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The Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday is Not a Cause for Celebration! Part 3

So, just what have we gotten from the advent of the Federal Reserve? Well, let’s hear from some who should know.

Noting the similarities as Congress neared a vote, they called an Ohio attorney named, Alfred Crozier to testify. Crosier noted the similarities between the Aldrich Bill and the Glass-Owen Bill but also made some other important observations that still stand today, even more so:

The bill grants just what Wall Street and the big banks for twenty-five years have been striving for – private instead of public control of currency. It (the Glass-Owen Bill) does this as completely as the Aldrich Bill. Both measures rob the government and the people of all effective control over the public’s money, and vest in the banks exclusively the dangerous power to make money among the people scarce or plenty.

During the debate on the bill, Senators complained that big banks were using their financial muscle to influence the outcome. “There are bankers in this country that are enemies of the public welfare,” said one senator.

Ignoring all charges of fraud and corruption, the bill was deceptively voted on during the lame duck session period on December 23rd, 1913.

Most Senators had left town during the holidays, after being assured by the leadership that nothing would be done about the bill until Congress reconvened after the Christmas recess.

On the day the bill was passed, Congressman Lindberg prophetically warned his countrymen:

This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day or reckoning is only a few years removed. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill.

For more details about this deception, watch the following video on YouTube from the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island:

For An Audio Version on The Creature listen to this audio on YouTube

What the Public Got from the Federal Reserve System

Essentially, what we were given was a cartel of private financiers or international bankers who have a stranglehold on our currency and our economy…

1. By controlling the issue of our money and its cost to borrow AKA the interest rate (which encourages spending over saving and more debt)

2. Who act for their benefit ( by creating massive debt) and not for the benefit of the public.

With control of the currency and interest rates comes control of the economy and also great power to control other things like:

  • Education- even to the highest levels through the student loan system (creating more debt)
  • Corporations- (through lending) including our military-industrial complex with continual war and continual debt
  • Our assumed “objective” media (a Corporate monopoly)
  • Our political system (through the money funnel)

Consequently, we have been conditioned to accept this cartel as “good” for us. It is not!

The current massive level of national debt, over $60,000 per man-woman and child, is the largest in the history of the world!

Like all debt based currency systems, it is destined to implode. Time is growing shorter.

As financial history demonstrates- debt based systems from Athens and Rome to current times always fail…always, no exceptions.

The Income Tax

Additionally, along with the Federal Reserve nearly at the same time (6 months after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in fact) came our Federal Income Tax.

The hidden purpose of the income tax? To pay the debt owed to the Federal Reserve cartel for issuing our money out of thin air- a privilege granted to it by our wonderful politicians.

There is, of course, more to be said and understood about the Fed. This is but a little nibble at the ways that they control our lives and the planet under the buzz word cover of globalization in concert with other central banks.

For more on this important issue read or listen to the video and/or audio above.

Get up to speed on this topic. It will fill in a lot of gaps and explain much if you take the time to do your homework. In fact, you will probably never look at banking, government and our politicians the same again.

The Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday Not a Cause for Celebration! Part 2

Now, let’s continue with the NPR Christmas tale on the Fed’s 100th anniversary. When we last left off, JP Morgan had rescued America from the panic of 1907. The yarn continues:

Goldstein: One very powerful guy in particular decides this is a problem – Senator Nelson Aldrich, Republican from Rhode Island. Aldrich knows there’s something American can do so that it will no longer have to rely on one guy when these panics can happen. The U.S. can create a central bank.

Smith: And this isn’t a new invention. Countries in Europe already had central banks, and during panics they basically did what J.P. Morgan did; they acted as a lender of last resort for healthy banks. So if you’re a bank and you’re basically sound, you can go to the central bank when depositors are lined up out the door yelling for money.

Goldstein: But just consider that name, central bank. Throughout American history, both of those words, central and bank, have been deeply unpopular. The thought of a bunch of rich bankers in New York City controlling the economy did not inspire confidence.

Smith: Still, Aldrich worried that the only people who could actually help design a central bank were rich bankers in New York City. They knew that was not going to look good. So in 1910, Nelson Aldrich comes up with a plan.

What was Left Out About the Aldrich Plan

After the crash, Theodore Roosevelt and Congress created the National Monetary Commission. The purpose of the commission was to study the banking problem and create a report for Congress.

The committee was packed with J.P. Morgan’s allies.

For example, the Chairman was Senator Nelson Aldrich from Rhode Island. Rhode Island was the location of homes of America’s wealthiest families.

Aldrich was a business associate of J.P. Morgan with extensive holdings in banking. His daughter married John D. Rockefeller Jr. Together they had five sons. John, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller who would become vice president in 1964, Lawrence, Winthrop and David, the current Honorary Chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations and former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank.

After the National Monetary Commission was set up, Senator Aldrich embarked on a two-year tour to Europe, where he consulted in length with the private central bankers in England, France and Germany. The total cost of his trip was $300,000 USD, a considerable amount of money in those days.

Goldstein: We’re standing here at the Hoboken Train Station in Hoboken, New Jersey, and we’re here because this place or someplace right near here was key to Aldrich’s plan. He told some of the most powerful bankers in the country, I want you to gather at the train station. He told these bankers do not travel together, come alone. And most importantly, don’t come here in your top hat and your monocle looking like a million bucks. They came here dressed as duck hunters.

Jekyll Island-Federal-Reserve

The Room in Which the Bankers Met to Plan the Federal Reserve

They were told that when they got here, they would find Aldrich’s private rail car attached to the back of a southbound train. The car itself was bound for Georgia because they were going to meet in a private club on an island off the coast of Georgia, a private club, by the way, that J.P. Morgan used to be a member of. The name of that private club, the name of the island? Jekyll Island.

Smith: Apparently the name Jekyll Island didn’t seem quite so sinister back in 1910. The bankers at Jekyll Island knew Americans thought a central bank could become too powerful, too influential in the economy, too much like J.P. Morgan. So they came up with a classic American workaround. The U.S. is not going to have one central bank in New York. It’s going to have lots of little central banks scattered all around the country.

Now, the plan they came up with still had a long way to go. It was shot down the first time in Congress, got tweaked, debated, rewritten, but the basic idea they came up with at Jekyll Island held up, and 100 years ago today, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law.

What NPR Left Out About the Jekll Island Secret Meeting

Leading the group which met on Jekyll Island was Paul Warburg- the Daddy Warbucks character of Annie.

Warburg had been given a $500,000 annual salary to lobby for the passage of a privately owned central bank in America by the investment firm, Kuhn, Lobe and Co.

Warburg’s partner in this firm was a man named Jacob Schiff, the grandson of the man who shared the green shield house with the Rothschild family in Frankfurt, Germany.

Schiff was in the process of spending $20 million dollars to finance the overthrow of the Czar of Russia.

