Obama appointee

Janet Yellen Takes the Reigns at the Federal Reserve- Expect No Change and More of the Same

As expected (by me anyway)  Janet Yellen’s, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) along with all of the “too big to fail banks” and Tim Geithner, appointment changes absolutely nothing in the Federal Reserve’s direction. Yellen made it quite clear at her first press conference stating that she expects “a great deal […]

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Globablist CFR Larry Summers is on the Fed Short List – It Obviously Ain’t Cause He Needs the Job or Money

hile most Americans struggle to make ends meet, some are doing just fine. Of course, having the right connections to the money powers that be doesn’t hurt either. Larry Summers is on the short list for the position expected to open up in January for the Federal Reserve. He’s already had some help from his […]

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