If the Constitution Was the Solution, Why Hasn’t It Worked?- Part Three

In the few seconds that it took you to read this sentence, our government in 2011 spent on average nearly $250,000. Five years ago, the budget pace was about $7.2 million a minute which works out to a pace of about money burning$435 million per hour. The velocity of our national debt has continued to grow even faster in the past 5 years, so these levels are like even greater today.

Since our government is based on the Constitution, one has to wonder then, “What kind of people put together a document that could lead to this kind of debt?” So let’s take a look at the socioeconomic facts related to the persons who constructed the document which we base our government upon.

In becoming aware just who these framers of our Constitution were in terms of their general occupations and interests, we will have a better understanding of the nature of the document they produced and why they produced what they did.

Framers Not Founders

First, I must point out that these men were not the “founders” of our nation. This is simply an embellishment designed to elevate this group to an undeserved level of prestige. It qualifies as propaganda designed to produce the illusion that until the Constitution our nation was in a shambles that the Constitution corrected.

The fact is, the nation already existed before these conspirators (planners in secret) rewrote the agreement to reconstruct the form of government. They did not create a new nation. They “framed” a new government.

Illegally, if you want to accurate about it, but nevertheless it was the reframing of an existing governmental agreement, not the founding of a new nation. The actual “founders” were the people who sacrificed their time, ideas, and sometimes their lives to forge a nation out of what formerly a sparsely occupied wilderness.

What Did They Create?

The re-framed government took on the intended shape of a Constitutional Republic. (Article 4, Section 4- “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,) The term Republic comes from the Roman Latin words, res and publica together meaning “the people’s thing”.

This would be in line with the first words of the Preamble, “We the People…” It also is another pointer to the secular nature of the newly created form of government.

So Just Who Were These Framers?

In order to discover who these framers were, it is best to first take a collective approach. By looking at this group in this manner, we can better achieve a general sense of the kind of document theConstitutional Framers collective group would agreeably approve. Otherwise, we end up not seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak.

The Old Guard

First of all, something kept pretty much in the background about this group of invited delegates is the military emphasis in their backgrounds. Of course, in the presiding chair, we have the commander in chief of the Continental Army, George Washington. We will cover his background in more depth in another post.

Then, we have Generals Pinckney and Mifflin, major general and quartermaster general respectively of the Continental Army.

Next, James Wilson briefly the brigadier general of the Pennsylvania militia; James McClurg, surgeon general of Virginia troops; Pierce Butler, adjutant general of South Carolina troops; Gunning Bedford, lt. colonel and muster master general from Delaware; George Clymer, deputy commissary general of prisoners from Pa.; William Livingston, brigadier general of the New Jersey militia; John Dickinson, brigadier general of the Pa. militia, and Hugh Williamson, surgeon general of North Carolina forces.

Between the generals and colonels like Alexander Hamilton and others, to a large extent it was like a gathering of the old guard revolutionary army. That is, men used to wielding authority over the rank and file. Altogether, twenty seven or nearly half of the delegates (mostly men long known to Washington) had been officers in the revolutionary war.

Political Background

With few exceptions, the persons both invited and those who showed up in Philadelphia were continually active in politics, always at the highest levels. However, it was not a political dream team, so to speak.

Missing were the big names of the day like Jefferson, John and Sam Adams, John Jay, John Hancock, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Rush, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, Patrick Henry (named but chose not to attend), Richard Henry Lee (who later eloquently opposed the Constitution during the ratification process) and a host of others.

With the exception of notables, namely Washington and Franklin, few of the men (even those who later achieved national status) were well known nationally when the convention met. Unlike today with our ever present media, these politicians were for the most part unknown to the general public and mainly only known locally.

However, forty four were either present or past members of congress. Forty six had held political offices in their home states including 7 who were present or former state governors and 5 who were high level state judges. The Constitution, in fact, was generated along defined lines by the government itself by a rather small number of self-selected elite.

