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Jan 19

If Guns are the Cause, then Should We Pre-empt Further Violence and Strictly Control the Use of Knives and Axes and Box Cutters……..and Hammers even?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , The Constitution

n the very same day that Adam Lanza went on his killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the event below took place in Central China at 7:40 a.m. as children were entering their school gates. An elderly woman was also injured in the attack. Apparently, it must be noted, that in strict gun control […]

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Jan 15

Quick Update on Walmart Ammo Story

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control

he public response to the WalMart ammo story reported by Investment Watch and mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show was apparently quite strong. Naturally, WalMart responded to the story with denials. Spokesperson Ashley Hardie from WalMart’s Headquarters said, “The information is inaccurate.” In response to the question about whether WalMart is cutting back on orders […]

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Jan 15

Collateral Damage- Why Can the Military Kill Innocent Civilians and Nobody Talks About Controlling Their Guns?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , Military

¬†guess its OK if you are in the military and a few dozen, hundred or even hundreds of thousands of civilians die as a result of what is referred to as Collateral Damage, the title of a book by Chris Hedges. After all, they are the military and represent their respective governments. And well, government […]

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