The Brits Rejected Military Action Against Syria Because of Public Resistance – What About America?

By Terry | CFR

Aug 30

David Cameron was forced to withdraw their support from a Syrian military strike because of public pressure. You know they wanted to but the public outcry was too strong and quite frankly the evidence is not yet clear. France backed out as well.

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So what about America?

Obama, Biden, Kerry and the mainstream media just plow ahead disregarding any evidence to the contrary. Fact is, they want war for a variety of reasons and will manipulate the situation in any way they can to make it happen.

Meanwhile, American warships and military stand at the ready as Chuck Hagel (CFR of course) confirmed.

Obama’s source BTW, the Israeli Defense Forces which is the electronic equivalent of our NSA. It intercepted and collected a supposed recording of 2 Syrian officials talking about the use of poisonous gas. However, there appears to be no actual physical evidence that the gas exists.

Reminds me of the slam dunk claims of the Bush regime. The incessant media drumbeat about weapons of mass destruction and Bush’s mushroom cloud reference. The only one’s who acted with complete confidence in the information were Bush, Cheney (CFR), Rice (CFR) and the neo-con experts like CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby and Douglas Feith.

And the Result of Their “Slam Dunk”?

So what was the result of their slam dunk? A pack of proven lies as it turned out. After 2 years of searching no WMD’s were ever found. The search was quietly abandoned with little mention by the media. What happened to the hype in that case now that our military was firmly entrenched in Iraq for what turned out to be nearly a decade costing our nation over a Trillion $ in debt thanks to our wonderful Federal Reserve set up that can produce money from nothing.

So now, history repeats itself. The Peace President and his sycophants promote military action against a distant foreign nation while neglecting the very real needs that need addressed here such a massive, unprecedented level of debt in the face of unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Social Security that are growing larger every day as the aging baby boomer population reaches retirement age.

Can the War Drums Be Stopped?

Will anything be done to stop this push towards yet another mid-east conflict by our Peace Prize (Kinda tells you how meaningful Nobel Peace Prizes are these days doesn’t it?) winning Secretary General? One can only hope so but the louder the media and our so-called “leaders” beat the war drum, and the less the American public says or does to stop them, the less hope I have. After all, we are the policeman of the world aren’t we?  (At great cost to our nation I may add. Or should I make that police state? Well……not just yet but stay tuned that one is in the works.)

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