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The “Too Big to Fail” Banks are Getting Openly Bolder in Asserting Their Control Over Our Lives

By Terry | Central Banking Conspiracy

The Bank of America just announced it will not lend money to manufacturers of “military-style firearms” used by civilians.

This comes just weeks after Citigroup asserted it will not do business with retailers unless they restrict gun sales.

These banks who are not only on the list of the 29 “too big to fail banks”, they are also on the top of the list Founders on the Corporate list of the Council on Foreign Relations. (CFR).

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Who Is Really in Control Here?

In case you haven’t noticed, these major international financier organizations are pretty much in control of our lives via the Federal Reserve cartel. While they get to unload their bad debts on the American public through bail-outs and much more, they now have the moxie to openly enter into the political debate over citizen control hidden behind the label of “gun control”.

These privileged and powerful Corporations can now control (yes, control) the production of weapons without a single vote being cast and without public input. (lLobbyists operate behind closed doors.) After all, who do you think the gun manufacturers turn to with help for their cash flow? They can’t afford to buck their pay master which throttles their available cash for business.

The control of interest rates was part of the Federal Reserve set up from the very beginning when the cartel made decisions to structure their system to allow complete control over both interest rates and currency issuance. At the time of the 1910 planning meeting on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, one of the problems these super banks wanted to solve was how to force Corporations to turn to them, not themselves or local banks, for their money since between 1900 and 1910 70% of Corporate funding was generated internally.

Even the Federal government was gathering gold and getting thrifty. The major banks wanted those trends to end, but how?

The Central Banking Model

Enter the European central banking model. In the secretive meeting on Jekyll Island a new design modeled after the European central banking systems was created.

Paul Warburg, of Rothschild related Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (whom Daddy Warbucks of Annie was modeled after)  knew that the way to end this trend was to design a system that transferred control of the cost of money (interest rates) to the Federal Reserve cartel. If the bank cartel (known later as the Federal Reserve) could set interest rates, they could also funnel lending away from the free market to them by providing lower rates than the market would naturally demand.

Today’s zero rates are an example of how this artificially manipulative system works. It not only forces large borrowers to the banking cartel for their loans, it also forces the average citizen to spend rather than save offering pitiful returns of less than 1% on savings. This helps create spending and debt rather than savings further aiding the system.

Today, this cash flow control is now being manifested with as much coercion as Federal law as the above examples of Bank of America and Citigroup demonstrate.

A Wake Up Call

Regardless of where you stand on the gun control issue, let this be a wake up call as to who is really in charge here. The Federal Reserve cartel and its favored “too big to fail” few have as much control over our lives as the Red Chinese model of governance.

Their money and power allow them to assert control over our politicians through campaign funding. This also includes control of our government, since a response to all government spending requests arises through the Federal Reserve. Just as the Corporations above cannot operate without cash flow, neither can our government as the $1.3 Trillion spending bill just demonstrated.

Primary Dealers

What is more, the counterparties (commissioned market makers) for the issuance of U.S. debt are called Primary Dealers. If you compare the Primary Dealers list to the Founders list of the CFR and the “too big to fail” list you will find striking similarities. Fact is, the same international financiers appear on all three of these power lists.

It was planned that way from the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1910 at Jekyll Island which passed through Congress in 1913.

They have achieved their goals remarkably effectively while destroying our economy in the process.

Our dollar is now worth less than 5 cents of its value just prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve. Inflation through the massive increases of our Federal debt has decimated our spending power creating the opposite of the promised stable economy used to sell the Federal Reserve system to the public and politicians.

Read This Resource on the Fed

If you really aren’t getting this, then please give yourself a wake up call. Acquire and carefully read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. What you learn in this book will immensely elevate your knowledge of how this cartel works.

It will leave you shaking your head and may even shock you.

At the very least, it will open your eyes while filling in a whole lot of pieces of the government Leviathan puzzle that has increasingly intruded into each of our lives, now visibly manifesting in the highly politicized gun/citizen control debate.