blending. Opportunistic politicians stifled that movement. You don’t bite the hand that is feeding you as the adage goes.

For the most part, I liked what the man said. I found little to get angry about which is quite a change for me when watching a political speech these days.

Will he be able to keep his promises?

It’s hard to say. The corruption and dismantling of what is referred to as the “original intent” (That is, a small and constrained Federal government.) of the Constitution is very far along now.

Trump doesn’t really talk much about the Constitution. Why bother these days anyway. Between our Supreme Court, Presidents, their cabinets and our elected officials, it has been rendered nearly neutral it seems.

Hopefully, the man if elected will surround himself with people who do believe in constraint of government and in reducing it to a more manageable beast as well. From a business point of view, it seems that Donald gets that.

In the end, if he wins his results will be very much contingent upon who he puts into office to assist him in attaining his stated goals. That would be, of course, his cabinet and other choices. When all is said and done, this is where the real impact of a Presidential election is experienced by the citizens.

At this point, I am hopefully skeptical.

If he wins, there is a very strongly entrenched agent against change which will be working firmly against him. Will he be strong enough to override them? Will his wave of popular support bring others along with him to office? Honestly, probably not.

In this election, between the two- what choice does a sensible person have? It’s Trump or monkey as the David Letterman skit once played it. And you know who the monkey is.

Is Trump really the change we need? He is a non-politician who understands organization, has handled big money, understands how the money game is played, does not reject corruption nor conspiracy out of hand and has a penchant towards the unspoken for.

At the very least, this could be interesting. Certainly, the campaign proves to be.

One Last Thing

I was a bit surprised by Trump’s reference to evangelicals. Now, one could think he was pandering but he was actually a bit humble about it noting that it was support he probably did not deserve.

Perhaps not, but if there anything real to his thank you maybe we could bring a much needed, maligned and neglected Christian tone back into our government. Anyone who pays attention to biblical prophecy and its relationship to these times will understand how important this may be.

At any rate, this will be a very interesting Presidential campaign. The gloves are off and it may prove to be the most interesting one in our lifetimes.

I can hardly wait for the Presidential debates.  If Trump stays the course he has already set, they should be about as entertaining as one could hope for. A breath of fresh air to a stale and scripted affair that has been so predictable they are hardly worth watching. And never controversial either. After decades of predictable mediocrity, this could be one heck of a fall season.

Update on the Dallas Police Shooting- Folks, We Have Another Sole Gunman In Dallas

Update on the Dallas Police Shooting- Folks, We Have  Another Sole Gunman In Dallas

Anyone remember that story about the sole gunman with the single bullet in Dallas? Well, as Yogi Berra once said, “We have deja vu all over again?” (That was a Yogism btw. I do know what deja vu means.)

Yes, folks as reported by Reuters reporters Cassandra Garrison and Ernie Scheyder, all of the 5 police shot to death and the 7 others wounded was conducted by one gunman- Micah Johnson!

According to the interview conducted by Reuters reporter Cassandra Garrison with Reuters reporter Ernie Scheyder all of the havoc in Dallas was reaped by one gunman. Gee, another sole gunman in Dallas. Hmmm…..I wonder if he also used a single bullet? They seem to work pretty well down there too!

Yes, Cassandra affirmed that Micah Johnson done it all. And all by himself too! Give a listen to the interview below. The first part is with a Dallas policewoman then at about 3:45 seconds she turns to her fellow Reuters reporter and well……give it a listen and see what you think:

So there you have it. Investigation over. Case closed. The sole shooter dead. We got our man!

Quick worker. Hell of a shot too. But hey we got him.

Ok, it took a robot bomb. We apparently aren’t as accurate as Micah was even though we are trained and its part of our job. But hey, we done it!

Now, you can all rest easy. Forget about this event. Mourn and just move on with your lives.

Nothing here to see now. All done. Thanks for your prayers and support. But we’re good now. See ya.

Deja Vu All Over Again?

Gee, when have we heard a questionable sole gunman statement from Dallas before? You know, that single bullet theory stuff. Need I remind you?

Now, let me ask you. How believable did that story turn out to be when the facts began to surface, particularly after the release of the Zapruder film?

In fact, how believable is that story now? My prediction is this should end up in the same category.