These three European banking families, the Rothschild’s, the Warburg’s and the Schiff’s, were interconnected in marriage down through the years, just as their American banking counterparts, the Morgan’s, Rockefeller’s and Aldrich’s were.

The Tight Secrecy of the Meeting

Secrecy was so tight that all seven primary participants were cautioned to use only first names, to prevent servants from learning their identities.

Years later one participant, Frank Vanderlip the president of National City Bank of New York, and a representative of the Rockefeller family confirmed the Jekyll Island trip in a February 9th addition of the Saturday Evening Post:

I was as secretive – indeed, as furtive as any conspirator. Discovery, we knew, simply must not happen, or else all our time and effort would be wasted. If it were to be exposed that our particular group had got together and written a bank bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress.

The participants had gone to Jekyll Island to solve one problem, and that problem was, how to bring back a privately owned central bank. But there were other problems that needed to be addressed as well.

Cartel Problems Solved

The market share of the big national banks were shrinking fast. In the first ten years of the century, the number of national banks had doubled to over 20,000.

By 1913, only 29% of all banks were national banks and they held only 57% of all deposits. Senator Aldrich would later admit in a magazine article:

Before the passage of this Act, the New York Bankers could only dominate the reserves of New York. Now, we are able to dominate the bank reserves of the entire country.

In the mind of the plotting bankers, something had to be done to bring these new banks under their control.

Corporations were so strong that were beginning to finance their expansions out of profits, instead of taking out huge loans from large banks.

In the first ten years of the new century, 70% of corporate spending came from profits.

In other words, American industry was becoming independent of the money changers and that trend had to be stopped

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

After the first bill of the Jekyll Island plan was introduced, the bankers saw that they didn’t have enough congressional votes to have the Aldrich Bill passed. Therefore, the bill was never brought to a vote.

The bankers were not defeated however.

They decided to move toward financing a new effort, placing a man who was sympathetic to the bankers in the highest office of government.

Woodrow Wilson was hand-picked to become the Democratic nominee. Wall Street financier Bernard Baruch was put in charge of Wilson’s education. Historian James Perloff, author of Shadows of Power notes:

Baruch brought Wilson to the Democratic Party Headquarters in New York in 1912, leading him like one would lead a poodle on a string. Wilson received an indoctrination course from the leaders convened there.

Wilson won the election. Now, the stage was set. The international financiers were now poised to install their privately owned central bank once again.

Opponents of the banking monopoly were led by William Jennings Bryan. The opponents of the money changers, ignorant of Baruch’s tutelage, now threw themselves behind the Democratic representative Woodrow Wilson. The Americans and Bryan would soon be betrayed.

During the Democratic campaign, the supporters of Woodrow Wilson “appeared” to oppose the Aldrich Bill. The appearance was the illusion.

As Rep. Louis McFadden, a democrat and chairman of the House of Banking and Currency Committee explained it twenty years after the fact:

The Aldrich Bill was condemned in the platform, when Woodrow Wilson was nominated, the men who ruled the Democratic Party promised the people that if they were returned to power there would be no central bank established here while they held the reins of government. Thirteen months later that promise was broken, and the Wilson administration, under the tutelage of those sinister Wall Street figures who stood behind Colonel House, established here in our free country the worm-eaten institution of the “king’s bank” to control us from the top downward and to shackle us from the cradle to the grave.

Once Wilson was elected- Morgan, Warburg, Baruch and other bankers hatched a new plan, which Warburg named the Federal Reserve System.

The Democratic leadership hailed the new bill known as the Glass-Owen Bill as something radically different from the Aldrich Bill. In fact, the bill was virtually identical in every important detail.

However, the Democrats were so convincing in denial of the similarities of the bill that Warburg (the architect of both bills) had to step in and reassure his paid friends in Congress that the two bills were in fact identical:

Brushing aside the external differences affecting the shells, we find the kernels of the two systems very closely resembling and related to one another.

Warburg’s admission was for private consumption only.

Publicly the money trust used Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip, the president of Rockefeller’s National City Bank of New York, and one of the Jekyll island seven secret conspirators, to oppose the new federal reserve system.

For Part 3 click here

The Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday is Not a Cause for Celebration! Part 1

The following description of the Federal Reserve was excerpted from a dialogue presented on 12/23/13 on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition by Robert Smith, Jacob Goldstein and Liaquat Ahamed with David Greene as host.  Some of this story has been condensed to preserve space, but not altered.

This is an example of how the media spins stories and manages to leave out important details about what actually happened. Whether knowingly or unknowingly shouldn’t matter.

A listener should expect an investigative reporter approach particularly if they are covering the background of something as large an institution as the Federal Reserve.

Unfortunately, what is unstated in this discussion is important for readers or listeners to know.

The Spin on the Fed


Greene: And now to a financial panic that was far more widespread. It was at the beginning of the last century and it lead to the creation of our federal reserve system a hundred years ago today. Before that, the U.S. didn’t have a central bank to create money and set interest rates. Robert Smith and Jacob Goldstein from our Planet Money team have the story of the Fed’s birth.

It involves a secret expedition and a grumpy old man with multiple mistresses. [J.P. Morgan]

The story of the Fed really starts back in 1907. It’s a year after the great San Francisco earthquake and the U.S. economy is in trouble. Unemployment is up and people are panicking. They’re rushing to pull their money out of the banks.

At this point, in 1907, the U.S. government had no way to deal with a panic like this. There was no institution that could step in and stop the run on the banks.

Ahamed: And so J.P. Morgan draws up a list. It says 25 million. This is how much each one of you owes and says, okay, sign here. And they don’t sign. So he locks the doors and this was the door that was locked.So Morgan called together all the bankers on a Saturday night and he said we, we can stop this run, but to do it we’re going to have to pool our money to restore confidence.

He says we’re not leaving until I’ve got all the signatures. By 5:00 in the morning, they had all signed, and that essentially was the end of the panic of 1907. But even after the panic, some people were still worried. Do we really want the the fate of the U.S. economy to hinge on one rich guy in New York?

Relying on J.P. Morgan to bail out the U.S. financial system didn’t make sense, particularly since J.P. Morgan was 70 and liked to go off travelling with his bevy of middle-aged mistresses, so…

What the NPR Experts Left Out about the 1907 Panic

By 1907, a year after Teddy Roosevelt’s re-election, Morgan again tried to push for a central bank. Using their combined financial muscle, Morgan and his friends were secretly able to crash the stock market. Thousands of small banks were vastly over extended, some had reserves less than one percent, thanks to the principle of fractional reserves.

Within days bank runs were common across the nation. Morgan stepped into the public arena and promised to prop up the faltering American economy, by supporting failing banks with money he manufactured out of nothing.

Morgan printed 200 million dollars in completely worthless, private money and bought things with it, paid for services with it and sent some of it to his branch banks to lend out at interest.

The scheme worked and soon the public regained their confidence in money and quit hording their currency. However, as a result banking power was further consolidated into the hands of a few large banks.

