American Decline

Newly Elected New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, Makes Illegals His First Priority

Newly Elected Democrat Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy is just getting started. After spending $20 million of his own money just to win the June primary, the former Goldman Sachs financier executive, who served as the Ambassador to Germany in the Obama administration, is kicking off his administration with a bang so to speak. […]

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Destruction of Statues is Not Intended to Help Society- But Rather to Erase and Replace Our National Identity

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Russia narrative is running out of steam. Despite the drum beat of the issue by the leftist liberals in the media, an obvious lack of evidence is forcing the Anti-Trump movement and its sycophant, Corporate controlled media to replace it with a proven favorite- racism. An oldie but […]

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Slain NYPD Police Officer and Twins

Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Lives Matter? The Evidence Suggests Otherwise.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) claims that it is opposes the death of black citizens. After all, they did choose to name their organization “Black Lives Matter”. So, surely all black lives matter right? Do they really? Or is there instead, a selective outrage directed towards specific targets? Perhaps the reality of BLM is that only […]

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The Insidious Connections of the Berkley Riots to Soros Funded Leftists

Anyone who watched the behavior of the protestors in Berkeley against the appearance of Milo Yiannopoulous on campus, who had a shred of common decency and civility, had to be offended and ashamed of our youth and the behavior of our citizens. As summarized by an article posted at The New American: Protesters at Berkeley “broke […]

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And Growing Rapidly!

2016 Presidential Election- Lopsided Bias Concentrating on Dirt Not Real Issues.

While the media hammers away at Donald Trump’s character, the dirt on Hillary is swept under the carpet. The bias is obvious. The public naively laps it up. Our nation is mired in a massive mountain of debt. Foreign wars which have sucked away multiple Trillions of $ have dragged on for over a decade […]

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Race War in Dallas

What the Public Will Not Hear About Dallas Police Shootings from the Government or the Media

Let’s be honest with each other. Most of us these days conduct our lives without racial overtones. Our liberalized educational systems have done a good job of promoting egalitarianism. After all, equality is necessary to collectivize a population which is what they are ultimately after which is: One nation under the State. (Forget the God […]

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Mike Adams Talk Network

15 Things You Must Do to Survive 2016 and Beyond

Concerned about the possibility of a serious financial crisis? Historically excessive national debt leads to that and ours is pretty darn high and ain’t going down anytime soon with continued entitlement spending and wars. So whatcha gonna do? Well, some people have thought that issue out. Here’s an audio on YouTube from Mike Adams of […]

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Since the Fed Rate Rise Things Are Already Getting Dicey

Since the Federal Reserve rate increase (as modest as it was) the economy has been getting more tenuous. I posted a warning about this just before Christmas. Just today Walmart announced it will close 269 stores in 2016 impacting 16,000 workers (10,000 in the U.S.). Despite the hype Obama pushed at his State of the […]

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The Fed Interest Rate Hike- Danger Ahead?

Ok, the Fed after a decade of manipulating interest rates to absurdly low levels (like 0%) finally bumped them up a quarter point. I’ve read some of the follow-up from the “experts” but quite frankly most of them are the standard stuff that doesn’t really reveal details the public should know about the Fed and […]

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So What Do You Do With This Information Anyway?- Part One

I was having an email discussion with someone the other day discussing the topic of our perverted system. Her conclusion was that life was weird and we are all nuts. I guess it can look that way if you don’t see the forest for the trees. That is, you focus too closely on the events […]

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Professors Say Elf on the Shelf Bad for Kids, But Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

Philosopher and cultural theorist Michel Foucault warned of a 1984 style society which is under constant surveillance. In the late 18th century Philosopher Jeremy Bentham designed the panopticon. This building is a type of prison wherein all the cells are visible from the center thereby engendering the feeling that someone is watching you, even if […]

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Congress Funds Government with More Funny Money- Pt 2

As noted and not really fleshed out by the media or ballyhooed, Congress was supplied with more “funny money” (fiat money from the Federal Reserve created out of nothing) from the Federal Reserve to the tune of $1.1 Trillion. Very few paid attention to this move and simply passed it off as what should happen […]

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The Illegal Children Immigrant Crisis- More Preparation for the New World Order?

The latest manipulation of the by the New World Order manipulators is illegal immigration taking the form of innocent children. Dig a little however and  you’ll find more than innocent children are at the heart of this engineered matter. No Resistance from the Mexican Government CNN showed a reporter of theirs crossing with illegals on […]

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General Petreus- America is Over. After America Comes North America.

Long time member of the globalist pushing, elite membership Council on Foreign Relations and regular attendee of the Bilderberger meetings, General Petraeus has declared that our sovereignty as a nation is over. This was Petraeus’ answer to the question, “After America what?” at the Margaret Thatcher Conference for Liberty on June 18, 2014: After America […]

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Another Reality That Offsets the False Recovery- Huge Unsold New Car Inventories!

Author and blogger,Vince Lewis,  updated his post (Unsold Cars) on unsold new car inventory recently and it does not make the claim of recovery seem very promising or real. Picture after picture, view-able on Google Maps even, show huge lots of brand new car inventory just sitting in the sun or rain in the UK. […]

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