The Intent of the Interview Seemed Obvious

The first question Cassandra Garrison poses is a set up question designed to frame the event in such a way that the sole shooter position can be established:
Ernie has also been with us in Dallas through the weekend and you (turning to Ernie) have been looking into the investigation, into this gunman- Micah Johnson. Now, we are trying to piece a little more together- those final moments. As we know Micah Johnson was killed in a standoff with police that very night. What have you uncovered about those last few minutes of that stand off?

Ernie answered and talked about the robot bomb that killed Micah. But…….Ernie didn’t label him as the “sole gunman”

Not to worry Reuters- your lap dog Cassandra has got that covered. We now know the full name of the gunman, but do we know his “real” significance?

Cassandra frames the next question with to me appears to be the sole intent of this interview as follows:

Ernie, now we know that Micah Johnson was the sole gunman. We know there had been a lot of speculation over whether or not more people were involved. More shooters. People helping him. By Friday we heard from police that Micah Johnson was the sole gunman involved in that attack. There were some other people of interest they had been questioning though. What do we know about those people?”

Not only did she put the words into Ernie’s mouth but she repeated it twice in the same framing question, with Micah Johnson’s full name of course which both carefully repeated throughout the interview.

After this frame by Cassandra, Ernie Scheyder replies:

Well there was a group of individuals at the rally on Thursday night, dressed in camouflage and some were carrying rifles. We know that in the aftermath as the shooting started the police detained some of them. But we know that the police ultimately released them saying that they were not involved. You know, apparently they come to events like this on a regular basis and they were not connected to the shooter Johnson at all.

Camouflage and Rifles?

Wait a minute there Ernie. These guys were carrying rifles and dressed in camouflage and this is normal?

And events like this apparently are too since these guys typically come to them on a “regular basis” dressed in camouflage and carrying rifles.

Hey, nothing to be concerned about here folks. Well, it just happens all the time in our fine city.

In Dallas, apparently its normal to have Black Lives Matter demonstrations. And what is more, it’s also apparently normal to also have guys dressed in camo attending them carrying rifles too!

Now, I know that Texas is an open carry state but I mean 5  police were shot dead and 7 others wounded and welllll……these guys were dressed in military garb and carrying rifles. I mean isn’t that a tad on the suspicious side? Just a teeny bit?

Especially since they are part of the same gun club that Micah Johnson belonged to and march around the streets with their rifles chanting “Black Power” and “Oink, Oink, Bang, Bang” In the video below, Micah Johnson, is the one wearing the Arab head gear. Give it watch. It is only 2:28 minutes long.

Now, if with what happened in Dallas and with Micah being a member of this club who was ostensibly the sole gunman, would you consider suspects like this guilt free?

Apparently, in Dallas, even after the death of 5 of its own police force, it is perfectly normal behavior at events like this which are perfectly normal too.

Something Ain’t Right Here

Don’t know about you but if I saw some guys carrying rifles dressed in camo carrying rifles at an event with a shooting I wouldn’t quickly release them as was done in Dallas. I don’t care if they were on the streets every day. One of their club members supposedly shot and killed 5 police and wounded 7 others (including apparently 1 protester and 1 black officer).

Yet, the Dallas police didn’t even retain them for a weekend.

What this mainstream media claim does (and Reuters news is shared in newspapers not only nationally but globally) is shut down the investigation.

It also encourages more BLM inspired and involved incidents such as what happened over the weekend in St. Paul, MN. 27 police were injured and over 100 demonstrators arrested. One officer suffered spinal damage after a concrete block was dropped on his head.

The father of the son whose death triggered the demonstration was even calling for peace saying his son was a man of peace. Again, it appears the intent of BLM is not all black lives and the real target is the police. As we will see below, the Obama and Hillary responses to Dallas may betray the real purpose the Federal government has for Black Lives Matter.

For now, we are forced to accept that it was one shooter. We killed him. Case closed.

– There will be no inquiry into the possibility of a conspiracy of shooters.

– There will no inquiry into the obvious organization in the shooting that targeted primarily white officers. (Apparently one black officer was shot and one protester as well. So much for Black Lives Matter I guess. Apparently, in a blue uniform your blackness disappears. Either that or Micah was not Superman after all.)

– There will be no investigation into the possibility of other leftist organizations, such as already claimed themselves responsible for the shootings, being involved.

Nope! Nothing! It was one dude. He was a racist, as noted by what he allegedly said based on claims only. No real evidence. Only hearsay.

He is dead. We killed him. Done.

