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Oct 01

Bombs Begin to Drop on Ford and the Dems- Senate Attorney Releases Her Summary of Blasey Ford Testimony

By Terry | Government conspiracy , Government Deception

Blasey Ford Swear In

The questioning attorney for the Senate released her analysis of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony on September 25, 2018 before the Senate. I have attached the report and just want to make a few comments on the summary and Blasey Ford. BTW as Stefan Molyneux points out in the video below, if we are to believe […]

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Sep 21

Undercover Video By Project Veritas Reveals Deep State Communists Working in Federal Government

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , New World Order

Nataraj Subramanian- DSA Operative in the GAO

Yes, that is correct- Communists. And no, I am not related to Joe McCarthy and neither is Project Veritas. We’re both just relating facts not theories. In fact, in this undercover video by Project Veritas, an auditor for the GAO, Natarajan Subramanian, not only brags about membership of Democratic Socialists in the U.S. Government, but […]

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Sep 14

Paul Manafort Now Ready to Compose on Donald Trump to Save His Own Skin

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Government conspiracy , Government Deception

Manafort Worried

Is Paul Manafort Now Flipping on Trump to Save His Skin? Manafort Had a Choice to Comply or Compose. Looks Like It Is Compose! The liars on the left are probably ecstatic over this. Manafort will say anything rather than face an absurdly ridiculous sentence which essentially amounts to life. Wouldn’t you? Really, facing life […]

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Jul 13

The Biggest Bombshell of the Peter Strzok Congressional Hearings- Big Whoops!

By Terry | Deception by Omission , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

The Peter Strzok hearings dragged on for 10 hours. Democrats on the committee were doing everything they could to block, deflect, interrupt the Republican questions. Some stuff that surfaced was too emotionally packed to be of value. Some was just plain, old b.s. and partisan pandering like the Democract Congressman from Tennessee who told Strzok […]

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Jun 21

Judicial Watch Uncovers a Hidden Bombshell in the IG Report Tying Obama to the Investigation

By Terry | Constitutional , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , Hillary Clinton

A critical cloud hanging over the Clinton and Trump investigations which has been given almost no coverage, is the question of just how aware Barack Obama was of what was going on? Was President Obama mixed up in these probes in any way or simply kept out of the loop while they were conducted without […]

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May 26

Did the Obama Administration Spy on the Trump Campaign?

By Terry | Campaign Deception , Deception by Omission , Donald Trump , Government conspiracy , Government Deception , media deception , Presidential Campaign , Uncategorized

Obama has always been spun as lily white by the dutiful, leftist mainstream media. Guess that’s cause they have been directed to share his ideological dream of the State as supreme aka Marxism as the primary narrative. However, facts are rolling out now revealing how our intelligence agencies under Obama were used to spy on […]

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May 13

The Hypocrisy of Politicians- Corrine Brown Indicted and Found Guilty on 18 Charges of Fraud and Tax Evasion

By Terry | Government conspiracy , legalized theft

Caught stealing from her favorite charity, former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown was found guilty on 18 of  22 fraud and tax evasion charges in a Jacksonville federal court. Brown served as a Florida representative in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 until 2017 vocally opposed to Republican policies of course. She was defeated in her […]

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