General Petreus- America is Over. After America Comes North America.

By Terry | American Decline

Jun 29

Long time member of the globalist pushing, elite membership Council on Foreign Relations and regular attendee of the Bilderberger meetings, General Petraeus has declared that our sovereignty as a nation is over. This was Petraeus’ answer to the question, “After America what?” at the Margaret Thatcher Conference for Liberty on June 18, 2014:

After America comes North America. Are we on the threshold of the North American decades – question mark. I threw away the question mark and boldly proclaimed the North American decades as the title now. It’s founded on the recognition that if you put these 3 economies together, as has been the case 20 years into the North American Free Trade Act Implementation, you find unique countries in terms of demographics.

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What was NAFTA really about?

So, what is the globalist Petreus saying here? First of all, he is acknowledging that the NAFTA agreement was designed not as a free trade agreement as it is billed as but as a way of stitching together the 3 sovereign nations of the United States, Canada and Mexico into one regional governance area. The borders are no longer existent under NAFTA as the 3 nations have been “harmonized” as the globalists are wont to say into one regional government.

I have already posted on how the free trade agreements are NOT about free trade but rather about the complete opposite of the label. That is, they are about taking America’s sovereign capabilities to control its own trade established by the U.S. Constitution and transferring that power to the United Nations. The example I used was the Columbian Free trade agreement, but as Petraeus confirms each one of these agreements accomplish the very same purpose.

The overall plan is to stitch sovereign nations in various regions together under the deceptive guise of free trade. Then, bind them together under the United Nations into one world government. In case you think this may be a bit of a leap, do some research on the European Union set up. It started out as a free trade agreement and now has its own courts, taxation, currency, laws, military and police…etc. Oh, and they also provide trade regulations as well.

The plan is to implement the same order here as well. That is why Petraeus proclaimed it is no longer a question. It is a reality. Is he right? Quite possibly as all of the puzzle pieces are in place to undermine this nation and railroad us into one regional government.

Honorable Mentions by Petraeus- Robotics

Petraeus also made mention of advances in robotics and genetics. He suggested that robots would soon be displacing large numbers of manufacturing workers across North America and even the world.

Combined with the wave of illegal immigrants currently pouring across the southern U.S. border as part of what officials and critics have said is an orchestrated operation endorsed by the Obama administration, the competition for jobs, then, will become even more intense. Indeed, the wage gap between the United States and Mexico is narrowing. Contributing to this is the smallest participation in the work force we have had in the last 36 years. Unemployment numbers have dropped not because job rates have risen but because more people are simply not looking any more.

Add the intentional increase in illegal immigrants supported by our government now, plans to eliminate workers through robotics, massive losses in the manufacturing job sector along with outsourcing and the future for American labor is not looking all that bright.

For people like Petraeus this is good news. His intent is one world government. If you have to hurt a few million Americans in the process, so what? It is after all for their own good right?

Below are some articles that demonstrate the smoke blowing nonsense that we are fed and the reality we seem to miss on NAFTA. Note the manipulative assessments.

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