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Merkel- The East German

Will the Real EU Please Stand Up? (Don’t Count on It.)

After the vote by the British people (Brexit) to exit the European Union (EU), we are now seeing a buzzing confusion of effects. Financial markets have dropped globally. Politicians are coming out and chastising the vote. Warnings are being issued such as the one from Angela Merkel who warned Britain that it won’t be able […]

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EU Tower in Brussels

Why British Politicians and Non-Profits Like the EU- No Brexit for Them.

Big Banks, financial markets and even politicians and non-profits are getting more and more nervous. Every passing day is increasing their anxiety. The people are getting a chance to voice their concerns with a vote. If all remains on course, the British people will vote on a national referendum to either remain in or exit […]

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EU Pic

A Preview of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Brexit the Movie

Brexit the Movie targets the British population with facts about how the European Union (EU) has had a damaging impact on the British economy. Now, you may at first think that a film targeting the British population has nothing to do with the U.S. However, you would be wrong. The EU is about massive regulatory […]

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Model Letter to Congressman Opposing the TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a means of transferring chunks of American governance over to the United Nations (UN) under the cover of a so-called “free trade agreement” If you have read the previous post on this deceptive trade agreement, major portions of important aspects of American sovereignty are transferred to the UN via this […]

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Undermining Our Constitution- The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

We hear a variety of opinions about this thingy called the Trans Pacific Partnership. Let me save you some time, in the following paragraphs, I will tell any American concerned with their freedom, everything you really need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Follow along and see. What is the TPP? The Trans […]

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The Illegal Children Immigrant Crisis- More Preparation for the New World Order?

The latest manipulation of the by the New World Order manipulators is illegal immigration taking the form of innocent children. Dig a little however and  you’ll find more than innocent children are at the heart of this engineered matter. No Resistance from the Mexican Government CNN showed a reporter of theirs crossing with illegals on […]

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General Petreus- America is Over. After America Comes North America.

Long time member of the globalist pushing, elite membership Council on Foreign Relations and regular attendee of the Bilderberger meetings, General Petraeus has declared that our sovereignty as a nation is over. This was Petraeus’ answer to the question, “After America what?” at the Margaret Thatcher Conference for Liberty on June 18, 2014: After America […]

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Will that All-American Hot Dog You Get at the Ballpark be going Chinese?

Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, but you may way to stop there soon. Smithfield Foods Inc., the largest producer of all-American hams, hotdogs and bacon may be sold to Shuanghui International. Speculators are wondering if U.S. regulators will approve the biggest […]

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The Free Trade Deception – Part Three – Building Blocks of the New World Order?

f you followed the first two parts of this series, you learned that the so called “free trade” agreements are not really about making trade free nor the nations that agree to them. They sidle all of the nations in the agreements with regulatory controls that can hardly be considered a component of “free” trade. […]

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The Free Trade Deception- Part Two (Free? Oh really?)

What does the word free evoke in your mind when you use it. Something for nothing of course but also something unencumbered by external controls or unrestrained. So when they use the word free with the word trade what would you expect that trade to be like? Wouldn’t you expect that the agreements can take […]

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