The White House Response to Syria Chemical Event- Predictable. Now, the Media Drumbeat Begins in Earnest. Iraq, Libya Deja vu

Do we have a moment to step back and take a breath from all of this? Or are we (and I use that term very euphemistically since “We, the people” seem to have absolutely no control or input into what our government does with our military, at all!) going to get propagandized into yet another Middle Eastern conflict?

First of all, did our Nobel Peace Prize winning President and every member of his cabinet not take an oath to uphold, protect and defend our Constitution? If so (and you know it is), where is the Constitutional authority to conduct acts of war without the approval of Congress, traditionally a 2/3ds majority?

Anyone who has read even a little bit of our Constitutional intent knows there is none! Anyone who tells you different is well……simply lying, to be blunt.

Washington and others warned against involvement in foreign affairs and a standing army knowing full well that a standing army was not going to be standing around twiddling their thumbs. You have a standing army and guess what? It gets put to use. Foreign problems are a good way to keep them busy.

Why Are We Policing the Entire World?

Why is it necessary for us to use our military to solve the problems of other nations? Don’t we have enough issues of our own to address without having to meddle in the affairs of other nations? Who made us the policeman of the world despite the Constitutional limitations on foreign entanglements and requirement for a formal Congressional declaration of war? Seems to me that a nearly $17 Trillion debt, which is unprecedented in the history of the world, should be a large enough problem to keep our politicians busy without adding significantly to it through involvement in foreign conflicts. But hey, that’s just me.

MidEastMapOf course, there are gross violations of citizen rights in Africa in areas like Darfur, but no media outcry to invade Sudan. Might have something to do with the fact that Syria is right smack dab in the middle of the oil region of the Middle Eastern nations perhaps. Kind of a more key location than Sudan one would think.




Evidence Chemical Event Was Staged- Totally Ignored!

There is evidence that what is happening in Syria has been staged as false flag operation funded by Washington. You won’t see any of that highlighted in the mainstream media. Nada, zippo. Instead we’ll hear the opinions of new world order pushers from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) like John Kerry or the former Obama Administration Ambassador and special assistant on Syria Frederic Hof (also CFR) under the banner of the White House.

Long Term CFR Globalist

They did it in Libya, Egypt and just about every successful deposition of a national leader in the so-called Arab spring “revolutions”. Think all the way back to Iraq. All of the drumbeat in the media about WMD’s and mushroom clouds and Saddam and Al Quaeda. All of which turned out to be false. Did that stop our military despite popular opposition to invasion? Not! It won’t in Syria either.

The So-Called Servants Have Become Our Masters

We have lost control of our government- flat out. They control us. We are not free despite all of the hype and smoke and mirrors. We are subjects of the State forced to work to support their construction of a one world government, new world order reign of tyranny.

That is what this is really about. Topple another singular head of state, like Kaddafi was, and replace him with a so-called “democracy” of Muslim terror, abuse and chaos. (See Egypt for details.)

You can pretend it isn’t happening. You can call people who watch all of the pieces being dropped into place fools or tin foil hat paranoics. Doesn’t change the facts of our reality though. This isn’t about protecting the people of Syria or us. This is about a gang of minority elites who think they should rule the world under their New World Order and One World Government.

They are constructing it in front of our very eyes if one simply casts aside the mainstream, endorsed media hype and the CFR cheerleaders who represent the international financiers of the global banking cartel called “central banks” and takes the time to conduct some objective research. None of this is accidental. It is a carefully constructed pattern. All of the so-called Arab spring uprisings, all at the same time and all deposing a singular head of state. Iraq, same deal. Now, Syria.

If they can’t get it done by legitimately funding Al Quaeda based rebel groups (Who hate Christians and the West in the same breath BTW and just want freedom- sharia style of course.), why then they’ll just create a precipitating event. Kinda like a 911 deja vu on a smaller scale but portrayed as morally offensive enough to justify an UnConstitutional launching of our military into the middle of yet another “rebel” uprising brought to you once again by our fearless leader- the Peace President!

Fact is they are becoming our masters. We watch the tube and pacify ourselves with meaningless entertainment like fantasy football while in a daze we are becoming their willing or in the case of some of us unwilling slaves.

Syria? Why just the next step in their formation of the NWO, that’s all. Crack open another beer and return to the tube. After all football, hockey and basketball season all start soon don’t they? Can life just get any better?

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