 A New JFK Event?

This is beginning to remind me of JFK and the single shooter, single bullet theory of Lee Harvey Oswald. And in Dallas as well. How appropriate!

After the JFK assassination, there was initial honesty. Quickly however, they had identified a shooter. The media had also established a motive. They were all in lockstep that this was the guy.

What is more, the sole assassin as it turned out (according to the media and authorities) had done ALL of the damage with a single bullet.

What a guy. As the warden said in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, upon finding that his prisoner had up and disappeared like a fart- “Lord, it’s a miracle!!!”

No, not a miracle. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s……Lee Harvey Oswald.

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive…..well you get the drift right?

Apparently, we have a new Superman however. Now its Micah Johnson. Faster than a team of shooters. More accurate than a locomotive on the tracks. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound too and befuddle the Dallas police long enough to kill 5 of them and wound 7 others.

His only weakness? His kryptonite? Robot bombs.

Yeah, every hero has an Achilles heel. Apparently, Micah’s was robots with a bomb attached. (Although I have read reports that he killed himself before the bomb was detonated. Can’t confirm that however.) We do have some background on Micah however.

Micah’s Background

Micah Johnson - Gun Club Pic

The Raised Fist Salute of Communist Origin- Power to the People!

It turns out that Micah Xavier Johnson was a member of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. For refreshers, Huey was the leader of the Black Panther Party and a known Marxist. Quanell X, a local Houston community activist told Houston’s NBC local affiliate KPRC-TV channel that Johnson previously belonged to “the Houston chapter of the Black Panther Party.” Only for 6 months however since he was apparently asked to leave for not following the chain of command.”

The gun club is not a part of the new Black Panther Party even if they have borrowed Huey’s name in addition to many of them wearing the traditional Black Panther beret. Just tells you where their heart lays.

Huey was a cop killer as well, arrested and imprisoned for a 15 year sentence for killing Oakland officer, John Frey, on October 28, 1967 after the officer pulled him over. In 1970, the California Court of Appeals reversed the charges and after a new round of trials, the charges were dropped.

Upon his release, Huey traveled to Communist China and met with high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party including Premier Zhou Enlai; Mao’s wife, Jiang Qing and representatives from North Korea and North Vietnam. In his autobiography, Huey P. described China as “a free and liberated territory with a socialist government” Another starry eyed and fully deceived idealist buying into the Communist deception.

The bottom line here is that it’s pretty obvious that Micah fashioned himself after some bad role models. Still questionable however, how armed with a sniper rifle (some claims of a semi-automatic pistol as well) he managed to kill 5 and wound 7 others so quickly before being detected. Possible with his background, but questionable at the least.

There is still no definitive information on the rifle used although the media has reported it was an SKS model which is a semi-automatic of 10 rounds per clip.

Hillary and Obama’s Response to Dallas- Federalize Local Police

Both Hillary and Obama are using Dallas to call for a Federalized police force.

Obama spoke from Poland after the event as reported by Breitbart:

“I want to start moving on constructive actions that are actually going to make a difference,” he said during his evening press conference in Poland when he was asked about the Dallas attack.  Those actions, he said, would  be based on the recommendations of the panel that he picked after the 2014 street riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The panel offered “practical concrete solutions that can reduce — if not eliminate — the problems of racial bias,” Obama said.

The panel acting on the faulty information provided by the media about the “innocent” thug, Michael Johnson in the Ferguson incident, recommended Federalization of local police forces. A move that every Marxist based tyranny employs.

Brown as noted in the Ferguson Grand Jury report, the deceased (who had just forcibly stolen cigarillos from a local store) was in the middle of the road with another individual. When asked to get out of the roadway:

The deceased [Michael Brown- 300 lb. 18 year old with a rap sheet] became belligerent towards Officer Wilson. As Wilson attempted to exit out of his patrol vehicle the deceased [Brown] pushed his door shut and began to struggle with Officer Wilson, during the struggle the Officers weapon was un-holstered [Eye witnesses said Brown attempted to grab it from Wilson]. The weapon discharged during the struggle.

The deceased then ran down the roadway. Officer Wilson then began to chase the deceased [Brown]. As he was giving chase to the deceased, the deceased turned around and ran towards Officer Wilson. Officer Wilson had his service weapon drawn, as the deceased began to run towards him, he discharged his service weapon several times.

