Sandy Hook- A False Flag Operation? – Part 3 How many shooters?

By Terry | 2nd Amendment

Feb 11
Was there only one shooter at Sandy Hook? Haven’t we been down this single shooter route before with the “official” tale? (Think JFK assassination.)

Well, turns out that there were at least 7 shooter suspects in the beginning. Two suspects can clearly be seen being chased into the woods. They were both stopped by the police and put on the ground. Heard anything more about them? The local news passed one of them off as being an off duty policeman in gear wondering about the woods. Oh, is that all? Well, that’s perfectly normal outside an elementary school the same day and time of a reported mass shooting incident isn’t it?

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The police transmission reported a purple van with two suspects in ski masks and one in a nun outfit. Again after the initial report nothing was heard again about this possibility.

A young boy reported another suspect pinned to the ground with handcuffs on. Note how the media cuts away quickly when the boy starts describing the man. Are they after the truth here or what?

That would make a 6th suspect. Then, of course, we have the 7th suspect, Adam Lanza who done it all! 7 suspects and only one is focused on immediately and without question. Perhaps sound eerily like Lee Harvey to you? Oh, and if you think only the kid described a man cuffed this man describes one in the front of a police car. BTW, why is a suspect in “camo” pants and a dark jacket sitting in the front of the police car. Don’t they normally place suspects in the back of the vehicle?

Yet, it all only came down to one shooter, erroneously reported as the 23 year old brother at first, (Guess someone got the lines crossed.)- Adam Lanza. Of course, there were other erroneous stories out there at first too such as the connection between Nancy Lanza and the school. Not! She had no connection to this school.

There are more anomalies in this event that just don’t add up, but I’ve given you enough to get started with for now. Sandy Hook – The Documentary has more. If you YouTube this issue you will find even more.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out but I suspect it will simply be another 9/11 or JFK with people lining up on both sides ardently defending their surrogate Big Brother and those who choose to suspend the media and government drum beats and examine the facts that have shown themselves already.

One thing for sure, you better believe someone is ready to cash in on the power grab for disarmament on the government side. That drum beat goes on and on and on…….

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