By 1908 the panic was over. Morgan was hailed as a hero by the president of Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson:

All this trouble could be averted if we appointed a committee of six or seven public-spirited men like J.P. Morgan to handle the affairs of our country.

Wilson would later become President of the United States. Guess whose side he would support- the public or the Federal Reserve?

Later economic textbooks would claim that the creation of the Federal Reserve system was a direct result of the panic of 1907:

With the alarming epidemic of bank failures the country was fed up once and for all with the anarchy of unstable private banking.

However Minnesota congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr, father of Lucky Lindy, would later explain that the panic of 1907 was really nothing more than a scam perpetrated by J.P. Morgan and other banking interests.

Those not favorable to the money trust could be squeezed out of business and the people frightened into demanding changes in the banking and currency laws which the Money Trust would frame

On to Part 2

Obama Mandela Speech to Cost Taxpayers $500,000 a minute

Alex Jones posted an interesting article on InfoWars.com about the costs of the speech that Obama gave on Monday at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. As my last post noted, Mandela had clear ties to Communist organizations like the South African Communist Party. Why some of his best buds were even Communists and/or dictators like Momar Khadafi (Or however that name is spelled since it apparently had many alternatives. Anyway that dude that Hillary gloated about helping to off.)

Obama, of course, made sure to shake the hand of Raul Castro and greet the wife with the European style cheek kiss. One Marxist to another I suppose:


 Travel Ain’t Cheap When You’re a President Ya Know

Well, turns out that in our time of ever expanding debt, an overseas visit can be pretty costly. Henri LaRiche, from South Africa, estimates that the costs of the trip and 10 minute speech adds up to roughly $500,000 a minute:

The 28-hour two-way flight 18,000-mile round trip to Johannesburg, via Dakar, in Senegal on Air Force One  will cost $5 million because the four-engined Boeing 747 runs roughly $180,000 an hour to operate, according to a May 2012 report by the Congressional Research Service. These costs also include jet fuel and subsequent maintenance of the aircraft’s engines, electronics and hotel-class facilities.

A small price to pay when you think of the benefits of paying tribute to a dead Marxist comrade though one would think. After all, what is the public coffer for if it couldn’t support an absolutely mission critical trip like this, right?

Not Everyone is Impressed with Obama’s Visit

Apparently however, Obama’s trip was not welcome by the existing Marxist/Socialist organizations of South Africa (Organizations listed and linked below). In another LaRiche article he notes that the U.S. (meaning Obama’s presence) is not welcome in South Africa:

A statement was issued by the National Unions of Metalworkers of South Africa, the South African Communist Party, the Young Communist League of South Africa, the South African Students’ Congress, the Muslim Students’ Association, the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union, the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the Friends of Cuba Society, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel in South Africa, and the World Federation of Trade Unions* (*All Socialist/Marxist/Communist organisations that the US help bring into power. Apartheid South Africa was a western capitalist country.) about Obama’s visit.

“We categorically make it known that the visit of the US president to South Africa is an unwelcome visit that will be protested, picketed and resisted by all justice and peace-loving peoples of this country,” the organisations* said in a joint statement on Sunday.

“Friendship with South Africa must be based on values of justice, freedom and equality, and these the US has offended, undermined and ridiculed through its actions in the global front,” they* said.

Nice to know that our taxes are well spent huh?

Friends of Obama

Fortunately, there to console our Secretary General in Chief were his former adversary George W. Bush who was invited to accompany him on the trip, which we also funded. You know that dude that Obama denigrated for 2 full years during his first Presidential (At least they called it a Presidential campaign then. I don’t think they could have gotten away with the term Secretary General at the time. Now maybe however it might work.)

Just goes to show how much of a charade these Presidential campaigns actually are in my book. A puppet show for the uninformed to give them the illusion of choice when, in fact, there is none. Damned if you do or damned if you don’t as “they” say.

Also in attendance was Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, both members of the Council on Foreign Relations that global one world government pushing, invited members only organization of the elite whose Honorary Chairman is David C. Rockefeller. Bush’s papa, George Herbert was also a member of the CFR and in addition to being a former President was also the head of the CIA. A nice tie in and preparation for the office apparently.

What is interesting is that information critical of Mandela is very difficult to find on Amazon. I tried. What I found is that books that tended to present anything outside of the accepted narrative of Mandela as saint and savior of the nation were inordinately priced not to sell. For example, the book below The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaner: Perpetual Genocide of Afrikaners in South Africa written in 2011 was priced at $67 but you can get it at a steeply discounted $60.30  if you want. A deal?

And this was consistent as you would see by conducting a search yourself. If you want the truth, you are going to have to search for it. (Following the links on this page will help to shorten your search however.) These days truth is not made readily available. Entertainment, media spin, government tales of wonder? Hey, no problem. The truth? It is getting harder and harder to find. Something in my gut tells me that will continue to be an area of growth in our changing world. Not a good trend if you ask me.


Nelson Mandela, the Living Saint Dies. Saint? Not! Yet Another Deception by Omission

Sunday I went an NFL game with my son and nephews. Can you attend any major professional sports game these days without having some kind of political message slipped in? Hardly.

So, before the game began we were instructed to take a moment in silence to honor this departed hero. Nelson Mandela, at the football game? I came to watch the game, not get propagandized. Hero? For whom I ask? Tens of thousands of fans expected to accept (and most probably unthinkingly do) the “fact” that Mandela was such a gift to humanity. Well, was he really? Let’s look beyond the onslaught of media and political hype and see.

First of all, couched within the hype there were a few unintended truths that somehow managed to escape the censor’s vigilance.

After Mandela’s death Gregory Warner of NPR (National Public Radio, highly biased towards globalism and liberal views) reported:

“Consumer confidence here is at a 20-year low. That means that at no time since Mandela became president have South Africans been more pessimistic about their economic future. Mandela once said that he was stubborn for peace. But Zulu worries that, two decades after apartheid, South Africans are losing patience with the pace of change.”

The Associated Press reported:

“Mandela told business leaders in Cape Town shortly before the 1994 election that the country was struggling with high unemployment, low investment and growth rates and an income distribution system that was “terribly skewed” toward whites.

That imbalance is still in force, according to Julius Malema, the expelled head of the ANC’s youth league and now leader of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters party. The upstart party seeks to harness the poor’s discontent, and Malema has said it is time to redistribute wealth.

“All evidence of the past 20 years reveal the simple reality that those who had to take forward the struggle for economic freedom did not do so,” the party said in a tribute to Mandela, in an indirect criticism of the revered leader.”

AP also reported:

“Despite his saintly image, Mandela could be harsh. When black journalists mildly criticized his government, he painted them as stooges of the whites who owned the media. Whites with complaints wereNelson_Mandela_and_Castro sometimes dismissed as pining for their old privileges. To critics of his closeness to Fidel Castro and Moammar Gadhafi, Mandela insisted he wouldn’t forsake supporters of the anti-apartheid struggle.”

