Bernie and Capital Bldng

Recent Studies Show Canadian Healthcare is Far From Free and Not Getting Better

Cost and Long Wait Times are Driving Canadians Out of the Country for Medical Care- Primarily the U.S.   While Bernie Sanders Socialist dream is imploding economically in Venezuela into tyranny that doesn’t even faze the Bern. After their recent election, censured by the U.S. and neighboring nations as a sham, Maduro, now a virtual […]

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John McCain

McCain’s Vote Scuttle’s Republican’s “Skinny” Bill

The vote on the Republican “Skinny Bill” failed because of two words- John McCain. Murkowski and Collins were expected to vote no. Their votes were factored in already. Democrats knew who to go after to sink the bill. Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, undergoing cancer treatment herself, appealed to McCain to “vote your conscience, vote […]

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The Worst Part of Replacing Obamacare So Far- Replace

Why does every mention the elimination of Obamacare have to be immediately followed with the word “replace”? The Part I Don’t Like About Repeal and Replace is Replace I’m probably not far from the rest of those people who feel that our government is headed in the wrong direction when I suggest that they just […]

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Another Obama Lie About the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Revealed

When confronted, before it was approved, Obama told us that the ACA (aka Obamacare) was not a tax! In fact in an interview with George Stephanopoulos in September 2009, when he remarked “But your critics say it is a tax increase.” Obama responded with, “I absolutely reject that notion.” On June 28, 2012, when the […]

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ObamaCare Future? EU Healthcare Crisis- Healthcare Budgets Slashed, Services Cut, Long Waiting Lists

The promises of Obamacare are already wearing thin as premiums rise and tens of thousands are forcibly dumped from their individual plans. It is already becoming clear that the public was lied to as the plan that Obama claimed was not a tax was labeled a tax by the Supreme Court decision to keep it […]

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2014- The Year to Come In Pictures

Pics Gathered to Muse Upon for 2014 Snapshot of America 2014 How Times and Deceptive Images Change Give Me Liberty or……….? (Actually That Would Be $17.2 Trillion Now!) “Happiness is a Warm Socialist’ – B. Obama The Theory of Evolution? The Obama Economic Team Obamacare Begins in Earnest Why We Really Need Taxes (Hint: It’s […]

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14 Ways to Recover Your Freedom of Choice Under Obamacare

Obamacare is on its way. In 2014 most of the law will take full effect. I did my best to educate and generate resistance even giving public presentations on its unheralded takeovers of our private lives and families. The real facts of Obamacare thanks to our Corporate controlled media, propaganda machine and government controlled public […]

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