This account was later corroborated by black witnesses present on the scene along with additional information confirming that Brown had already punched Officer Wilson in the mouth during the struggle at the car.

Sound like an innocent black man shot with his hands in the air peacefully submitting to a white officer? And this is what the task force used to recommend the unification of local police with Federal agencies.

Quickly after Dallas, Hillary stated:

Only Hours After the Dallas Police Shootings
Clinton pledged that as president, she would push to develop national standards for the use of force by police and she would commit $1 billion to police training programs and new research into the best policing practices.

Something Seems Fishy Here

The rush to judgement. The quick release of suspects. The rapid responses of Obama and Hillary corroborating each other. The staged Reuters reporters interview framed with a Dallas memorial setting for the emotional sympathy angle.

This conclusion smells of fish. It just feels too staged. Perhaps this is yet another event tacitly approved by the Federal government to secure part of their plan of tyranny- Federal Police. Every tyranny based society has them you know.

There is something being hidden here that will likely eventually surface as we have seen repeatedly with events of this nature.

The hobo’s in Dealey Plaza after JFK’s assassination. The suspects picked up at Sandy Hook. The suspects, other than the brothers, picked up after the Boston bombing and more, all quietly and quickly disappear without identification back into the crowds without a trace. Never to be heard from again. Not guilty.

The quick decision anointing the dead man as the guilty one by the Reuters reporters. No trial. No investigation. Simply a forgone conclusion from a staged report from Reuters reporters and that’s it. A done deal. Case closed. Investigation over.

Honestly, can anyone trust this government and its authorities anymore?

Oh, and BTW, this is exactly what I predicted and expected- a quiet disappearance of the “suspects”. And I am no psychic, just not a complete fool.

I hope you aren’t either. Stay tuned. This saga ain’t done yet.

What the Public Will Not Hear About Dallas Police Shootings from the Government or the Media

What the Public Will Not Hear About Dallas Police Shootings from the Government or the Media

Let’s be honest with each other. Most of us these days conduct our lives without racial overtones. Our liberalized educational systems have done a good job of promoting egalitarianism. After all, equality is necessary to collectivize a population which is what they are ultimately after which is:

One nation under the State. (Forget the God part of the pledge of allegiance. Authority is doing their best to eliminate that meaning, especially one that is based in Christianity.)

However, government has much to gain from racial conflict, although this will never be admitted to by the government.

Fact is, class conflict (like whites vs. blacks or vice versa) is a big part of how Marxists spread their influence and it is more a part of where this is heading than most of us care to be aware of.

Black Lives Matter?

Yeah, well, blacks kill each other in the thousands each year. Somehow it escapes media scrutiny however. They remain curiously silent on the issue.

It appears that Black Lives Matter only if they are killed by white police.

If the shooter is a black killing a black apparently this is permissible, even though recent FBI and DOJ figures show that over 90% of the black deaths are at the hands of black people themselves and only about 1% by white police- the reality of black lives being murdered doesn’t seem to interest Black Lives Matter.

Seems to me that if this were really about black lives and they really mattered, there would be a focus on where the majority cause was- not on the smallest percentage of the issue.

Is there perhaps another agenda going on here that the media conveniently turns a blind eye upon? It would seem so.

Watch more about what Black Lives Matter is really about here:

Who is B.P.P.O?

Meanwhile, a black power group has claimed responsibility for the Dallas shootings. B.P.P.O. (Black Power Political Organization with the raised fist Communist salute in their logo of course.)

Black Power and Dallas Shootings

Note the Communist Raised Fist on the Facebook Page which has since been deleted.

What will be interesting here will be the results of any investigation. Three suspects were gathered up. Will they quietly disappear like the JFK hobos,  the suspects picked up after the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook suspects and numerous other incidents where they have quietly slipped away revealing nothing.

Reminds me of the reality based film Lords of War after the protagonist Nicholas Cage was picked up and then confidently predicted his own release because “they need me”. Keep your eyes on what happens to these “suspects”. My guess….nothing.

Despite the claims of the end of Communism in the 90’s, Communist influence is alive and well- just re-labeled to protect the guilty. Watch the video below to get a sense of what you are not being told about the events in Dallas. it is not by accident either:

Alex Jones covers more on this issue and what the public doesn’t know here (including a statement by Ben Carson on the issue):

Abuse of Power?

