Panetta lifts ban on woman in combat….it ain’t what it seems.

By Terry | CFR

Jan 24
Leon Panetta lifted the ban on woman fighting in combat today. Panetta said it will make our military stronger. The issue was framed as opening up 250,000 jobs for women and opportunity for career moves for woman

Tom Bowman, the NPR Pentagon correspondent, said some of the objections to this issue are:

  • Woman don’t have the upper body strength that’s needed to carry the weight, pull themselves over walls in Afghanistan or Iraq, to carry a comrade if that person gets wounded.
  • Esprit de Corps will suffer. The men will feel they have to protect the woman first before any men in the unit. They will be overly protective of the female soldier.
  • Unit cohesion will be impacted “band of brothers” will just not be the same.

Now, these are some of the objections but I have a different take on the topic that I am sure the media will not cover.

Who is Panetta Anyway?

First of all, Panetta is a member of the globalist, one world government pushing Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) created by the banksters to keep that debt right on coming with perpetual wars as a big tool in their armament. He is no longer listed but he was at the time of his appointment to his current position. An older listing here includes Panetta’s name and I checked his name at the time of his nomination and he was in fact listed. (It’s called “scrubbing” or eliminating evidence. The dude is CFR.)

Like all of the higher level members of the CFR, there is little disregard for the limits placed on government under the U.S. Constitution. In fact, Panetta had this repartee with Senator Sessions:

In a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee today, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made a shocking admission to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL): he would seek international permission before that of Congress to intervene in Syria. The Senator asks point-blank if Panetta believes it acceptable for him to act without Congress. Panetta’s reply is below:

Senator Sessions: Do you think you can act without Congress to initiate a no-fly zone in Syria? Without Congressional approval?

Leon Panetta: Again, our goal would be to seek international permission, and we would come to the Congress and inform you, and determine how best to approach this, determine whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress, I think those are issues we would have to discuss as we decide what to do here.

Sessions: I’m almost breathless about that, because what I heard you say is, “We’re going to seek international approval, and tell the Congress what we might do, and we might seek Congressional approval.”

[vsw id=”5zNwOeyuG84″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

In case you may not have noticed, there would be absolutely nothing Constitutional about our involvement in Syria as it was in Libya from day one. Panetta’s attitude was a supreme disregard for the document he swore to uphold and protect and so was Obama’s who should have been impeached by a Congress with half a backbone for his acts. Unfortunately, the backbone is not a strong suit of today’s politicians – greed and power trumps it.

Why Does Panetta Want Woman in Combat?

So why does Panetta want woman in combat situations in the military? Personally, I think the reasons presented by NPR are a smokescreen. (NPR btw regularly uses members of the CFR as “experts” on foreign policy issues.)

The CFR supports a Communist form of government because Communism ultimately places an elite minority in charge of the majority.

That elite minority would, as it does already, include international financiers like the Rockefeller family, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank and of course major defense contractors like Boing, GE, Raytheon etc. (See Corporate Members list with clickable links to most of its member Corporations.)

One of the goals of a Communist based state is to undermine the family unit. A brief reading of the Communist Manifesto will confirm that statement.  If the family unit is undermined, the State has greater control over the people sans parental input into attitudes and beliefs. The same thinking applies to religion.

Placing woman in combat situations does not exactly encourage the child bearing aspect of woman hood now does it? And even if you are a Mom and well……you are away in Afghanistan….kinda hard to be mothering from there ain’t it?

This to me is part of their game to undermine the American way of life. The patriotism card heavily played by the media and the CFR is about as sincere as the non-tears that Obama shed during his Sandy Hook address. (Wiping away tears that never existed? What a fraud!)

It fits in with gun control, massive debt generation and Obamacare. As one long time member of the CFR George H.W. Bush put it, “We have before us……”

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