It is said that you know a man by his friends. Nelson’s buds, Castro the avowed Marxist and Gadhafi, the dictator?

Obama Praise (See related videos below)

Of course, the current Marxist in Office expressed how Mandela served as an inspirational role model even comparing him to George Washington. What would one expect from one collectivist supporting another right?

“At his trial in 1964, Nelson Mandela closed his statement from the dock saying, ‘I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.’

“And Nelson Mandela lived for that ideal, and he made it real. He achieved more than could be expected of any man. Today, he has gone home. And we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this Earth. He no longer belongs to us — he belongs to the ages.”

Gee, for a guy who Obama claims contributed so much, why are they reporting such little progress in South Africa I wonder. Perhaps, the following YouTube video will give us a clue:

Was Nelson really a Communist? For an excellent article on that issue with links to substantiating documents, please read the following article,  “Saint” Mandela? Not So Fast!

Oh my, what deception the public allows themselves to be subjected to! We have allowed ourselves to become a pack of non-thinking saps conditioned by a Corporate controlled media and the banksters who own it. Are we still the same suckers that bought the Change We Need garbage from the current liar in chief. You know, Yes We Can and all the rest of the complete nonsense and pack of lies called a campaign.Nelson Mandela

The Mandela image is the same fraudulent charade as Obama was and still is. Are we simply going to accept it all at face value and allow our thinking to be conditioned by the media? Unfortunately, most probably will. That is to me, the real tragedy, not Mandela’s death. Very sad.

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Software Piracy is Theft, Plain and Simple…..Unless You Are From the Federal Government I Guess.

Then, guess what? Someone else pays your fine of $50 million. That would be us….the tax paying public who is working for a living.

According to a report from the site TorrentFreak.com:

“In 2004 Apptricity signed a contract with the U.S. Army to license enterprise software that manages troop and supply movements. The deal allowed the Government to use the software on five servers and 150 standalone devices, and since then it has been used in critical missions all over the world.”

The U.S. Army apparently has been used this “logistics and asset management software” in the Middle East and other operational areas and even used the software to coordinate emergency operations including the earthquake in Haiti.

The usage was accidentally discovered during Strategic Capabilities Planning in 2009 when the U.S. Army program director mentioned that 1000’s of devices used Apptricity Software.

“As it turned out, the army had installed pirated copies of the software on 93 servers and more than 9,000 standalone devices. With license fees of $1.35 million per server and $5,000 per device, Apptricity calculated that the Government owed the company $224 million in unpaid fees”

Apptricity filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims accusing the government of willful copyright infringements for an amount of $224,543,420.80 to cover the license shortfall. The transparent Obama administration agreed to pay $50 million. Of course, as already mentioned that money will simply be covered by the taxpaying public. So in reality, the penalty has been transferred to the public in the form of increased national debt and depreciated dollars.Joe-Biden

Meanwhile, while this was transpiring, Joe Biden was spearheading the Joint Strategic Plan to combat intellectual property theft. His key catch phrase being, “Piracy is theft, clean and simple.” Or in his words:

“We used to have a problem in this town saying this. But piracy is theft. Clean and simple. It’s smash and grab. It ain’t no different than smashing a window at Tiffany’s and grabbing (merchandise).”

Guess the press missed the second part murmured under his breath, “unless you’re the Federal government.” who like the Steven Segal film must think of themselves as “above the law.”

But let’s look on the bright side. The army saved us all (the public) nearly $175 million in licensing fees since after all we are ultimately responsible for the government’s debt. And who said, “Crime doesn’t pay.”

Maybe we should lobby to have Obama or Biden nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics next. After all, that Obama Peace Prize sure worked out to be a good move didn’t it?

Illegal Immigrants Paid $4.2 Billion to Stay in U.S. Last Year with Bigger Tax Refunds than You.

A bombshell report released in October 2013 by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) fellow David North reveals that the Treasury sent a whopping $4.2 Billion in Additional Child Tax Credits (ACTC) to the families of illegal aliens in 2012.

Reporter Bob Segall of WHTR-TV ran his first report on the scam on April 26, 2012. He reports that 2 million illegals are currently receiving the ACTH. Since illegals are not supposed to have social security numbers, the IRS created an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) under which they can file taxes.

The Loophole

Illegal aliens are using the ITIN to file for the ACTC. Not only to their own children however but to nieces and nephews still living in Mexico!

As the Segall report indicates, the home they visited had 20 children claimed as credits associated with it. In reality, only one child lived there. The other 19 were for nieces and nephews living in Mexico claimed by 4 other undocumented workers who didn’t even live there! As a result the IRS sent the illegal immigrant families tax refunds totally $29,608.

The response of the illegal worker Segall interviewed to the question, “There’s some people who say they shouldn’t be getting that money for people who don’t live in the United States?”

“If the opportunity is there and they can give it to him, why not take advantage of it?”

Of course, the fact that it is legalized theft would never enter his mind I am sure.

The Estimated Results- Hundreds of Billions!

A tax consultant interviewed for the report stated that he had contacted the IRS regularly about this issue, but had no response. While going through the returns he noted, “Here is a return right here: We’ve got a $10,300 refund for 9 nieces and nephews.” On another return he noted, “We’re getting an $11,000 refund on this tax return. There’s 7 nieces and nephews.” Then pointing to another set of documents he said, “I can bring out stacks and stacks. It’s just so easy it’s ridiculous.”

The CIS report, Paying Illegals to Stay, notes that the number of illegal filers has gone from 796,000 in 2005 to 2.3 million in 2010. The Inspector General (IG) estimates that somewhere between $110 billion and $132 billion (with a B) has been given away in improper Earned Income Tax Credit payments in the last decade. Now, guess who is on the hook for all that money?

So What is the IRS Doing About It?

Well, the initial response of IRS officials to the IG was that the program was too complicated to administer correctly.  However they stated that even  if it were less complicated, they would not want rigorous enforcement measures to discourage legitimately qualified people from applying for the credit.

The most recent report from the IG on 8/28/13 indicated responses from the IRS that they were in agreement with the need to reduce improper payments.

However, the title of the report is “The Internal Revenue Service is Not in Compliance With Executive Order 13520 to Reduce Improper Payments”

Executive Order 13520 requires the  Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to “assess the IRS’s compliance on an annual basis.” The IG conclusion in this latest report:

“The IRS has made little improvement in IRS reported the applicable improper payments since being required to report estimates of these payments to Congress.”

So while the IRS is talking a better game, it obviously isn’t walking the walk as they say. The executive order was issued on November 20, 2009, nearly 4 years prior to the latest report. So look for little progress from the IRS and billions more to be added to the plate of the citizens.

Where is All of This Leading?