No one who wishes to be free supports the abuse of power. Of course, police shooting citizens is wrong. However, one wonders that if the shooter had been a black police officer shooting a white driver whether there would have been any media focus on the issue.

Nevertheless, does this justify the deaths of 5 police men and 7 others injured and placing ordinary citizens in danger in an organized shooting as a response? What response is there to the continued deaths in the black community by other blacks? Where is the media spons

Is the New World Order Beginning to Unwind?

  • Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate despite attacks from the very party he is running for, even after he is chosen by the voters in the primaries. Quite obviously the party controllers did not like this and would even concede Hillary over Trump as shocking as that may sound. This Trump distaste by the insiders will likely continue through the media as they push their approved pet globalist Hillary and attack Trump in every way possible.
  • Bernie Sanders gains traction despite the obvious party push of globalist criminal Hillary by the party bosses and the media. They will continue to push her. She is part of them. Trump apparently is not.
  • The Brexit vote to leave threatens to unwind the EU and their planned regional government despite dire warnings by Britains globalist loving “leaders” that the economic consequences could be dire. The people voted leave anyway. After all, power without accountability such as they had under the EU was about as bad as it could get already is what they likely felt.

Are the globalists, who are hungry for their New World Order, getting desperate as they lose control of how the masses are supposed to act and react? Are these shooters really just manipulations designed to allow the imposition of more controls over the people who are awakening to a growing awareness of government Draconianism?

Keep your ears and eyes open but your head down. Things may get progressively worse from here. Better get ready for some change they need.

Will the Real EU Please Stand Up? (Don’t Count on It.)

Will the Real EU Please Stand Up? (Don’t Count on It.)

After the vote by the British people (Brexit) to exit the European Union (EU), we are now seeing a buzzing confusion of effects. Financial markets have dropped globally. Politicians are coming out and chastising the vote. Warnings are being issued such as the one from Angela Merkel who warned Britain that it won’t be able to ‘cherry pick’ EU privileges. She also vowed to use ‘all her strength’ to prevent the bloc from crumbling.

It may not all make sense. But perhaps this article will help you sort it out a bit.

Now, one has to wonder why the leader of the largest nation in the EU is so dead set on retaining the format- the “European Community”. Perhaps it has something to do with former East German collectivist Merkel’s socialist leanings?

After all, Europe after the implementation of the EU structure in 28 member nations, has drifted decidedly towards the left. It strongly seems to embrace collectivist socialist idealism as the way create a fairer and more equal society now. Of course, that is a questionable assumption based on the results which are oft times ignored.

That, of course, does not stop it from being spread as the definitive solution to the greed of man however. Idealism trumps facts it seems. And as Lord Acton once stated: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Then again, as the largest economy in the EU, Merkel wields no small influence in the EU. She may now feel a twinge of regret over losing the ability to lord over Great Britain, one of the nations that defeated Germany in WWII, thereafter creating the East-West split of Germany.

Could Angela be expressing a bit of spite as Britain rejects her favorite pet and secondarily spurns her control? Leaders like Merkel do have big ego’s after all or they wouldn’t seek the positions of power they hold in the first place.

The Real EU

Nevertheless, what I do not hear acknowledged in the discussion of Brexit is the real purpose of the EU and why the “over reacting” by global financial markets. Perhaps that is because the real purpose is hidden behind the red herring of promoting “free trade” as the primary purpose of the EU.

What is not mentioned (another deception by omission BTW) is that the EU is a tool of the financial elites and power brokers who largely control our lives already. We see this in their statements about the New World Order which surface from time to time by high level politicians and other shakers and movers like Henry Kissinger and friends.

This New World Order points to the real EU and its primary purpose. The EU that the power brokers in international finance and politics wish to establish to enslave us all under the New World Order or one world government controlling political, economic and even cultural expressions. Behind the red herring focus on trade, this is the real EU.

EU Beginnings

The EU had its beginnings in trade. (Free trade agreements- sound familiar?)

“War had left Europe exhausted, with industry greatly damaged and their defenses possibly unable to stop Russia. In order to solve this six neighboring countries agreed in The Treaty of Paris to form an area of free trade for several key resources including coal, steel and iron ore, chosen for their key role in industry and the military.”  –The History of the European Union -Robert Wilde

Initially, it applied only to the coal and steel industries. Over time, it morphed into its present form the European Union which was created by the Maastricht Treaty on November 1st 1993. However, the real purpose of the EU is evident from its “fruits”.

