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San Francisco Claims It Offers Free Education – But How Free Is It?

The CNBC Headline read: San Francisco to be the first city in the country to offer free college. Sounds great huh? The only problem is that it is a blatant lie or in the buzz word of the day, more fake ┬ánews. Is It Really Free? First of all, how does something that is paid […]


The Bernie Sanders Deception – Feel the Burn- Part 1

In some ways, it is mystifying how a professed socialist like Bernie Sanders can get any traction in a culture that we are conditioned to believe is a free market, freedom based society. One would expect that the dissonance with a Socialist philosophy, which uses the force of government to make participation in its agenda […]


Citizen Alert: The Philadelphia Lew Blum Towing Parasite King

Beware of where you park in the cities these days. City governments need revenue and will gladly extract it from unsuspecting citizens through systems designed to entrap you. Not being a resident of the city of Philadelphia and rarely driving to the city, I was unknowingly caught in one such scam quite recently. It cost […]