As previously noted, a civilization in decline like the Roman Empire for example, increases its welfare state on the way down. Rome also expanded its warfare and debased its currency as well. Anyone noticing those characteristics in our present nation? Can one really doubt that America is on the road to ruin? I certainly would not call trends like this progress, would you?

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More Signs of Decline as Illegal Immigrants Line Up for More Freebies in New Jersey

Giancarlo Tello, an undocumented immigrant who came to New Jersey from Peru with his parents at age 6, pays out-of-state tuition at Rutgers-Newark. Tello, the campaign chair for New Jersey United Students' Tuition Equity for DREAMers, today joined advocates to push for a bill to offer in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants who went to high school in New Jersey. (Matt Friedman/The Star-Ledger) (Matt Friedman/The Star-Ledger)

Giancarlo Tello, an undocumented immigrant who came to New Jersey from Peru with his parents at age 6, pays out-of-state tuition at Rutgers-Newark. Tello, the campaign chair for New Jersey United Students’ Tuition Equity for DREAMers, today joined advocates to push for a bill to offer in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants who went to high school in New Jersey. (Matt Friedman/The Star-Ledger) (Matt Friedman/The Star-Ledger)

Ancient empires like Rome and Greece fell into decline when certain factors grew. One of those factors, overlooked in our current day of course, was the growth of the welfare state.

Fact is, when special classes are rewarded without work with special privileges the social fabric of the state or nation declines. Theft of the fruits of labor of the producing members of society without their consent represents tyranny.

Let’s face it, “feel good” programs were not what the fabric of our nation and freedoms were built upon. We were a nation that prided itself on hard work and independence. Remember, the land of the free and the home of the brave? All of that has been changing in recent decades and our $17.1 Trillion national debt reflects it!

Now, the state of New Jersey is promoting a form of legal theft for the special interest groups that helped put Governor Christie back in office in the recent gubenatorial election. Christie ” worked hard to appeal to Hispanic voters and won 51 percent of their votes in his re-election last week, according to exit polls.” Indications are that he has already flipped on this issue although we won’t know for sure unless it comes before him for signature.

Here’s the issue:

N.J. bill to offer in-state tuition, financial aid to immigrants in the country illegally gains momentum

TRENTON — After a decade-long effort by advocates, a bill that would charge in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants who grew up in New Jersey appears well on its way to landing on the governor’s desk.

The state Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today voted eight to three with one abstention to approve the measure (S2479), which advocates say will affect tens of thousands of New Jersey residents.

“This community has waited long enough. Let’s not look for excuses to say no. Let’s look for reasons to say yes,” said Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester), who has lent his name to the bill as a prime sponsor.

The bill now heads for a vote in the full Senate on Monday, where it’s expected to pass. Assembly leaders say they expect to pass it soon as well.

Under the bill, undocumented immigrants who attended high school in New Jersey for three or more years, graduated, and filed an affidavit saying they plan to legalize their immigration status as soon as legally possible would be able to get lower in-state tuition rates at New Jersey’s public colleges and universities.

The undocumented immigrant students would also be eligible for state financial aid under the Senate version of the bill. Incoming Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson), a Cuban immigrant, said today that he expects the Assembly version will incorporate that aspect — which had been part of a separate bill —as well.

Advocates said it doesn’t make sense for the state to provide K-12 education to undocumented students — which federal law requires — and then refuse to treat them the same as citizens once they graduate.

Full article here

So what is actually behind this bill?

Well, this seems to me to be a dead giveaway. Three politicians with large Hispanic populations, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz and Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp, were in Trenton to push for the passage of the bill.

The politicians claim that it doesn’t make sense to give illegal immigrants “free” education for K-12 and then leave them hanging, so to speak. But isn’t that always the case with government? They destroy a market with regulation and legislative manipulation and then to secure their power base come in and propose more government and themselves as the saviors.

Occasionally, a legislator will stand up and make sense but like Ron Paul and others who champion freedom, but isn’t their voice always ignored in favor of more power and control over the people?

Only One Dissenting Voice?

Only one member of the public testified against the bill. Pat DeFilippis, a New Jersey representative for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, read a letter from the organization’s state and local director, Dale Wilcox.

“Many New Jersey schools, colleges and universities are experiencing severe budget shortages as a result of the weakened economy and the state debt crisis,” read the letter, which was addressed to Christie. “Granting in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens would only serve to further damage and strain delicate budgets and impose additional burdens on New Jersey taxpayers.”

As the public stands complacently by, watching their favorite sports teams or “their programs”, their hard earned labor is being siphoned away to support a growing welfare state of dependence.

Something Has Got to Give

Something will give eventually. You can not keep giving other people’s money away  forever. Eventually you must run out of money.

That something is the fabric of a free nation. When Jesus died on the cross, Matthew 27:51 stated:

“And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom, and the earth did quake, and rocks rent…..”

Like the temple veil, the fabric of our nation is being torn apart by welfarism, power hungry politicians and greedy bankers.

If you feel the earth quaking beneath your feet, pay no attention. Just keep watching your favorite TV show. It’s just our nation and its freedoms being rent asunder as our once proud nation enters it death throes.

Great book. I can’t put it down! Very informative and enlightening. I hope that everyone that reads it learns and has a better understanding on immigrants that come to this country to find a better life.

Ronald McDonald’s Charities – Fraudulant Giving = Cheap Advertising and Branding

While technically McDonalds is doing nothing illegal, a comprehensive report by by Michelle Simon is suggesting that the Ronald McDonald Charities brand does little to actually contribute to its charities but harvests heavily from the branding associations.

USA Today notes that:

“The 30-page report, funded by Corporate Accountability International and The Small Planet Fund, charges that McDonald’s is mostly using the charity as a branding device for its food sales because the corporation, itself, contributes so little to the charity. While McDonald’s reaps 100% of the “branded benefit” from the charity, it contributes only about 20% of the money, the report charges.”Ronald_McDonald_Charities_Report

Full report at this link

Some of the findings that emerged during this research cited in the report include:

• Promoting the McDonald’s brand unremittingly through Ronald McDonald House Charities, despite contributing only a fraction of the charity’s revenue.

• Taking undue credit for the generosity of its customers. For example, McDonald’s often claims the “donation box” contributions to Ronald McDonald Houses as its own.

• Selling unhealthy children’s menu items by linking their sale to very modest charitable giving.

• Profiting from marketing to children in schools under the guise of charity and education.

Michelle also noted that McDonald’s spent 25 times more in advertising than in contributions to the charities. Advertising that targets lower income black and Hispanic children citing that McDonald’s accounts for 25% of Spanish language fast food advertising.Additionally, while McDonald’s states that it does “responsible marketing”, the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University found that children’s exposure to fast food ads has increased from 2007 to 2009. During this time period, preschoolers saw 21 percent more ads for McDonald’s, and children in general viewed 26 percent more ads for McDonald’s.

How Good is This for Health?