Intellectual Capacities

While, there were 25 college graduates, using this as a measurement of a stellar intellectual capacity in the colonial period is distinctly misleading. The colleges of this period were rudimentary in nature and graduated students at much earlier ages than present, often as early as age 16.

Education consisted largely of a study of the classics, some history and some natural science. Harvard boasted a faculty consisting of professors of divinity, mathematics and Greek, four tutors and a steward.

Washington had a 5th grade education. Franklin and Hamilton were both pretty much self-taught. There were of course some good, if not superior, intellects in George Mason (a non-signer), John Dickinson, James Madison and James Wilson who acted as guiding forces.

There were only two professorships. William Houston of New Jersey (mathematics at the College of NJ) and George Wythe of the College of William and Mary. Both lasted very short times. Houston, got sick, left and died after a week of participation. Wythe left soon after the convention started, due to his wife’s fatal illness and never returned.

For the most part, they were sensible and practical thinkers but certainly not a group of extraordinarily learned or exceptional intellectual giants.


This was not an assemblage of Christians. Most were Deists, Unitarians or simply rationalists. Only one stood out as Christian enthusiast, Richard Bassett, a devout Methodist from Delaware. Washington gave pro forma (for the sake of form) support to religion but was certainly not a devout Christian (more on that in another post).

Both Deists and Unitarians believe in a Creator but are far from Christians. They do not accept the divinity of Christ, nor the Trinitarian concept. Both emphasize reason as much if not more than faith. Both believe in a secular society in which government is kept separate from religious affairs.

Economic Status

Aside from being persistent office-holders and lawyers, a third general characteristic of the delegates was that most of them were men of substance. That is, through inheritance or marriage (thirteen had married heiresses) or gained by their own successful strategies, most of them would have been considered wealthy.

No fewer than 21 were rated to be rich or very rich. Washington and Robert Morris being the richest. Washington mainly through land holdings. Morris through commercial banking.

Another 13 were considered affluent to very affluent. The four from South Carolina had been very rich until the Brits confiscated their slaves and plantations during the war. They were however, well on their way back to financial health by the time of the convention.

All were considered highly solvent at the time of the convention. Thirty one were owners of personal property (merchants, attorneys, holders of continental securities and specie.) Twenty four including Washington had more wealth concentrated in land holdings than personal property.

This was certainly no meeting of the economically ordinary.

Other Characteristics

In an agrarian society largely of farmers, there were no actual farmers at the convention. (Broom and Few were claimed as “small farmers” but their backgrounds hardly substantiate that claim.) There were planters like Washington but he was primarily a military man who also ran a plantation when on the home front.

Directly or indirectly, the delegates consisted of lawyers (33 total bearing in mind that unlike today one could become a lawyer through self-study in a matter of weeks, as Hamilton did), bankers, merchants, ship-owners, slave-traders, slave owners, privateers, money-lenders, investors and speculators in land and securities. In general, not exactly representative of “We the People”.

Anticipated Results

With this kind of background one would not be surprised in the production of a document with the nature of the Constitution that came out of these meetings.


With essentially no Christians in the group we can expect that a secular, perhaps even anti-Christian sentiment would prevail in the nature of the document. That is, in fact what surfaced which I will cover in a future post.


Washington_Crossing_quipWith the military backgrounds, one would also anticipate an authoritarian approach which we find.

The decision to go to war would be the responsibility of our representatives rather than the people who would fight the wars. It’s also no surprise the President, or their leader, would be determined to become the Commander in Chief.

Not only was the power to declare war granted but also to raise money for both the army and the navy.

It follows then that “The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.”

That is, they (Congress) could declare war but the people who would ultimately fight it would also have to pay for it through taxation. Is it any surprise then that we are continually embroiled in war these days and generating debt at the velocity and level noted in the beginning of this post?

The Courts and Law

With all those lawyers, lifelong politicians and the military bearing, one would anticipate that the Court would be deemed a “supreme” court and that the document would also be deemed the “supreme Law of the Land”

One could also anticipate that the court being supreme would become the ultimate determinant of the meaning of the Constitution, not “We the People.” A characteristic that patriots like Patrick Henry feared and railed against. A characteristic that Hamilton promised in Federalist No. 78 would be the weakest branch of government because it had “no influence over either the sword or the purse”.

