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Jan 15

Collateral Damage- Why Can the Military Kill Innocent Civilians and Nobody Talks About Controlling Their Guns?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Gun Control , Military

 guess its OK if you are in the military and a few dozen, hundred or even hundreds of thousands of civilians die as a result of what is referred to as Collateral Damage, the title of a book by Chris Hedges. After all, they are the military and represent their respective governments. And well, government […]

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Jan 14

Gun Control- WalMart Throws Its Hat in the Ring

By Terry | Government conspiracy , Gun Control , Military , UN Deception

uite recently WalMart suspended it’s ammo orders pending a gun control decision. Why would a major retailer curtail the sales of anything pending legislation that has not even passed or been openly discussed in Congress. Isn’t Congress supposed to introduce and pass the laws according to our Constitution? Wouldn’t a change in the law require […]

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Jan 10

Obama’s latest picks- Deception by Omission- Jack Lew- Secretary of the Treasury

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Council on Foreign Relations , Deception by Omission , Federal Reserve , Military , National Debt

ow wonderful. You ask for relevant current examples of deception by omission and Obama delivers right on time just like the local supermarket’s delivery chain. The latest appointment choice- Jack Lew – Secretary of the Treasury. Well now, whoda thunk that Tim Geithner, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and member […]

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Jan 09

Les Mis – The Hidden Back Story- Final Part 10

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Deception by Omission , French Revolution , Government conspiracy , Illuminati , Military

o what happened to the conspirators who planned and carried out the great Revolution? Well, almost to a man they all bit the dust for their crimes against humanite. The Duke of Orleans who pledged his honor, fortune and blood to the revolution lost them all. Used as a tool, cheated by the conspiracy he […]

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Jan 08

Le Mis- The Hidden Back Story – Part 9

By Terry | Conspiracy Facts , Deception by Omission , French Revolution , Government conspiracy , Illuminati , Military

hile planning for the happiness of the human race beginning with the Socialist transformation of France with absolute equality and universal contentment, Robespierre and his followers decided that the population must be reduced by more than half.This began what was known as the reign of terror. War was waged against everything that made up a […]

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