March 2017

Flag Idolatry

Is the Pledge of Allegiance Truly a Conservative Act?

After becoming an adult, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable about reciting the pledge of allegiance. As a school child, I never questioned it which I suppose is normal. As I became an adult however, it kind of rankled me to place my hand on my heart and pledge allegiance to a government which I […]

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Top 5 Reasons David C. Rockefeller Will Not Be Missed

This is an expansion inspired by an article found at this website. Good article, but as I read it some thoughts came to mind about David C. and his family that were not covered in the article which I wanted to share. To begin with watch this excerpt from an interview with late film maker Aaron Russo (Trading […]

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Champion of One World Government- David C. Rockefeller Dies at Age 101

The Honorary Chairman of the globalist, New World Order champion organization the Council on Foreign Relations has passed away, apparently in his sleep, of congestive heart failure. I don’t think we can pin this one on the Russians but some may try anyway, who knows? Rockefeller was known to have made statements like this: Obviously […]

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The Worst Part of Replacing Obamacare So Far- Replace

Why does every mention the elimination of Obamacare have to be immediately followed with the word “replace”? The Part I Don’t Like About Repeal and Replace is Replace I’m probably not far from the rest of those people who feel that our government is headed in the wrong direction when I suggest that they just […]

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