Obama’s latest picks- Deception by Omission- Jack Lew- Secretary of the Treasury

How wonderful. You ask for relevant current examples of deception by omission and Obama delivers right on time just like the local supermarket’s delivery chain. The latest appointment choice- Jack Lew – Secretary of the Treasury.

Well now, whoda thunk that Tim Geithner, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and member of the Council on Foreign Relations would be replaced by another member of the Federal Reserve cartel ring and coincidentally of course also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations – See membership roster at: http://www.cfr.org/about/membership/roster.html?letter=L

So just who is this Jack Lew (full name is Jacob Joseph “Jack” Lew)?

Well, first of all like the largest majority of our Supreme Court Justices, he is a graduate of Harvard University. (BTW the 3 most prominent schools by far of all of Supreme Court Justices are in this order- Harvard, Yale and Columbia, coincidentally of course. Not that the exact same globalist agenda’s are taught there or anything of course.)

He is also the current Obama Chief of Staff but he came of course from one of the Federal Reserve too big to fail banks. And there was some contention when he was nominated for Chief of Staff because according to his Wikipedia notated biography:

“Lew’s nomination was followed with criticism after renewed reports that[texthighlight color=”red-vibrant” ] he received over $900,000 in bonuses [/texthighlight] while working as COO [Chief Operating Officer] of Citigroup, following the company’s $45 billion in TARP rescue funds, after it saw $27.7 billion in loses, a 90% depletion in value.” (In the banking industry apparently you are well rewarded for failure. After all, it is only the public’s money right?)

Good ole Jack is also bud’s with the military too it seems:

Jack Lew and Adm Mike Mullen

Jack Lew and Mike Mullen- former Jt. Chiefs of Staff
together in Baghdad July 27, 2010

Nice pair however. Kind of perfect. The former Chief Operating Officer of Citigroup and the military together as the banking Gods would have it.

After all, who does profit royally from war in the end with our debt based currency? War is profitable and the banks are at the head of the line.

Cover more on that at a later date.

Meanwhile out of all of this, there has been no mention of Jack’s affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). I mean it is mentioned in his Wikipedia background and listed in the CFR membership roster but nowhere does that affiliation appear in the media. But, this is the deception by omission part of this story.

I mean after all, his CFR connection is just an incidental right? Or is it?

Unless of course you know something about the CFR whose Honorary Chairman is David C. Rockefeller and includes other luminaries such as Bill Clinton (whose staff Lew also served on), George Herbert Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, John Kerry, Jimmy Carter, Richard Cheney (Yes, that Dick Cheney a 2 time Director before he became Bush’s VP. Of course, as he says at the end of this YouTube clip “I never mentioned that when I was campaigning back home in Wyoming.”), Newt Gingrich, Rupert Murdoch (Owner of Fox News and News Corp, a corporate member) and of course all of the “too big to fail banks” who are Corporate members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

So with this list of luminaries and many more of our media appointed “experts” like John Bolton and others, why not take a brief look at the what this unmentioned club which you can only join by invitation and never divulge the contents of its meetings in public is actually about?

The CFR began in 1921, the brain child of Edward Mandell House – “Woodrow Wilson’s alter ego” as he was called. They are headquartered in the Pratt House which was donated by a member of the Rockefeller family and located quite close to Wall Street and Chase Manhattan’s Headquarter bank.

Since WWII almost all of the Secretary of State’s; CIA directors and most of the Secretary of the Treasuries have come from the CFR as have many Secretary of Defense’s in recent years. For example, Leon Panetta is a member as is the next nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

Now, wars and central banks make great bed fellows you know. War generates the debt. The banks collect the interest on the money they create from thin air to fund the the wars government’s create. They then profit on them at the expense of the public who inherits both the debt and the impact from inflated dollars that purchase less each year.

This in turn makes it harder for private citizens make ends meet or even to save it for their own self preservation in retirement. And of course, the public not noticing who is causing the inflation because they do not understand money at all turns to politicians for assistance and handouts. Quite a nice system they have going here huh?

To make a long story very short, the CFR is the working arm of the Federal Reserve Banking cartel.

War is very profitable to the international financiers of the banking cartels called Central Banks like our Federal Reserve (which is NOT Federal and has NO reserves BTW).

So, who do you place in key cabinet positions like the Secretary of the Treasury, Defense Secretary and Secretary of State all which have to do with our globalist war policy and debt generation? Why members of the CFR of course!

It is not about the people folks. It is about the banks or rather…………….the banking cartel of the Federal Reserve.

Next, we’ll cover the latest nominee for Department of Defense, Chuck Hagel. Now, can you already guess what side organization good ole Charles is a member of?

Hint: It’s 1st initial is C and it’s last is R and the letter in between is what proceeds the letter U which is what our politicians say when you mention the Constitution and spending limits in the same breath.

For more on the Council on Foreign Relations, this is a good resource for you to check out by clicking on the image below:


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