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Feb 22

The Democracy Deception- “A Republic Madame, If You Can Keep It.” – Can we?

By Terry | American Decline , Constitutional , media deception , New World Order , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

Democracy Defined

One of the things that really gets my goat is when I hear the media and our so-called representatives, all the way up to the Presidential level, refer to our form of government as a Democracy. Most citizens have had this drilled into their head so frequently, they simply accept it without question now. The […]

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Feb 21

Is Obama’s Share the Wealth Scheme the Solution?

By Terry | collectivism , Freedom , Government Spending , individualism , Personal Liberty , Socialism

bama keeps pushing his tax the rich scheme straight out of Karl Marx’s class warfare strategy for equalizing society. In his dream of utopia apparently government has the wisdom to put its hands into the deepest pockets, extract whatever they can get and then wisely distribute that plunder to those who most need it.  You […]

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Feb 07

The Achilles Heel in Our Economic System- Part 3 What’s Next?

By Terry | American Decline , Government Spending , Inflation , National Debt , Personal Liberty

While nothing is completely predictable since life has many variables, we can see a pretty clear path to where things are leading based on what has been already been put on the plate. Alex Jones of and has been at this stuff for quite a while. He recently hosted a show with Pastor […]

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Jan 29

Did Obama Affirm His Collectivist Mentality In His Inaugural Speech? A Reflection of His Marxist Foundations?- Part Two

By Terry | Bill of Rights , collectivism , individualism , natural law , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

Before reviewing the statements made in Obama’s inaugural speech and comparing them to the concepts covered in Part One, I would like to clarify one other point. A careful reading of the Bill of Rights affirms the individualist concept. However, it is probably most clearly expressed in an often overlooked amendment- the 9th. The 9th […]

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Jan 28

Did Obama Affirm His Collectivist Mentality In His Inaugural Speech? A Reflection of His Marxist Foundations?- Part One

By Terry | Bill of Rights , collectivism , Constitutional , individualism , natural law , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

ontrary to current government brain washing and propaganda, our Constitution was based on the concept of individualism. Now, of course, the framers and the colonists may not have called it that, but they did understand that all freedoms arose from the individual, NOT the government. To determine where Obama falls on the scale of balance […]

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Jan 27

Another Thought on the 2nd Amendment- A Basic Truth Often Missing from the Discussion

By Terry | 2nd Amendment , Bill of Rights , Personal Liberty , The Constitution

s I was reading this book which I stumbled across on Amazon called For Individual Rights: A Treatise on Human Relations, it occured to me that the concepts I was learning applied directly to the Second Amendment. They were ideas based on natural law which is to say laws that exist because you are human and not […]

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