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Argentina’s Economy Still Struggling to Recover From Years of High Spending and Government Interventionism

By Terry | economic decline , Inflation , Socialism

Argentina Barter Market

Argentina was once one of the world’s wealthiest Nations– 100 years ago, Now it is paying dearly for Its government controlled economy and central bank deficit spending. In 2001, in Argentina, there was a run on the bank due to running high deficit spending thanks to the their central banking system, which like our Federal […]

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Here We Go Again- Obamacare Double Digit Increases

By Terry | Government Deception , media deception , Obamacare , Socialism

When Obama was still in office and Donald was campaigning for office some Obamacare increases exceeded 100%. They are still uncomfortably high in many states. The difference this time however is that the leftists who vociferously cheered Obamacare’s inception are now blaming Donald Trump for the premium rises.  They forget that Obama promised premium reductions when […]

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UK Displays Its Totalitarian Side- Jails Activist for Covering Trial of Islamic Pedophile Ring

By Terry | Cultural Marxism , Government Monopoly , Personal Liberty , Socialism

This is where Socialist Progressivism leads. Inevitably, the more power a government is granted by the public, the more tyrannical it becomes. As in totalitarian nations, that tyranny is built on control over the flow of information. The more tyrannical the State, the more control they have over the flow of information. The UK government just […]

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