Unfortunately, the anti-Federalists turned out to be correct as we more recently saw with the approval of Obamacare on an obscure reference to Congress’ power of taxation by the Supreme Court. No influence on purse? I think not.

Economic Influence

Do the rich ever create legislation that limits them? I think we all know the answer to that one. As expected, this group of wealthy men had little to say about the limits of wealth. I have no complaint about that, not because I am wealthy, but rather because as Jefferson once stated “that government is best which governs least”.

However, as time has passed, the rich are being given more and more advantages while the middle class is shrinking and the number of poor are growing. Corporate monopolies are growing as small businesses struggle mightily to stay afloat under the heavy regulatory and taxation climate of continually expanding government encroachment.

Perhaps the clandestine convention in Philadelphia could have used a few more commoners with a say in the proceedings?

Up Next

Hopefully, the above demographics can help you to have a better understanding of why the Constitution developed as it did and how it helped plant and germinate the seeds for what we have today. There are some other factors we still have not covered.

We can also understand how the secular, man dominant emphasis tends to support an authoritarian control over the people. Perhaps, the little acknowledged military background of the Washington Posedparticipants can help also explain why the seeds of war planted in the Constitution has become as much a part of our lives these days as driving a car.

Less transparent but clearly there is the anti-Christian nature of the document which explains the rise of non-Christian influences and the rejection of the Christian values that our nations real founders relied upon. I will probably address this issue further in a later post because it is more influential than acknowledged. It will also explain why the claim that the Constitution is a Christian inspired, practically sacred document is patently false and absurd.

Next, let’s take a closer look at quite possibly the most revered character in American history and guiding force of the Constitutional convention- George Washington. Without his presence and influence, it can probably be safely said that the Constitution would never have been ratified.

Read more in Part Four.

Welcome to the John McCain Syria Dog and Pony Show

John McCain is acting once again. He played this role before during the 2008 campaign so he has had some practice and does it quite skillfully by now. He is nothing more than a well-paid bit actor playing a role for the public image campaign which feigns opposition to satisfy those who are incapable of doing their research and putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 4. Instead, they buy into the dog and pony shows and allow themselves to be spoon fed their opinions and conclusions, along with the premise. (In this case, 1,429 civilians allegedly killed by the Assad government, and the operative word there is “allegedly” cause the proof ain’t any more definitive than claims of WMD’s during the 2nd Iraq war media drumbeat.John_McCain

McCain is a long time member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The globalist, one world government, organization that is housed in the Rockefeller family donated building with David C. Rockefeller as it Honorary Chairman and every single “too bit to fail” bank in its Corporate membership roster. He represents the banks and multi-national Corporations. Like Obama he is a controlled puppet. This is just what the Communists refer to as controlled opposition based on the Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis and synthesis.

McCains Role in the Drama

Right now he is playing the antithesis part in the dog and pony show like he did when he ran against Obama. However, when the vote came about for the bank bailouts notice how both McCain and Obama were on the same page and interrupted their campaigns to support the bail outs. Couldn’t bite the hand that feeds the both of them could they.

In reality, McCain is a neo-con and as much of a war monger as our Nobel Peace Prize winning Secretary General. It is all just an act in the dog and pony show. In the end, McCain wants this to happen as much as Obama as it serves both of their agenda’s which is the continuation and growth of the New World Order.

The Intent?

The whole intent here, as in all of the Arab Spring “revolutions” which were about as spontaneous as an NFL Football game plan, is to take down singular heads of government and replace them with Democracies. (Communism is after all the triumph of Democracy according the Manifesto but ain’t mentioned in ANY of our founding documents. None!) Once the Democracies are in place, they can mold this region into a regional government like the EU, the African Union, Asian Union and the planned North American Union (starting parts are the free trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the smaller Columbian et all agreements.)