While no one is anticipating that fast food would be healthy many less educated and informed consumers don’t realize just how detrimental to health a Mickey Dee meal can actually be.A typical “extra value meal,” for instance—Quarter Pounder with Cheese, medium fries, and medium Coke—contains 1,100 calories (more than half the recommended daily limit), 45 grams of fat (70 percent of the recommended daily limit), 66 grams of sugar, and 1,370 mg of salt (57 percent of the recommended daily limit.).Additionally, a growing number of studies have linked fast food consumption to major diseases such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes. With inputs such as reflected above should that be unexpected? I think not.

The Corporate Response

Upon learning of the report, Bridge Coffing, senior vice president of corporate relations, said in a statement to USA Today,“McDonald’s categorically rejects this self-serving and biased document and stands proud of the significant financial support and volunteer hours we have and will continue to provide to Ronald McDonald House Charities and other charities worldwide.”While, on its website, the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, one of the nation’s largest with 75 rooms, notes, “although our House shares a brand name with McDonald’s Corporation, less than 10% of our annual $2 million budget comes as a result of financial contributions from the company’s local owner / operators.

“However, executives from Ronald McDonald House Charities say they wouldn’t exist without help from McDonald’s. “Ronald McDonald House Charities helps approximately 12,000 families every single night around the world,” says Sheila Musolino, chief operating officer of the charity. “This would not be possible without McDonald’s.”Well then, why the disconnect between the actual charity and Corporate I wonder.

One of them is well, to put it colloquially, lying or at least tweaking the truth a bit methinks.Something is rotten in the world of Mickey D it seems. And it doesn’t just seem to be limited to the low quality menu items we are discovering.

For more on the Corporate influence on our food chain and its overall impact see:

Fed Running Out of Options. Now Calling for More Debt Based Inflation

When an economy is based on debt like every central banking based financial system on the planet, it has been shown to eventually fail. This is a historical precedent, not a prediction.

It is not a statement of prejudice towards central banking and fiat currencies, it is a historical reality that has happened to every irredeemable currency that has come into existence until now. We are talking thousands of years of history btw not just modern times.

So can we expect the same to happen to the Federal Reserve note? I predict that it is as inevitable as a sun rise or set. According to an article in the New York Times on Saturday 10/26/13:


“Some economists say more inflation is just what the American economy needs to escape from a half-decade of sluggish growth and high unemployment.

The Fed has worked for decades to suppress inflation, but economists, including Janet Yellen, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Fed starting next year, have long argued that a little inflation is particularly valuable when the economy is weak. Rising prices help companies increase profits; rising wages help borrowers repay debts. Inflation also encourages people and businesses to borrow money and spend it more quickly.”

The federal government expects inflation to ease the burden of its debts. Yet by one measure, inflation rose at an annual pace of 1.2 percent in August, just above the lowest pace on record.

“Weighed against the political, social and economic risks of continued slow growth after a once-in-a-century financial crisis, a sustained burst of moderate inflation is not something to worry about,” Kenneth S. Rogoff, a Harvard economist, wrote recently. “It should be embraced.”


Voodoo Economics Revisited?

Here are some of the fallacies in the statements above.

  1. The Federal Reserve has not worked for decades to suppress inflation. The Federal Reserve is  the primary cause of inflation. Inflation is the result of excess currency in circulation which means a whole lot of $ are chasing too few goods. Naturally, the prices of goods will rise as the dollars to purchase them lose value and more of them are required to make up for it. Since the advent of the Federal Reserve the dollar has less than 5 cents of its value in 1913 when the Fed began. Inflation has steadily eroded its purchasing power. According to the BLS CPI inflation calculator $1 in 1913 has the same buying power as $23.62 today and that is based on government calculations which are decidedly biased to make itself look good.
  2. Borrowing and spending money quickly fuels inflation. A quick study of any hyperinflationary period such as what happened in Germany after WWI demonstrates that people rushed to buy anything of value they could as their currency lost its value. The more frantically the money was spent, the more significant became the inflationary value of the money. Eventually, wheelbarrows of money would not purchase anything. One story is that someone left a wheel barrow of Reich marks outside a store and returned to find the currency on the sidewalk while the wheelbarrow had been stolen. That’s what happens to a hyperinflated currency. It eventually returns to its intrinsic value.
  3. It is an illusion to equate currency with economic growth. An economy and jobs grow in response to real market based demands. Unless there is an actual need being responded to any growth that results from fiat currency being pumped into a market segment will result in a bubble being created. We saw that with the tech stocks, housing, the equity markets etc. They all eventually burst leaving disappointment in their wake. The debt bubble is the next big one being created. It will inevitably correct as well. The devastation in its wake will touch all of us.
  4. Inflation is not rising at only 1.2%. That is a deception. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the decade ending in 2012 milk rose 26%, bread 39%, peanut butter 40%, steak 41%, electricity 42%, turkey 56%, eggs 73%, apples 43% and more. Left out of the CPI inflation calculation is food and energy costs because they are “too volatile”. If a good or service spikes it can be thrown out of the calculation under the pretense that it reflects passing market disequilibrium. In other words, the things we deal with the most or which have the greatest impact on our spending patterns are not figured in. The real inflation rate is much higher than portrayed.

Former Treasury Secretary Redefines Basic Accounting Principles

Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary and long term member of the CFR, stated on NPR recently that the national debt “is an asset we owe ourselves.” Uh, Larry excuse me but when did debt become an asset? Isn’t it a basic rule of summers282wayaccounting that debts are liabilities? Whew, talk about voodoo economics!

Additionally, over $5 Trillion of the $17 Trillion of this debt is owed to foreign nations with the 2 largest being China ($1.3 Trillion) and Japan ($1.1 Trillion). Does that count as being owed to ourselves?

And these are our experts? Is it any wonder that we are Trillions of $ in debt with cartel cheerleaders like Summers posed as experts? Not!

Is the Federal Reserve Really Federal or is it Privately Held?

Every citizen should be asking that question. After all, the Federal Reserve controls the overall rate of borrowing money. They also control the issuance of currency (not money, there is a difference) and thereby the velocity and quantity of money in circulation. That has a direct impact upon the costs of our goods and the value of our labor by the way.

If there are too many Federal Reserve notes in circulation, the result is inflation. Inflation of the currency causes prices to rise because you have too many Federal Reserve Notes chasing too few goods so to speak. We have seen this in the housing and student loan markets for example.

When the Fed made currency plentiful and the government correspondingly made loans easy, the prices of homes rose. When the Fed made currency plentiful to the government and the government shifted that money into the educational market the cost of education rose significantly. Both are the result of easy Fed money. So, it is important to know how this Fed thingy works.

Watch the Video below for a clear overview of our Federal Reserve banking system

 So back to the original question. Is the Federal Reserve really Federal? Well let’s see what they have to say about it from their website:


So what does the above statement demonstrate? Well, first of all, after our they have paid all of their expenses with the interest paid to them from our taxes, then they provide their stockholders an annual dividend of 6 %.

