The Hypocrisy of Maxine Waters

When You Go Into Politics Poor and You Come Out Rich, You’re Stealing-  Harry Truman The Empty Barrel Test My father always used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.” Maxine Waters has a big mouth. Coupled with average intelligence at best, she makes over the top accusations with no evidence whatsoever. This likely […]

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Is the United Airlines Passenger Incident a Natural Outgrowth of Our Unquestioning Compliance?

I imagine most of us have seen the United Airlines passenger dragged off the plane incident by now. It highlights the indignity of air travel these days. It seems like once you purchase a ticket between the TSA searches and the attitude of the airlines, it’s comply or else. Having recently flown United Airlines and […]

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The Worst Part of Replacing Obamacare So Far- Replace

Why does every mention the elimination of Obamacare have to be immediately followed with the word “replace”? The Part I Don’t Like About Repeal and Replace is Replace I’m probably not far from the rest of those people who feel that our government is headed in the wrong direction when I suggest that they just […]

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EU Tower in Brussels

Why British Politicians and Non-Profits Like the EU- No Brexit for Them.

Big Banks, financial markets and even politicians and non-profits are getting more and more nervous. Every passing day is increasing their anxiety. The people are getting a chance to voice their concerns with a vote. If all remains on course, the British people will vote on a national referendum to either remain in or exit […]

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Mike Adams Talk Network

15 Things You Must Do to Survive 2016 and Beyond

Concerned about the possibility of a serious financial crisis? Historically excessive national debt leads to that and ours is pretty darn high and ain’t going down anytime soon with continued entitlement spending and wars. So whatcha gonna do? Well, some people have thought that issue out. Here’s an audio on YouTube from Mike Adams of […]

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Sanders- Tax the Rich

The Bernie Sanders Deception – Feel the Burn- Part 3

As previously pointed out, Sanders propagates the myth that he is a democratic socialist who wants the kinder, gentler version of socialism that operates in Scandinavian nations. The problem is it is a mythology that doesn’t really exist.  As pointed out, in an article appearing on federalist.com Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists, Sanders promotes […]

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If the Constitution Was the Solution, Why Hasn’t It Worked?- Part Four

Let’s take a deeper look into the nature of the individuals who created the Constitution in order to gain more insight into why it may have gone off the rails. We’ll begin with a focus on one of the primary figures of the period and almost a sacred figure in our nation- George Washington. George […]

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The Fed Interest Rate Hike- Danger Ahead?

Ok, the Fed after a decade of manipulating interest rates to absurdly low levels (like 0%) finally bumped them up a quarter point. I’ve read some of the follow-up from the “experts” but quite frankly most of them are the standard stuff that doesn’t really reveal details the public should know about the Fed and […]

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Obama Mandela Speech to Cost Taxpayers $500,000 a minute

Alex Jones posted an interesting article on InfoWars.com about the costs of the speech that Obama gave on Monday at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. As my last post noted, Mandela had clear ties to Communist organizations like the South African Communist Party. Why some of his best buds were even Communists and/or dictators like Momar Khadafi […]

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The White House Response to Syria Chemical Event- Predictable. Now, the Media Drumbeat Begins in Earnest. Iraq, Libya Deja vu

Do we have a moment to step back and take a breath from all of this? Or are we (and I use that term very euphemistically since “We, the people” seem to have absolutely no control or input into what our government does with our military, at all!) going to get propagandized into yet another […]

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Citizenship Requires Vigilance- Especially in These Times!

his evening I arrived home from work ready to get dinner together and unwind a bit. I glanced at the mail ready to put it aside and get started with preparations. However, being the political junkie that I am something caught my eye: Official Special School Board Election Sample Voting Machine Ballot I immediately thought, […]

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