Once regional governments are established, they will all be superseded and folded into the UN governmental structure leading to the New World Order as noted by H.W. Bush, Clinton, Kissinger and others.

This will also help foster continued debt in the U.S. leading to the eventual collapse of the dollar. This will be replaced with a regional or global fiat currency like the Fed Reserve Notes except larger in scope. Eventually to be replaced by a global currency.

Truth or Deception?

All the pieces are in place. They have to just keep the public dumbed down and misinformed through the Corporate controlled media.

The gas incident was likely not generated by Hassad but was as evidence is indicating generated accidentally (perhaps even purposely) by the Al Quaeda related “rebels”. Reminds me of the drum beat leading up to Iraq which turned out to be a pack of deceptions (No WMD’s ever found. Ever. No connection with Saddam and Al Quaeda who they eliminated before this former CIA asset could make public the truth about how he was set up.)

It’s all a massive deception and Americans will eventually discover the truth as the events unfold. Unfortunately, most will wake up when the barbarians are at the gates. Nothing new. Been happening for thousands of years.The rulers deceive and use the people who eventually are led to slaughter and suffer the consequences of their leaders poor judgement and plans.

The “Good Book” Parallels

Check the bible out for details. Happened over and over again in Israel and Judah. Prosperity when morality reigned leading eventually to destruction as the culture became immoral and self destructive. Happening here as we speak as reflected in youth and our decaying culture as a Miley Cyrus character whose name is all over the media indicates. That ain’t a culture advancing. It is one in decline which was the point of the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto as stated at the beginning of the film on screen:

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” Historian Will Durant

Anyway, enjoy the puppet show, but see it for what it actually is- a show with well paid actors. Let me end with this- It ain’t about We the People. It’s about the growth of the State and One World Government Facism dominated by the State and Mega Corp monopolies. Tyranny on the way. Meanwhile, may I suggest that you prepare yourself accordingly.

The Brits Rejected Military Action Against Syria Because of Public Resistance – What About America?

David Cameron was forced to withdraw their support from a Syrian military strike because of public pressure. You know they wanted to but the public outcry was too strong and quite frankly the evidence is not yet clear. France backed out as well.

So what about America?

Obama, Biden, Kerry and the mainstream media just plow ahead disregarding any evidence to the contrary. Fact is, they want war for a variety of reasons and will manipulate the situation in any way they can to make it happen.

Meanwhile, American warships and military stand at the ready as Chuck Hagel (CFR of course) confirmed.

Obama’s source BTW, the Israeli Defense Forces which is the electronic equivalent of our NSA. It intercepted and collected a supposed recording of 2 Syrian officials talking about the use of poisonous gas. However, there appears to be no actual physical evidence that the gas exists.

Reminds me of the slam dunk claims of the Bush regime. The incessant media drumbeat about weapons of mass destruction and Bush’s mushroom cloud reference. The only one’s who acted with complete confidence in the information were Bush, Cheney (CFR), Rice (CFR) and the neo-con experts like CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby and Douglas Feith.

And the Result of Their “Slam Dunk”?

So what was the result of their slam dunk? A pack of proven lies as it turned out. After 2 years of searching no WMD’s were ever found. The search was quietly abandoned with little mention by the media. What happened to the hype in that case now that our military was firmly entrenched in Iraq for what turned out to be nearly a decade costing our nation over a Trillion $ in debt thanks to our wonderful Federal Reserve set up that can produce money from nothing.

So now, history repeats itself. The Peace President and his sycophants promote military action against a distant foreign nation while neglecting the very real needs that need addressed here such a massive, unprecedented level of debt in the face of unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Social Security that are growing larger every day as the aging baby boomer population reaches retirement age.

Can the War Drums Be Stopped?

Will anything be done to stop this push towards yet another mid-east conflict by our Peace Prize (Kinda tells you how meaningful Nobel Peace Prizes are these days doesn’t it?) winning Secretary General? One can only hope so but the louder the media and our so-called “leaders” beat the war drum, and the less the American public says or does to stop them, the less hope I have. After all, we are the policeman of the world aren’t we?  (At great cost to our nation I may add. Or should I make that police state? Well……not just yet but stay tuned that one is in the works.)

