Washington Post Allegations Against Roy Moore- Yet Another Leftist Hit Piece?

By Terry | Campaign Deception

Nov 11

While the Mainstream Leftist Media and Anti-Trump Dems Are Going Apoplectic Over Judge Roy Moore’s Washington Post Accusations, Excuse me if I cast a little skeptical doubt on the claims.

First of all, does anyone remember the 12 woman who were trotted out about a month before the November election by the Hillary campaign? All claimed to have evidence of candidate Trump’s sexual predation. Uh, where are ANY of them now?

Apparently, they all receded back into the woodwork from whence they were drawn. Nary a peep from any of them since. The first and most vocal accuser of which it turned out was associated with the now declining Clinton Foundation.

The testimony of this October campaign surprise was highly questionable with language matching a Velvet Underground song which was curiously used word for word by more than one of these “accusers”. Not surprising, if you know anything about the seedy Clinton campaign history tactics.

Perhaps these “abused” woman didn’t want to face the potential defamation of character and perjury charges that a real court hearing would potentially invite? After all, Trump did say he was going to take them to court after the election at the time. Just a speculative suggestion.

Trump’s Response to Predator Accusations

Meanwhile, Trump responded with 4 woman at a press conference before the next debate. The press faded quickly upon facing the confirmed reality of Bill Clinton’s known sexual predation.

One of the woman was Paula Jones. Clinton paid her $850,000 in hush money out of court and was fined $90,686 by the court of Arkansas for lying to the court. Additionally, he agreed to a 5 year ban on practicing law in Arkansas and a ban against presenting any cases to the Supreme Court. Both of which he has never sought reinstatement for.

From Left: Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Donald Trump, Kathy Shelton and Paula Jones – Sunday 10-9-2016 Press Conference

A fourth woman was Kathy Shelton who was raped at the age of 12 by a 41 year old man whom Hillary defended and got off with a plea bargain. An audio tape of Hillary laughing over this verdict (follow the link) circulated thereafter.

Not to mention Monica Lewinsky for which Billy boy was impeached but never left office.

Do the left and Anti-Trump forces ever acknowledge this known twisted sexual predator and his dishonest spouse? Naaaah…they get a free pass.

Instead, now we have the same tactics applied against Judge Roy Moore initiated by a highly biased and highly questionable source, the Washington Post who to my knowledge published about 3 to 5 anti-Trump articles per day during the entire Presidential campaign. Not a credible objective source to say the least.

Moore Accuser Worked for Whom?

Meanwhile, it turns out that one of the 3 Judge Moore woman accusers did work for Joe Biden in 2012 and other Democrats as well.  She also posted on her Facebook page a pic of her doing work for Hillary during her campaign. Uh, excuse me but wouldn’t that perchance point to a bit of let’s say built in bias on the part of the accuser? Unless one were heavily biased to accept the conclusion without investigation because it meets your own biases, one would think so.

Meanwhile, Moore’s opponent is far behind in the polls and suddenly this news appears 40 years after the alleged event. Uh, forty years?

Moore has been through 8 political campaigns, some highly competitive; a 10 commandments controversy and more. He’s been in the public eye for over 30 years and now these accusations surface after all that time?

And such timing to boot!

Suspend Judgement Perhaps?

Uh, may I suggest that I am a bit skeptical based on historical results of such tactics and the primary source which is known to be very highly biased and a producer of, shall we say, specious news directed against Trump.

Apparently, so are the people of Alabama.

Laura Ingraham asked her callers on her radio show to comment on the issue. All see the charges against Moore as a “hit piece” and politically motivated manipulation.

Perhaps, just as Trump’s charges had no impact on the election this manipulative reporting will produce the same result. If Moore stands by his guns, we shall soon know.

The case is building as witness #5 surfaces with a detailed set of accusations. What is reported does not sound good for Roy Moore. However, the question that needs to be asked and answered here is: Should we rush to judgement?

Based on past accusations by the media that ruined people’s lives such as in the Richard Jewell case; the 3 Duke LaCrosse players falsely accused of rape; Judge Clarence Thomas’s false accusations by Anita Hill; the Hands Up- Don’t Shoot of Michael Brown that never happened (which Obama accepted and stirred up btw) and more media distortions at the very least we should suspend judgement until the facts are more than media reported accusations.

The timing is suspicious to say the least. Timed to arise so that a proper and full investigation can not take place before the election it seems. Pretty much forcing a quick decision here while introducing turmoil into a race that the Democrat was polling far behind in. The sources of the allegations have axes to grind and obvious biases. It all appears to smell of fish here as the saying goes.

Meanwhile, all of this drama creates yet another interesting dog and pony show since Trump was nominated. The left has a tendency to do that ya know. That is, produce drama based on speculations and too often flat out lies. Of course, that is one truth that they will never cover nor acknowledge after the real facts surface as in the cases mentioned above and numerous others. Then again, truth and the left don’t happen to be the greatest of buds as the past has amply demonstrated.

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