Meet John Brennan, The New CIA Director and Starry Eyed Muslim

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I discovered that John Brennan was a Muslim convert or at the very least a strong admirer of this faith, I found it a bit unsettling. After all, the CIA is responsible for a great deal of clandestine support in foreign nations. One would  think they would be an aid in the so-called war on terror against Muslim terorrists wouldn’t you?

After all, the Muslim population in general just doesn’t seem too enamored with Western ways and America or Americans. Why would you want someone sympathetic to their cause as the director of an organization that should obviously be an opponent of their activities?

Below is a talk that Brennan delivered in the White House apparently. (Note the label in the top right corner of the video.):

The first sentence of this clip is telling:

But for more than three decades I have also had a tremendous fortune to travel the world and as part of that experience to learn about the goodness and beauty of Islam……… Like the President during his childhood years in Jakarta, I came to see Islam not for how it is often misrepresented but for what it is. How it is practiced everyday by well over a billion Muslims worldwide. A faith of peace and tolerance and great diversity.


Goodness and beauty of Islam? Really? What Islam has he been observing operating on our planet I wonder?

A faith of peace and tolerance? I would think that a CIA Director would be required to be more perceptive than this when observing our current global circumstances and the realities thereof.

Muslim Tolerance?

At the time of this writing here are some of the latest peace, tolerance, beauty and goodness activities of this wonderfully accepting faith. There are many more examples:

Pakistan: 150 arrested for burning Christian homes
By Zaheer Babar- Associated Press – Sun, Mar 10, 2013

Associated Press/K.M. Chaudary – An angry mob reacts after burning Christian houses in Lahore, Pakistan, Saturday, March 9, 2013. A mob of hundreds of people in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore attacked a Christian neighborhood Saturday and set fire to homes after hearing accusations that a Christian man had committed blasphemy against Islam’s prophet Mohammed, said a police officer. Placard center reads, ” Blasphemer is liable to death.” (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Police have arrested around 150 people accused of burning dozens of Christian houses in eastern Pakistan after a non-Muslim was accused of making offensive comments about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, police said Sunday as Christians rallied against the destruction.

The Christian demonstrators blocked a main highway in Lahore and police fired tear gas shells to disperse the protesters who demanded assistance from the government.

Government spokesman Pervaiz Rasheed promised the government would help them rebuild their houses, but the Christians expressed dissatisfaction with the way the government was handling the incident.

“I have been robbed of all of my life’s savings,” Yousuf Masih said, standing close to his burned house. He said the government’s announcement that it would give 200,000 rupees ($2,000) compensation to each family was a joke.

The incident began on Friday after a Muslim accused a Christian man of blasphemy — an offense that in Pakistan is punished by life in prison or death. On Saturday, a mob of angry Muslims rampaged through the Christian neighborhood, burning about 170 houses.

End- Full Article linked in title and picture

Is this what Brennan referred to as the beauty and goodness and faith of peace and tolerance?

If you conduct a little research you will find that these types of incidents are not confined to Pakistan but occur throughout all of the Islamic nations and have so for centuries. Not to mention the hatred and violence directed towards Jews which has gone on for centuries as well.

Methinks Mr. Brennan is either a bit twisted in perceptions or simply being deceptive. Perhaps both of these possibilities is the reality.

And As For Their Woman….

Then, of course, we have the gentle, life affirming treatment of woman under sharia law in Islamic cultures. Below are some books I have read on that topic both written from first hand experience in two separate nations of Islam, one in Africa and the other in Syria. Both of the author’s were subjected to the same denigrating and sometimes outright violent treatment. Both left their respective Muslim homelands. Both not only rejected Islam but God as well, becoming atheists. (More harm to them unfortunately as I see it but understandable based on their life experiences.)

Would this fall under Brennan’s “beauty and goodness of Islam” too? That is, treating its woman like cattle and abusing them? Perhaps I am missing something here but in Christian oriented societies this kind of behavior doesn’t sit too well with the majority of the Christian populations. Why so commonly acceptable under the “faith of peace and tolerance” I wonder?

Did Obama Need a Bud in the Cabinet Perchance?

Perhaps, Obama selected Brennan because needed a supporter? The man who bows to Saudi Kings needed a bud to run the CIA.

I’m just wondering  why during the vetting process, at a time when we are occupying Islamic nations and battling Islamic terrorists organizations, Brennan’s Muslim sympathies were never brought up during his questioning for the position. It just seems a bit odd IMHO to appoint an obvious Muslim sympathizer to an agency which we would expect to be serving to support our citizens in the fight against terrorism. However, thanks to our wonderful representatives (the silent minority apparently) he got him!

Then again, it may be that in this cultural Marxist age, it is now politically incorrect to identify a prospective CIA chiefs sympathies with our sworn enemy. Perchance that is why it was never raised as an issue. I mean the dude was speaking Arabic and defining Islam in glowing terms in the White House for heavens sake. One would think that would kinda, sorta raise a red flag? Even a tiny one.

Perhaps There is More to This Than Meets the Eye

This is speculative but what else can it be with our media propaganda arm of the government these days. However, knowing what I do about the New World Order (NWO) movement, permit me to offer another possibility.

Perhaps, Islam is useful in promoting a NWO. Whether you choose to accept it or not, the concept of individual freedom grew out of Christianity which places God above the State and honors the individual as a child of God, promoting their sovereign natural rights as being granted by God.

On the other hand, the globalists want to move God on down the line and on to the back burner.

Islam’s culture is oriented in the same direction. That is to say that they place more emphasis on the community image and honor than that of the individual. Woman are stoned for example even today for adultery. This gives you an idea of how important the community standing is over an individual’s life in fact. Family honor over individual lives is the ruling ideal.

So too with the NWO. Community and the collective State trumps the individual. The needs of the individual are placed below the needs of the State.

Could this be why the CIA is now headed by a Muslim sympathizer and no one in a position to do so even raises an eyebrow? Strange times we live in methinks (and getting stranger and stranger too it seems).

Click on the image for reviews and descriptions of the books below:


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