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Media Monopoly Means Mind Control

Ever notice how the media all share the same narrative at the same time using the same catch phrase? For example, these days, one day and night the phrase “impeachment” will dominate 98% of the news.

After a day or two of that meme, the next catch phrase will be “racist”.

Then, it will switch to “migrant children” or calling the President a “Nazi” and on and on it goes.

The same narrative and catch phrase continuously repeated for a few days more or less by the mainstream media. It’s almost as if they all had the same writers, seeing the same thing at the same time.

A Conspiracy?

Sounds conspiratorial doesn’t it? Well, its certainly no accident. Too repetitively coordinated to be that.

Many in the public sector are on to this strategy. More of the thinking public has become aware of how little real news mainstream media actually reports these days.

Instead, we are fed a steady diet of opinion couched as news with little actual evidence to back it up. In fact, mostly biased speculations and prepared labels.

This is easy to do when the fact is, only six major corporations own about 90% of our media. Call it a media cartel or monopoly or whatever you want, but it explains why we all get fed the same story (AKA narrative) at the same time.

The graphic below pretty much breaks down the big 6:


In 1983, the control was shared by about 50 Corporations. Still small, it at least allowed for more diversity. This is no longer the case.

Today, for example, Time Warner owns TNT, TBS, and CNN. Not surprisingly, they all repeat the same talking points with the same “major” stories all being covered at the same time.

With a media monopoly, there is no diversity of opinion permissible because as Lord Acton of the 19th century put it: Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Illusion of Choice

Today, we are given the illusion of choice rather than a real choice from our media sources.

You get a selected point of view designed to produce a selected effect. The same narrative is repeated throughout all of the media with perhaps only Fox, One America News and a few others offering a differing point of view.

This is intentional deception by omitting facts that don’t fit their world view. You are expected to adopt the approved world view without question which is why Donald Trump’s election has engendered such opposition. He doesn’t- and he isn’t afraid to make it public. He’s messing with their timeline and they don’t like it.


With today’s corporate-controlled media monopoly, I think it is fair to make a few assumptions:

  • Corporations act in their own interests
  • There is a Central Controlling Interest for Each Corporation
  • Money feeds and controls Corporations (think advertisers, lenders- international banks)
  • The Controlling Interest Determines What Best Feeds the Monopoly Interests and Profits
  • The Information Produced is Carefully Culled to Produce Results that Benefit the Controlling Interests

One thing to always remember however is that corporations actually control nothingpeople do.

It’s easy to blame government or corporations but that objectifies the control- making it a meaningless mystery. However, behind those institutions are the people controlling them to serve their interests and goals of mass control- aka as the New World Order (NWO). (See the video below for a compilation of powerful people evoking the NWO)

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The Illusion of Choice


Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without. – Merovingian character in Matrix Reloaded

The “illusion” is created through the control of information via the approved narrative of those in power.

The control of information is produced by the monopoly control over our information sources. The result is a system of indoctrination that applies in our public education and universities as well.

Unfortunately, a little objective research reveals that our children are not being educated but rather indoctrinated– into the approved narrative.

A former educator and political appointee, Charlotte Iserbyt in President Reagan’s administration referred to this phenomena as The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America in her book by the same name.

Alex Newman and Samuel Blumental describe the process in their historical narrative- Crimes of the Educators.

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Purpose of Deception By Omission

The purpose of this blog is to:

  • Provide an alternative to the spoon feeding of the media cartel’s approved narrative or world view.
  • When possible, identify the people responsible. Not easy to do because their hired hands intentionally operate in the shadows to facilitate their plans without interference.
  • Help flesh out the intentionally unstated plans of the power brokers who seek to control it all, including you and I.
  • Present the facts sold as reality by the media monopoly with a clearer vision of the intent behind their narrative.
  • Inject some truth, even if unpopular, into the course of the information flow, instead of watching the freedoms we are supposed to have disappear into an intended tyranny.

With the facts intentionally hidden in the open, you can then Form your own opinions to replace having your opinions provided wrapped up as a nice little meme for you by the media monopoly.

A meme that fits their approved narrative.

Tired of Being Spoon Fed By the Owners Too?

If so, check out this blog. Intended to awaken you to the planned “plantation” the left wants us all to inhabit (as pointed out by Dinesh D’Souza’s in his movie Death of a Nation)

Feel free to offer your own civil comments as well. The operative word there being civil. We have enough low level expression already.