Sandy Hook – Two Years After and a Banned YouTube Video

By Terry | Government Deception

Dec 14

Alex Jones- InfoWars site had a report on a new documentary about Sandy Hook that was banned from YouTube by requests.  Scroll down to Internet Censors Viral Sandy Hook Truth Documentary ) for the report.

Having posted on this topic after the event, questioning its veracity, a claim of a banned video on the topic got my attention. So, I checked it out.

It’s long (almost 3 hours). It delayed during the stream periodically which was annoying. However, it really covered the information effectively and backed it up with facts and references. You can view it here for free: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.

Topics Covered


 Interestingly, they didn’t even cover some of the more obvious stuff like the Coroner interview, multiple shooter hypothesis, crisis actor father Robbie, etc. Guess that’s because it has already been covered in depth on YouTube. In fact, I posted on some of this stuff closer to the event over a year ago myself.

However, some of the stuff is so phony that it is downright amusing like the people/parents at the firehouse who are literally leaving the scene, making a right and then re-entering to mill about again (essentially walking in circles).

DNA anomalies have now surfaced which do not demonstrate Adam Lanza on the guns and ammo but rather people supposedly shot at the scene.

Many actors were found throughout the testimonies and their behavior does not demonstrate a crisis mode or tragic event response.

Why no children in the video that supposedly showed the children being evacuated?

Why were 6 ambulances parked at the fire house with their fronts facing away from the school and the access road to the school completely blocked by vehicles?

Evidence on Adam Lanza never demonstrated attendance at Sandy Hook, although CNN and other mainstream media indicated otherwise.

Adam Lanza’s barber? What barber?

Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan was the first accused. What happened to that guy anyway?

How about Daddy Lanza? Why no public interviews with him?

Visual anomalies that do not indicate crisis mode or anything even close and much more

Did Gene Rosen Really Deserve a Song?

Particularly moving was the piece on Gene Rosen, the retired pet sitter, who reputedly found 6 children from Sandy Hook sitting in shock at his home (Or was it 4?). Rosen was built into a kind of folk hero by the media. However, we find out that his account of this event changed 4 times and that he was also an actor.

Turns out the guy was seen in videos of the crowd at the school when he was supposed to be at his home tending to the forlorn children. He was also a known actor and  the most embarrassing disclosure is a video of him posted where he appears to be practicing his lines and was corrected by the camera man.

The Gene Rosen Song- Excerpted Lyrics

“You need way more room because you’re heart’s too big for your house.

Gene Rosen…….Gene Rosen

Roses bloom and Elm Trees sway for what you did that fateful day.”

Sorry, but this is simply farcical. Is this singer for real or is this actually a tongue in cheek parody? After seeing the evidence about Gene you may feel differently about this little ditty.

What Was Sandy Hook Really About?

To me, Sandy Hook, looks like another false flag, engineered event that was used to generate support for more gun control legislation and ultimately more control over the public. It appears to be a drill that was trumped up into an actual event. Of course, the mention of this will bring on abuse from the true believers. After all, one of the purposes of any conspiracy is to convince you that conspiracy does not, in fact, exist.


The film was long (Delayed its streaming for me when I viewed it. It may not do the same for you. Don’t know. But I soldiered through it because it was NOT the same old stuff on the topic.), but very revealing. It raises issues that have not been effectively addressed in the past and puts them in one convenient location- this documentary. I found quite interesting overall and would recommend you view it and make up your own mind.

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