Janet Yellen- A Leading Contender to Replace Bernanke as Fed Head. Just Keeping It All in the Family. Business as Usual

By Terry | American Decline

Jun 28
With Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke expected to leave the central bank when his term expires early next year, Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen has emerged as a top contender for the job.

An economist and former president of the San Francisco Fed, Yellen speaks often about monetary policy and the economy.Janet_yellen

Read full article here: Janet Yellen a leading contender to head the Federal Reserve – Politico Pro

She is not a shoe in however as Larry Summers and Donald Kohn are also mentioned as possible candidates.

Turns out that Yellen is a strong advocate of low interest rates. In fact, she even stated at one point that if she could, she would have the rates at below 0%.

Now, in case you don’t know rates that low fuel inflation. When money is that cheap to borrow, it tends to encourage the “printing” of money or increase the money supply. Inflation inevitably continues because the more there is of something, the lower its value.

Low interest rates also make it easier for banks to load up on the Fed monopoly money as well.

What a policy like this does not encourage is savings and investment. CD rates remain absurdly low and a joke as a savings mechanism. Rates so low that you end up losing money to inflation if you try saving with them.

CFR Connections of Course

Curiously in her Wiki biography or in the Politco article mentioned above is it mentioned that like Bernanke, Greenspan and about every other Fed Chairman she is a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Started by the international bankster family in 1921, the building that houses the CFR was donated from the Rockefeller family. The honorary Chairman of the CFR is David C. Rockefeller.

Tim Geithner, our current Treasury Secretary is CFR and a former NY Fed Bank President.

The other two contenders mentioned Donald Kohn and Larry Summers are also CFR. ( http://www.cfr.org/about/membe… ). Hey let’s keep it all in the same family right?

The private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve runs the show. Their incubator is the CFR.

Yellen, Summers, Kohn. Doesn’t really matter which of them gets in since nothing will really change at all.

The inflation of the dollar’s value will continue. Our national debt will grow since the parasitic banksters need and use debt to control their hosts.

Eventually, the game will be up. The dollar will implode. But hey, not to worry. They will trot out another Fed controlled replacement. The game will begin anew for a while until we end up as part of their one world government New World Order as Henry Kissinger, George H. Bush, Clinton, Cheney (all CFR BTW) and other notables put it.

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