Sandy Hook- A False Flag Operation or What?

First of all, let me say that having raised four children to adulthood and coming from a family of 10 children, I like kids. I was just as upset about what went on in Connecticut as most Americans. And like most Americans I accepted the reports on what went on there without question. However, now that we have a little breathing space on the event, some odd stuff is beginning to surface.

There are unquestionably anomalies and oddities associated with this event that are raising red flags in my “already mistrustful of the government” mind. I really wasn’t looking for them but others have been. With all of this aggressive push to place even more limits on the part of the Obama administration, one begins to wonder if there isn’t some kind of hidden agenda behind the media and government propaganda blitz.

Let’s begin with the Medical Examiner’s interview for starters. This, to me, was one of the most unexpectedly odd interviews I can remember seeing. The medical examiner was more jovial than I would have expected and quite frankly a bit goofy.

The attending police looked to me like they were ready to break into laughter at points. In fact one of them did. Look at the officer on the far right who at 8:19 into the interview broke into a smile which he quickly squelched.


Watch the interview yourself:

[vsw id=”DVLCSqoZYqY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Now, I don’t know about you but for me this was not the kind of atmosphere one would expect after an event like Sandy Hook. Nor was the medical examiner very informed about the details it seems. When asked how many boys and girls his reply was: “I don’t know.” Excuse me but, “You don’t know? Are you effin kidding me?” is what I would have wanted to say. Consider this exchange about the weapon used to kill the children:

Reporter: “But, you said it was the long rifle that was used?”

Medical Examiner: “Yes”

Reporter: “I thought you said the long rifle was discovered in the car.”

Policeman quickly jumping in and answering for the examiner: “That’s not correct sir.”

But in fact, at that point in time it was! A long rifle was extracted from the trunk of a car on the scene later that night as video indicates.

However, this gets stuff just gets weirderer and weirderer (which is even worse than stranger) and there is more.


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