Stockholders? Does a Federal government entity have stockholders? The short answer is NO!

Stockholders are associated with privately held Corporations, not government entities. So for them to even claim to be a quasi government entity is actually stretching the truth or in common parlance, a lie. They are a privately held Corporation listed in the white pages of the phone book (not the Blue government pages) along with all of the other privately held Corporations.

Additionally, there is also this little unheralded fact about the Federal Reserve.


They don’t pay any taxes!

So how would you like to have a business that issues money from nothing, gets paid an annual 6% income regardless of the economic circumstances, (According to Bankrate, most 1 year CD’s are 1% or less these days. ) has all of their expenses paid, regardless of economic circumstances, by the public and doesn’t have to pay any taxes?

Sounds almost like a scam doesn’t it?

Uh, don’t look now but in spite of the nice suits and professional appearance- it is!

To find out more about the Fed:


Boiling the Frog- Slowly at First, Speeding Up Day by Day

At this point in time, all raising the debt ceiling does is kick the can down the road. At the end of that road and coming up fast is a complete collapse of the currency and the economy along with just about everything else we take for granted as always being there for our convenience or survival.

The facts are that there will be no “soft landing”. Hardship is ahead any way you cut it. You can’t generate a bubble of debt this immense, building an economy on money generated from no real human labor and expect that bubble to keep inflating forever. Eventually like all bubbles once they reach their point of ultimate size, the thin walls of the bubble will burst. We are fast approaching that point.

Government Creating Phony Crisis So They Can Pretend to Save Us

We saw it with the dot.coms in the late 90’s. We saw it with the housing market. Bubble economies always burst and let’s be honest folks that is what we have.

Our manufacturing has been severely wounded if not killed. Try to buy American made goods in retail stores for validation of that point. That tells you we are not buying our way out of debt problem, but rather inflating our way out of it by producing more money from nothing through the privately held Federal Reserve cartel.

This can not and will not end well. Creating more debt only makes the reckoning which will inevitably come that much more severe lasting that much longer.

Prepare yourself well for hard times to come. We are running on fumes. It is only a matter of time now and the Fed is out of bullets. All they have is more debt to offer.

The government knows it. As pointed out by an article by Jeff Thomas entitled “Boiling the Frog” on Don Casey’s International Man Communique blog:Frog_Boiling


Today, the US government is in the process of completing a massive electronic surveillance network that encompasses all telephone calls, all computer-driven communication, and all banking transactions. Quite a tribute to Orwell’s Big Brother.

We have in the past predicted that the surveillance net will eventually expand to include all monetary transactions by US residents (possibly through the replacement of the paper dollar by an electronic money system), allowing the US government to ultimately have knowledge of every aspect of the economic activities of US residents and, therefore, control over those activities.

The excuse given for such surveillance has been “to protect America from terrorism.” This notion is a wonderful invention, as terrorism can be imagined to be small or large and can occur at anytime, anywhere in the country. Further, if there are no actual occurrences, the government can create false flag incidents as easily and as often as they are needed.

This is not to say that the US is alone in its deterioration towards a totalitarian state. The countries of the EU and many others of the former “Free World” are also in decline. However, the US does lead the way in its Orwellian surveillance. At this point, the US government does not even deny its surveillance. In Orwellian tradition, they merely state, “If you have nothing to hide, you need not fear your government.” And just as in 1984, that fear is exactly the object. People who live in fear are easily controlled. They stay put and take whatever is dished up.

As Thomas Jefferson observed,


“When the government fears the people, that is liberty; when the people fear the government, that is tyranny.”

People are standing by and letting their liberties be stomped upon as occurred in Boston when the public allowed themselves to be subjected to a locked down police state with little objection for the search of one teenager. Heavily armed military units with armored vehicles conducted searches forcing people out of their homes in the name of making them safe.

Will the frog boil to its death? Time will tell. Historically, this story has already told in Germany, Russia, China, Cuba and other locked down locations on our planet. Just not here. Not yet anyway.

Tyranny however, always shows its hand before it smacks us between the eyes. I sure don’t like getting smacked between the eyes to wake up. I certainly hope there are more out there like me.

Bernanke Tapering Continuation- Admission by Fed That the U.S. Economy Is Still in Trouble.

If the economy were really doing well, as the media would have us believe, then why continue to buy $85 Billion of debt? The very obvious answer- it ain’t!

Ron Paul, was interviewed recently on the issue and made this abundantly clear. He is such a breath of fresh air among an atmosphere of complete deception conducted by the Corporate owned media monopolies and the bought and sold politicians. Only 12 minutes long, it points to some significant problems that lie on the horizon or the 3000 lb. gorilla that the media and our politicians refuse to acknowledge.

Where is all of this leading? Well, to be frank, most likely a collapse of the currency and the economy it is built upon.

Recovery? How – By Spending Money Based on Nothing?

Contrary to popular spin, we are not recovering. We are running on fumes. A debt bubble is continuously being inflated and the Fed is caught between a rock and a hard place at this point in time. We are sitting at nearly $17 Trillion in national debt at present which is over $53,000 per citizen or $148,180 per taxpayer. And it ain’t slowing down anytime soon!

The food stamp cut passed by the House, which will likely NOT clear the Senate to be vetoed by the Secretary General, Obama, is $5 Billion. That is 5% of a $78 Billion budget. How much will that slow the growth of debt I wonder when unfunded liabilities related to Medicare and Social Security amounting to over $100 Trillion loom on the horizon during the next few decades as boomer’s retire?

Dream on. This bubble will inevitably POP! Just like the housing bubble ‘cept much, much worse consequences.

A Real Life Solution

Fact is, there are really only 3 ways to create wealth-mine something, grow something and then make something. The Detroit bankruptcy points to the solution- jobs! Not government bailouts, city revitalization or government reform but quite simply jobs. Larry LaBorde, a trader for 321gold, was inspired by his reading of a new book (See below) points out in a recent article online:

“Detroit was built on the hard work of men that wore white socks, looked at the pictures of their grandchildren and worked “one more day” in horrible conditions for 30+ years. The new generation wants to hustle for the easy dollar…To fix the problem you have to hack at the root – JOBS. The deindustrialization of the country and Detroit in particular is what has caused this nightmare.

In order for a society to have wealth it must create wealth. There are only 3 main ways to do this: manufacturing, mining and farming. Service industry jobs are great but an economy cannot be built on doing each other’s laundry and cutting each other’s hair. Someone must make something, grow something or dig something out of the ground. It is just that simple. Mining, manufacturing and agriculture are what create wealth. The service industry is where we spend our wealth. All “jobs” are not the same. It is critical that we have more jobs in the wealth creation sector.”

The private cartel of the Fed wants to wave their Keynesian magic wand of money based on nothing and make it all go away. With international financiers, politicians and Corporations feeding at their easy money trough- it will not! The Fed’s printing of the $ has all but destroyed it’s value since its inception in 1913. The dollar is worth about 4 cents of what it was worth before the Fed began.

