Obama Mandela Speech to Cost Taxpayers $500,000 a minute

By Terry | Government Spending

Dec 11

Alex Jones posted an interesting article on InfoWars.com about the costs of the speech that Obama gave on Monday at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. As my last post noted, Mandela had clear ties to Communist organizations like the South African Communist Party. Why some of his best buds were even Communists and/or dictators like Momar Khadafi (Or however that name is spelled since it apparently had many alternatives. Anyway that dude that Hillary gloated about helping to off.)

Obama, of course, made sure to shake the hand of Raul Castro and greet the wife with the European style cheek kiss. One Marxist to another I suppose:

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 Travel Ain’t Cheap When You’re a President Ya Know

Well, turns out that in our time of ever expanding debt, an overseas visit can be pretty costly. Henri LaRiche, from South Africa, estimates that the costs of the trip and 10 minute speech adds up to roughly $500,000 a minute:

The 28-hour two-way flight 18,000-mile round trip to Johannesburg, via Dakar, in Senegal on Air Force One  will cost $5 million because the four-engined Boeing 747 runs roughly $180,000 an hour to operate, according to a May 2012 report by the Congressional Research Service. These costs also include jet fuel and subsequent maintenance of the aircraft’s engines, electronics and hotel-class facilities.

A small price to pay when you think of the benefits of paying tribute to a dead Marxist comrade though one would think. After all, what is the public coffer for if it couldn’t support an absolutely mission critical trip like this, right?

Not Everyone is Impressed with Obama’s Visit

Apparently however, Obama’s trip was not welcome by the existing Marxist/Socialist organizations of South Africa (Organizations listed and linked below). In another LaRiche article he notes that the U.S. (meaning Obama’s presence) is not welcome in South Africa:

A statement was issued by the National Unions of Metalworkers of South Africa, the South African Communist Party, the Young Communist League of South Africa, the South African Students’ Congress, the Muslim Students’ Association, the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union, the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the Friends of Cuba Society, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel in South Africa, and the World Federation of Trade Unions* (*All Socialist/Marxist/Communist organisations that the US help bring into power. Apartheid South Africa was a western capitalist country.) about Obama’s visit.

“We categorically make it known that the visit of the US president to South Africa is an unwelcome visit that will be protested, picketed and resisted by all justice and peace-loving peoples of this country,” the organisations* said in a joint statement on Sunday.

“Friendship with South Africa must be based on values of justice, freedom and equality, and these the US has offended, undermined and ridiculed through its actions in the global front,” they* said.

Nice to know that our taxes are well spent huh?

Friends of Obama

Fortunately, there to console our Secretary General in Chief were his former adversary George W. Bush who was invited to accompany him on the trip, which we also funded. You know that dude that Obama denigrated for 2 full years during his first Presidential (At least they called it a Presidential campaign then. I don’t think they could have gotten away with the term Secretary General at the time. Now maybe however it might work.)

Just goes to show how much of a charade these Presidential campaigns actually are in my book. A puppet show for the uninformed to give them the illusion of choice when, in fact, there is none. Damned if you do or damned if you don’t as “they” say.

Also in attendance was Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, both members of the Council on Foreign Relations that global one world government pushing, invited members only organization of the elite whose Honorary Chairman is David C. Rockefeller. Bush’s papa, George Herbert was also a member of the CFR and in addition to being a former President was also the head of the CIA. A nice tie in and preparation for the office apparently.

What is interesting is that information critical of Mandela is very difficult to find on Amazon. I tried. What I found is that books that tended to present anything outside of the accepted narrative of Mandela as saint and savior of the nation were inordinately priced not to sell. For example, the book below The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaner: Perpetual Genocide of Afrikaners in South Africa written in 2011 was priced at $67 but you can get it at a steeply discounted $60.30  if you want. A deal?

And this was consistent as you would see by conducting a search yourself. If you want the truth, you are going to have to search for it. (Following the links on this page will help to shorten your search however.) These days truth is not made readily available. Entertainment, media spin, government tales of wonder? Hey, no problem. The truth? It is getting harder and harder to find. Something in my gut tells me that will continue to be an area of growth in our changing world. Not a good trend if you ask me.


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