The Most Dangerous Superstition

The phone rang. The number was local but unfamiliar. I was expecting someone from PSE&G to call and confirm an appointment that I had made for the afternoon,  so I uncharacteristically picked it up rather than letting it go to the answering machine.


A firm demanding voice replied, “I need to speak with the person who handles the payments of your PSE&G account.”

“Why?” I inquired.

Once again authoritatively the reply came back, “This is Ashley from Blah Blah Blah to lock in your savings with your PSE&G account. I need to speak with the person who handles the payments of your PSE&G account.”


I don’t respond well to authority. If she called back, it would have gone to voice mail.

You know, I can’t fully blame Ashley. She was trained to be that way, unfriendly, authoritative and demanding by her call center employer, I would bet. Now, the question I find myself asking is:


Americans have been conditioned to respond to authority.

Authority wants us that way. It serves themnot us.

It begins in school as we are regimented to respond to their schedules. We are forced to take their predetermined curriculum’s. We must sit quietly and respond or risk disciplinary action or even worse, prescription drugs because you are “hyper-active”.

Then, it continues at work. We take a job and are then told when to appear and when to leave. What days and hours we must work or risk losing our jobs. We don’t decide who we should work with. Those decisions are made for us. We rarely get a say in the process. Decisions are made by those in authority which is not usually the majority of us. (Ever suffered through years of working with someone you could not stand whether you liked it or not?)

Then we get home from work and discover that this authority thingy permeates our local township. We are granted a licence (which we pay authority for as well) which is permission to drive or we are driving illegally. We must have insurance (which we also must pay on time or get cancelled) or we are operating a vehicle illegally. Police decide if we have come to a complete STOP  at the sign or we are given a ticket, traffic court appearance and fine. All on “their” time, of course.

But it doesn’t stop there, it goes all the way on up to the politicians and banksters who determine and run our lives.

In case you haven’t noticed, it has all but destroyed our God given liberties and our nation. It has become what Larken Rose referred to as “the most dangerous superstition”.

So Just What is the Most Dangerous Superstition?

Larken Rose wrote a book called “The Most Dangerous Superstition” I would encourage anyone reading this post to read, ponder and absorb it’s message. It is a good one because if it flies in the face of all of our societal conditioning. It causes us to reflect and wake up to the reality we live under.

We all need to hear it. It is a good starting point to begin to reject and resist the miniscule minority which controls ALL of us from cradle to grave.

Take a few minutes and watch this short YouTube video called The Tiny Dot for an introduction to this model:

Let’s begin by first returning to the poster model that circulated years ago which urged us to: “Question Authority”. We need to begin to trust ourselves as the authority in your life and also the real authority, our Creator God. (If you have swallowed the evolutionist paradigm, you have also fallen prey to the secular authority game as well. Just as the doctor ordered.)

It is time to stop looking to authority to resolve our problems or the problems of others and begin to assume control at the wheel of our own lives, seeking guidance from a Supreme authority, not a Marxist inspired secular one, some flawed human being just as lost as the rest of us, with a power trip agenda.

Our Constitution reputedly confirms our God given sovereignty. We have been told that blood was spilled by our ancestors to give us our freedoms. I ask today- Freedoms? That would be a nice idea.

The idealized “collective” or “the greater good for the greatest number of people” is a contrived fantasy derived from the Marxist model of reality.

“We the People” has become an empty idol used to lead us around producing the illusion of leading to progress. It has been contrived to keep us in bondage to those who want the fruits of our labors and complete control over each of our lives………….from cradle to grave and beyond even!

Secularism is the Name of the Game Today

If it is well past the time to step up and assert our sovereign freedoms. However, we need to get clear on just what is that freedom based upon?

Is it based upon the laws of flawed human beings, puffed up with vanity about how wise they are? If so, then Houston we have problems. Man has proven unable to govern themselves for nearly all of recorded history. Our so-called leaders serve themselves and the banksters and Corporations that own them, not “We the people”.

Will those in authority eschew themselves then and turn to a non-secular authority? Not very likely.

Those in control are throwing anything other than their authority out of government. No ten commandments allowed, no prayer in schools, strict separation of church and state which actually means God and State. No God allowed, particularly a biblical Christian one.

Today, we have a secular (Godless) government. One in which the citizens bow to the authority of humans, not a Creator. Evolution is the accepted origins explanation in our schools further eroding any deference to a Creator. How is this all working out one must ask?

The proof is in the pudding. Our society is becoming enslaved under the authority of man and is collapsing morally simultaneously. One hand washing the other as they say.

Are there alternatives? Of course, but most have been conditioned from birth to reject them under the influence of the spell of secularism. We have been led to believe that we must turn to man for the answers for all of our ills.

Hence, the only solution offered keeps pointing back to human authority. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked and things are getting worse not better.

It is time for a paradigm shift away from man as the final authority. It is time to develop a little humility and defer to the laws of a Creator, not the creature. Ever wonder what it would be like to be governed by the 10 Commandments rather than the 9 Supreme Court justices interpreting our Constitution and our lives instead?

Stick around and explore along with me. You may, along with me as I am still growing as well, just learn something.

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