Health Decline


Obamacare Premiums Will Jump 25% on Average Next Year- More to Come

Sources are reporting that premiums on mid-level Obamacare health plans will rise on average 25% next year. ABC reports: Sharpest Jump Yet Keep in mind that 25% is the average. In Arizona it will be 116%. In Pennsylvania, it will be 43%. North Carolina- 40% Minnesota is considering calling for a special session to generate […]

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How the Federal Government Contributes to Diabetes and Obesity

Most people want to believe that their government is there to protect them from harm. Throw in the conditioning to trust authority which begins and continues throughout the State sponsored “free” education system and trust in the government is a conditioned a response for a good many of us. Isn’t Our Health Our Responsibility? So, […]

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Ronald McDonald’s Charities – Fraudulant Giving = Cheap Advertising and Branding

While technically McDonalds is doing nothing illegal, a comprehensive report by by Michelle Simon is suggesting that the Ronald McDonald Charities brand does little to actually contribute to its charities but harvests heavily from the branding associations. USA Today notes that: “The 30-page report, funded by Corporate Accountability International and The Small Planet Fund, charges […]

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