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Dec 19

Tucker Carlson Reports on Impact of Illegals on Tijuana and Environment- Lies Cry the Left!

By Terry | American Decline , Government Deception , Illegal Immigration , media deception

Arizona Border Trash impact

While the media covers up the impact of immigrants and their economic cost, there is a negative environmental impact that is never mentioned. Costing states alone $89 Billion, illegal immigrants also leave a trail of trash behind when they enter and where they settle. Tucker Carlson reports the truth about this and the media jumps all over him for it.

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Nov 23

The Anti-Trumper’s Falsely Claim That President Trump Has Done Nothing. Sour Grapes Perchance? List of 289 Accomplishments in 20 Months

By Terry | Donald Trump , Government Deception , media deception

Anti-Trumper’s claim that President Donald Trump has done nothing. Is this a case of sour grapes like the fox in Aesop’s tale who couldn’t get what he wanted? The Washington Examiner did a great job compiling a list of President Trump’s accomplishments. At the time this list was compiled, the facts show that President Donald […]

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Aug 14

Who Are the Syrian White Helmets? As Heroic As the Leftstream Media Claims?

By Terry | Central Banking Conspiracy , Government Deception , media deception

The Syrian “White Helmets” so the left stream media claims, are selfless heroes who risk their lives to offer aid in dangerous zones risking their very lives. They (the white helmets themselves) claim to be an impartial, non-governmental organization who are campaigning for Syrians. They also claim they are unarmed and fiercely independent and don’t […]

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