The EU Today

Since 1993, new nations have been added to the EU. As they are added, the EU quietly replaces their nations sovereignty with the regulatory bureaucrats of the EU headquarters in Brussels.

At present, the EU has replaced the sovereignty of 28 nations (27 now if Britain holds up) with a bureaucracy that regulates the lives of its members as the free YouTube video Brexit- the Movie  notes with examples of its impact in Britain.

As noted in the film, the EU has become “power without accountability” under the thumb of highly paid EU bureaucrats (over 10,000 earn more than the Prime Minister of Britain or one out of every 5 EU employees).

The EU members do not elect these people, nor can they do anything about their decisions. It they (the member EU nations) protest a regulatory decision, it is debated in committees of unknown participants who hold their meetings in closed door sessions and deliver their decision which must be accepted by the member nation government and its citizens- like it or not.

What the EU Really Is

The EU as it operates today is essentially a regional government that has replaced the sovereign capacities of its member nations with an un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels. They have developed their own court system along with the central bank issued Euro currency. They are also developing their own police force and military and more. All in addition to the mass generation of regulatory control over the economies and people of the member nations.

The overall intent of the EU is to replace nationalism with a regional government. Trade is a red herring. The real intent is political and economic control of the nations erasing their sovereignty and replacing it with the regional government of the European Union.

What the EU is Leading Towards

Once established in Europe, other regional governments are also being stitched together under the guise of “free trade” agreements. However, there is nothing “free” about the trade in these agreements.

If you read the Preambles of all of them, you will note that what they actually do is place the nations in these agreements under control of the WTO through GATT. The WTO is an arm of the UN. This same structure is applied in all of these so-called free trade agreements. For example, look at the U.S. – Columbia free trade agreement as follows:

Chapter One

Initial Provisions and General Definitions

Section A: Initial Provisions

Article 1.1: Establishment of a Free Trade Area

The Parties to this Agreement, consistent with Article XXIV of the GATT 1994 and Article V of the GATS, hereby establish a free trade area.

Article 1.2: Relation to Other Agreements

The Parties affirm their existing rights and obligations with respect to each other under the WTO Agreement and other agreements to which such Parties are party.

As a result of this so-called “free trade” agreement. The U.S. and Columbia affirm their “existing [trade] rights and obligations” with respect to each other to the WTO, an arm of the United Nations.

A little more digging into these agreements however sees that it generates more than control over trade alone.  With chapters on financial services, telecommunications, electronic commerce,

Click on Picture to Reach the Text of the Columbia-US Trade Agreement

Click on Picture to Reach the Text of the Columbia-US Trade Agreement

intellectual property rights, labor and the environment which you will find the in the Columbia agreement one has to question how these portions of governance get wrapped up in what is ostensibly supposed to focus on “free trade”.

 Seeing Brexit More Clearly

There is more but to make a long story short- the reasons behind the backlash is that these are punitive moves that the financial elite are carrying out to show the other EU nations who is in charge and what can happen if you dare question their authority and challenge their power.

Keep this in mind as you watch the impact of the British decision. There will be more punitive measures wrapped up in warnings like the one that Angela Merkel, for example, just announced indicating that Britain will not be allowed to “cherry pick” which provisions they wish to retain. Unless other nations join the Brits, they will be made an example of so that other nations dare not vote to exit.

There will likely be economic punitive repercussions as well such as the recent downgrading of Britain’s investment rating by Moody’s. British debt hadn’t changed in the last few days. Suddenly, however their credit rating needed to be adjusted. Perhaps, the same standards should be leveled on all of the EU nations since a good number of them are in far worse shape than Britain such as Greece and Italy.

As long as they tow the line and hang in there in the EU, their ratings will not move appreciably or quickly

Personally, I hope the whole thing unravels. Unfortunately, there will be some very painful effects since international financiers through their central banking schemes have inflated the dickens out of currencies globally. However, its unraveling is a monkey wrench in the establishment of their New World Order and ultimately an opportunity to recover the freedoms which have already disappeared.

The operative word there being “opportunity”. Nothing can be counted upon when human beings are in control as thousands of years of human history attest. Perhaps it is time to consider another authority? If we can get around the cultural Marxism and secular pluralism our educational system promotes that is. Ahhh….but that is yet another can of worms not to be opened here. Keep your heads down and your eyes opened. This could get quite dicey as they say.