We don’t have much time left. Some think a decade, maybe a little less. That seems highly optimistic to me. Better prepare for a tumble. The latest move by the Fed is NOT a good sign.



Oklahoma City Bombing – Precursor to 9/11?

I never really watched anything on the Oklahoma City bombing before. However, after seeing this documentary offered for sale, I searched for it and found it on YouTube.

 This documentary called Oklahoma City – A Noble Lie was made in 1995 right after the Murrah Building bombing which occurred on April 19, 1995. While the official story claims that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols orchestrated  the entire event and that the building was brought down by a single blast from a parked van with a homemade fertilizer chemical based bomb or ANFO bomb (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil bomb) the eyewitness accounts and blast evidence clearly points otherwise.

As described in the documentary, an ANFO bomb would not carry the shattering power to cause the amount of destruction witnessed at the Murrah Building. This was particularly so since the building was rated better than seismic zone one. At the distance of the van, the blast power would have declined significantly enough to lack the power to cause the type and amount of damage witnessed.

The documentary also clearly makes the case that there were multiple blasts, at least 2. This was confirmed by many witnesses, some highly qualified from work with explosives or their war experience which included awareness of explosions during the course of their service.

Oklahoma City and 9/11

In the end, there are very interesting parallels with what happened in Oklahoma City and 911.

  • The official explanation could not physically have occurred based on the damage from many experts point of view.
  • The media pointedly misreported the story while ignoring any reports or evidence that contradicted the official story.
  • The building was quickly demolished, carted away, further compromised, buried in a land fill and covered with earth which would point to destruction of evidence by government.
  • Legislation was quickly passed that further limited citizen liberties and increased Federal power over the State and local authorities.

Give this a view when you get a chance. It was created shortly after the actual event but most interesting to me are the parallels to 9/11 but on a smaller scale. In some ways it seems like a precursor to the events of that fateful day.

Most eerie to me is the device described by Michael Racanacuto and his colleague and the manner in which the twin towers and Building #7 fell. Those steel structured buildings were reduced to little more than powder in a matter of seconds. Listen to the description of the device above and think about 9/11.

There are inconsistencies in the official story for both of these events. Yet with the similarities in the manner in which both events were handled people who dare question the “official story” are considered conspiracy nuts. In fact, if you suspend judgements and government/media created and endorsed conclusions and simply look at the facts based upon the evidence, the government and media endorsed spins simply do not fit the actual events. Perhaps that is why in both cases, the crime scenes were quickly disintegrated and disposed of before any real investigation could take place. This pattern was also repeated in the JFK assassination as well.

Government operations seem to leave tell tale footprints it seems if people would simply look with open minds beyond their media and politically generated opinions and conclusions. It used to be called thinking for yourself. That is, until that became something to be ashamed of.

Check this one out for yourself. There has been enough distance on the event to allow you to form your own opinion based on the information provided in the film. Let me know what you think.

Welcome to the John McCain Syria Dog and Pony Show

John McCain is acting once again. He played this role before during the 2008 campaign so he has had some practice and does it quite skillfully by now. He is nothing more than a well-paid bit actor playing a role for the public image campaign which feigns opposition to satisfy those who are incapable of doing their research and putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 4. Instead, they buy into the dog and pony shows and allow themselves to be spoon fed their opinions and conclusions, along with the premise. (In this case, 1,429 civilians allegedly killed by the Assad government, and the operative word there is “allegedly” cause the proof ain’t any more definitive than claims of WMD’s during the 2nd Iraq war media drumbeat.John_McCain

McCain is a long time member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The globalist, one world government, organization that is housed in the Rockefeller family donated building with David C. Rockefeller as it Honorary Chairman and every single “too bit to fail” bank in its Corporate membership roster. He represents the banks and multi-national Corporations. Like Obama he is a controlled puppet. This is just what the Communists refer to as controlled opposition based on the Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis and synthesis.

McCains Role in the Drama

Right now he is playing the antithesis part in the dog and pony show like he did when he ran against Obama. However, when the vote came about for the bank bailouts notice how both McCain and Obama were on the same page and interrupted their campaigns to support the bail outs. Couldn’t bite the hand that feeds the both of them could they.

In reality, McCain is a neo-con and as much of a war monger as our Nobel Peace Prize winning Secretary General. It is all just an act in the dog and pony show. In the end, McCain wants this to happen as much as Obama as it serves both of their agenda’s which is the continuation and growth of the New World Order.

The Intent?

The whole intent here, as in all of the Arab Spring “revolutions” which were about as spontaneous as an NFL Football game plan, is to take down singular heads of government and replace them with Democracies. (Communism is after all the triumph of Democracy according the Manifesto but ain’t mentioned in ANY of our founding documents. None!) Once the Democracies are in place, they can mold this region into a regional government like the EU, the African Union, Asian Union and the planned North American Union (starting parts are the free trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the smaller Columbian et all agreements.)

Once regional governments are established, they will all be superseded and folded into the UN governmental structure leading to the New World Order as noted by H.W. Bush, Clinton, Kissinger and others.

This will also help foster continued debt in the U.S. leading to the eventual collapse of the dollar. This will be replaced with a regional or global fiat currency like the Fed Reserve Notes except larger in scope. Eventually to be replaced by a global currency.

Truth or Deception?

All the pieces are in place. They have to just keep the public dumbed down and misinformed through the Corporate controlled media.

The gas incident was likely not generated by Hassad but was as evidence is indicating generated accidentally (perhaps even purposely) by the Al Quaeda related “rebels”. Reminds me of the drum beat leading up to Iraq which turned out to be a pack of deceptions (No WMD’s ever found. Ever. No connection with Saddam and Al Quaeda who they eliminated before this former CIA asset could make public the truth about how he was set up.)

It’s all a massive deception and Americans will eventually discover the truth as the events unfold. Unfortunately, most will wake up when the barbarians are at the gates. Nothing new. Been happening for thousands of years.The rulers deceive and use the people who eventually are led to slaughter and suffer the consequences of their leaders poor judgement and plans.

The “Good Book” Parallels

Check the bible out for details. Happened over and over again in Israel and Judah. Prosperity when morality reigned leading eventually to destruction as the culture became immoral and self destructive. Happening here as we speak as reflected in youth and our decaying culture as a Miley Cyrus character whose name is all over the media indicates. That ain’t a culture advancing. It is one in decline which was the point of the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto as stated at the beginning of the film on screen:

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” Historian Will Durant

Anyway, enjoy the puppet show, but see it for what it actually is- a show with well paid actors. Let me end with this- It ain’t about We the People. It’s about the growth of the State and One World Government Facism dominated by the State and Mega Corp monopolies. Tyranny on the way. Meanwhile, may I suggest that you prepare yourself accordingly.