Newly Elected New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, Makes Illegals His First Priority

Newly Elected Democrat Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy is just getting started. After spending $20 million of his own money just to win the June primary, the former Goldman Sachs financier executive, who served as the Ambassador to Germany in the Obama administration, is kicking off his administration with a bang so to speak. […]

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The Progression of Socialism Leads Back to Adolph It Seems

The general practice of aborting unborn babies diagnosed with birth defects has nearly eliminated Down’s Syndrome in Iceland with Denmark close behind it. This came out during a debate in Ireland on abortion in which it was mentioned that it was the stated policy of the Denmark government “to eradicate Down Syndrome by abortion by […]

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Bernie and Capital Bldng

Recent Studies Show Canadian Healthcare is Far From Free and Not Getting Better

Cost and Long Wait Times are Driving Canadians Out of the Country for Medical Care- Primarily the U.S.   While Bernie Sanders Socialist dream is imploding economically in Venezuela into tyranny that doesn’t even faze the Bern. After their recent election, censured by the U.S. and neighboring nations as a sham, Maduro, now a virtual […]

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New York Times Pines Over Communist Idyllic Dreaming As Inspirational to Americans

You want evidence of where the NY Times is coming from? Read their wonderfully idyllic Sunday article on how Communism inspired Americans. Like we need Godless Communist idealism to inspire us? It’s called media white washing.   Think about the candidate and President they fawned over vs. the one they hate. Gee, I wonder if […]

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Flag Idolatry

Is the Pledge of Allegiance Truly a Conservative Act?

After becoming an adult, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable about reciting the pledge of allegiance. As a school child, I never questioned it which I suppose is normal. As I became an adult however, it kind of rankled me to place my hand on my heart and pledge allegiance to a government which I […]

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The Real Cause Behind the Incessant Whining Over Donald Trump

As the whining and excuses continue, endlessly it seems, the Democrats refuse to accept the rejection of their Marxist oriented, idyllic socialist dream by the people. It is becoming tiresome, predictable and almost amusing. However, one begins to wonder just what is really driving all of these annoying antics. Perhaps if we can understand that, […]

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Obamacare Premiums Will Jump 25% on Average Next Year- More to Come

Sources are reporting that premiums on mid-level Obamacare health plans will rise on average 25% next year. ABC reports: Sharpest Jump Yet Keep in mind that 25% is the average. In Arizona it will be 116%. In Pennsylvania, it will be 43%. North Carolina- 40% Minnesota is considering calling for a special session to generate […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Economic Naivete Sounds Like Bernie’s Socialist Marxism

Hillary demonstrated her failure to grasp economic reality back in 2010 at a speech given at the Brookings Institute on January 27, 2010. She was asked by Kemal Derviş, the Brookings Director their Global Economy and Development Program, how do you manage between the fiscal responsibility to the poorest segments in the US and global populations […]

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Merkel- The East German

Will the Real EU Please Stand Up? (Don’t Count on It.)

After the vote by the British people (Brexit) to exit the European Union (EU), we are now seeing a buzzing confusion of effects. Financial markets have dropped globally. Politicians are coming out and chastising the vote. Warnings are being issued such as the one from Angela Merkel who warned Britain that it won’t be able […]

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Sanders Mad as Hell

The Bernie Sanders Deception – Feel the Burn – Part 2

Now that we have a sense of who Sanders is by assessing his background, let’s look at what he proposes as a solution- Socialism. Now, personally, I find it interesting that all of these young people who fawn over Sanders and look to him as their savior fumble around with electronic devices day and night […]

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Sanders the Socialist- Feel the Burn

Don’t you just love the way socialists are so quick to spend other people’s money. Bernie sure is ready willing and able to, as long as its someone else’s. Of course, he has a sound byte solution for our Socialist Security system- expand it! Someone posted a Bernie ad on Facebook the other day. Smiling […]

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Whatever Happened to the Concept of Free Market Health Care?

Recently on Quora the question was asked- Why Doesn’t the United States Provide Universal Healthcare Like Other Countries? One person who lives in Australia provided the following answer: “I’m in Australia, and while we are a lot better off than the USA – we DO have a free health care service – there is too […]

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Is This What You Call Human Evolution? Burning Babies for Heat Instead of Witches?

Apparently, man has continued to evolve. Instead of burning witches at the stake we now burn aborted babies instead. I suppose some heartless souls would describe that as progress since the “clinical waste” (which is the label aborted babies get tagged with) can now serve as heat production sources after their deaths providing benefit to the […]

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ObamaCare Future? EU Healthcare Crisis- Healthcare Budgets Slashed, Services Cut, Long Waiting Lists

The promises of Obamacare are already wearing thin as premiums rise and tens of thousands are forcibly dumped from their individual plans. It is already becoming clear that the public was lied to as the plan that Obama claimed was not a tax was labeled a tax by the Supreme Court decision to keep it […]

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Obama State of the Union Speech- Rhetoric vs. Reality

When I listen to politicians, most of the time I find myself getting irritated, edgy and sometimes downright angry. Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address was no exception. There were so many points of disagreement that I hardly know where to start. As pointed out by the New American magazine the dude is pushing […]

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