Kerry Rewards His Handlers and Hands the Citizens More Debt as One of His First Acts

As widely reported in the press, John Kerry feels it important to continue funding the Syrian rebels. As reported by the Irish Times, our newly appointed Secretary of State met with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov in Rome who will meet today with opposition leaders and allies. Thus far in Syria, according to the Irish Times:

“the US has delivered $385 million in aid through the UN and non-governmental organisations”

Kerry is generously kicking in another $60 million for supposedly non-lethal aid, which according to the Irish Times would be things like:

“armoured vehicles, flak-jackets, binoculars, night-vision goggles and communications items. Military training and logistics aid…..indirectly, providing communications equipment and medical aid to the rebels for more than a year, and US troops have been deployed in Turkey and Jordan to train rebel fighters.”

Of course, since the rebels are generally carrying around arms of Russian origin we don’t have to worry about that part of the deal. The Russians handle that through Saudi connections. We just have to coordinate it with them which is likely what Kerry is doing in Rome with his Russian counterpart.

According to the U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 7 “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;” The reasoning is of course to place spending in the hands of the people through their elected representatives. Guys like Kerry say, “Constitution? What Constitution?”. Completely ignore it and place us all on the hook for their own or their masters needs, not the needs of the nation.

Let me give you an example. In the past year the Federal government has spent $385 million in Syria which tells us a few things:

  1. The Constitution means nothing to most of elected representatives and even less to the appointed ones (Think cabinet and agency heads).
  2. There is something in Syria that the people who are engineering the outcome want that is worth a great deal of money (Think power and control)
  3. The public is being used and abused by our political representatives because they ultimately are responsible for the debt. (Think banksters or cui bono “To whose benefit?”)

Here are my speculations on the intent of the Syrian situation:

  • John Kerry is a long time member of the Council on Foreign Relations- CFR (Sister to the Royal Institute of International Affairs or RIIA in Britain which was formed at the same time in 1921).
  • The CFR represent international financiers interests which is evident when they have someone like David C. Rockefeller has been selected as their Honorary Chairman and all of the major international banks in their Corporate membership.
  • Financiers earn money through the creation of debt.
  • One of the most effective ways to create debt for a nation is through war.
  • John Kerry is satisfying one basic need of his handlers by creating more debt, the ultimate burden of which is placed in the laps of the public.

Now that is just one facet, I believe there is another to consider:

  • I believe it has been the intent of these so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions, which are highly organized and not as spontaneous as the media would lead us to conclude, to depose all singular heads of State and replace them with a democratic form of government.
  • Democracy as stated in the Communist Manifesto is one of the first steps towards Communism. (The triumph of democracy as Marx put it.)
  • After a so-called Democratic form of government is installed, the next step is socialism.
  • Once a socialist state is fully operational, the next step is to establish a tyrannical Communist based regime. This has historically been installed by eliminating the socialists (or as Lenin described them “useful idiots”) much in line with what people like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel and others have done once they have ascended to power. Sometimes they are referred to as purges to cover the real intent.

The Muslim Brotherhood is already a mix of sharia and Marxism which function very well together as noted by the Hammer and Sickle flags appearing at the Arab Spring rallies. There is ample evidence to demonstrate the connection between Islam and the Communist movement but the tell tale sign lies in the hands of the revolutionaries as reflected by the weapons they carry such as their AK 47’s and more.

Note the hammer and sickles on the flags in these Arab Spring demonstrations:

The new world order that has been spoken of by many sources including the Bush’s, Clintons, Kissinger and even Obama is progressing more quickly now at the expense of the public and our freedoms.

Will they succeed? Who knows? But they haven’t been taking many backwards steps the last couple of decades that I have noticed. The book below connects some of the dots. Click on the image for reviews and to look inside it.