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Apr 14

The “Too Big to Fail” Banks are Getting Openly Bolder in Asserting Their Control Over Our Lives

By Terry | Central Banking Conspiracy , CFR Corporate List , Council on Foreign Relations , Federal Reserve , Government Deception , Gun Control

The Bank of America just announced it will not lend money to manufacturers of “military-style firearms” used by civilians. This comes just weeks after Citigroup asserted it will not do business with retailers unless they restrict gun sales. These banks who are not only on the list of the 29 “too big to fail banks”, […]

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Aug 08

Globablist CFR Larry Summers is on the Fed Short List – It Obviously Ain’t Cause He Needs the Job or Money

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Federal Reserve , Obama appointee

hile most Americans struggle to make ends meet, some are doing just fine. Of course, having the right connections to the money powers that be doesn’t hurt either. Larry Summers is on the short list for the position expected to open up in January for the Federal Reserve. He’s already had some help from his […]

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Jan 25

More Appointments for the International Financier Cartel from Obama- Kerry and Hagel

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Council on Foreign Relations , Federal Reserve , Military , National Debt , UN Deception

nyone who doesn’t get that Obama has been a media constructed fraud from day one is sound asleep. Or perhaps they are completely brain dead. Or simply too intellectually lazy to conduct a little research beyond what they are spoon fed by the bankster owned propaganda machine called the media. If your main source of […]

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Jan 24

Panetta lifts ban on woman in combat….it ain’t what it seems.

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Constitutional , Council on Foreign Relations , Military

eon Panetta lifted the ban on woman fighting in combat today. Panetta said it will make our military stronger. The issue was framed as opening up 250,000 jobs for women and opportunity for career moves for woman Tom Bowman, the NPR Pentagon correspondent, said some of the objections to this issue are: Woman don’t have […]

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Jan 10

Obama’s latest picks- Deception by Omission- Jack Lew- Secretary of the Treasury

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Council on Foreign Relations , Deception by Omission , Federal Reserve , Military , National Debt

ow wonderful. You ask for relevant current examples of deception by omission and Obama delivers right on time just like the local supermarket’s delivery chain. The latest appointment choice- Jack Lew – Secretary of the Treasury. Well now, whoda thunk that Tim Geithner, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and member […]

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