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Jul 29

McCain’s Vote Scuttle’s Republican’s “Skinny” Bill

By Terry | CFR , Council on Foreign Relations , Government Deception , New World Order , Obamacare

The vote on the Republican “Skinny Bill” failed because of two words- John McCain. Murkowski and Collins were expected to vote no. Their votes were factored in already. Democrats knew who to go after to sink the bill. Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, undergoing cancer treatment herself, appealed to McCain to “vote your conscience, vote […]

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Aug 30

The Brits Rejected Military Action Against Syria Because of Public Resistance – What About America?

By Terry | CFR , media deception , Military , New World Order , war

David Cameron was forced to withdraw their support from a Syrian military strike because of public pressure. You know they wanted to but the public outcry was too strong and quite frankly the evidence is not yet clear. France backed out as well. [vsw id=”wXQdK1_bOsA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] So what about America? Obama, Biden, […]

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Aug 28

The White House Response to Syria Chemical Event- Predictable. Now, the Media Drumbeat Begins in Earnest. Iraq, Libya Deja vu

By Terry | American Decline , CFR , Council on Foreign Relations , Deception by Omission , Government conspiracy , Military , New World Order , Uncategorized , war

Do we have a moment to step back and take a breath from all of this? Or are we (and I use that term very euphemistically since “We, the people” seem to have absolutely no control or input into what our government does with our military, at all!) going to get propagandized into yet another […]

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Aug 08

Globablist CFR Larry Summers is on the Fed Short List – It Obviously Ain’t Cause He Needs the Job or Money

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Federal Reserve , Obama appointee

hile most Americans struggle to make ends meet, some are doing just fine. Of course, having the right connections to the money powers that be doesn’t hurt either. Larry Summers is on the short list for the position expected to open up in January for the Federal Reserve. He’s already had some help from his […]

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Jul 21

New Rice or Old Rice- The Recipe for a Globalist as a Security Advisor Remains the Same

By Terry | American Decline , CFR , Council on Foreign Relations , Government conspiracy , media deception , New World Order , Trilateral Commission

Obama couldn’t get Susan E. Rice in as Secretary of State. She shot herself in the proverbial foot with her inaccurate and misleading statements about the Benghazi scandal which predictably seems to have been taken out of the public eye by the controlled media. Rice in the new world order cuisine of globalism seems to […]

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Jun 28

Janet Yellen- A Leading Contender to Replace Bernanke as Fed Head. Just Keeping It All in the Family. Business as Usual

By Terry | American Decline , Central Banking Conspiracy , CFR , Council on Foreign Relations , Federal Reserve , Inflation , New World Order

ith Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke expected to leave the central bank when his term expires early next year, Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen has emerged as a top contender for the job. An economist and former president of the San Francisco Fed, Yellen speaks often about monetary policy and the economy. Read full article here:  […]

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Jan 25

More Appointments for the International Financier Cartel from Obama- Kerry and Hagel

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Council on Foreign Relations , Federal Reserve , Military , National Debt , UN Deception

nyone who doesn’t get that Obama has been a media constructed fraud from day one is sound asleep. Or perhaps they are completely brain dead. Or simply too intellectually lazy to conduct a little research beyond what they are spoon fed by the bankster owned propaganda machine called the media. If your main source of […]

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Jan 24

Panetta lifts ban on woman in combat….it ain’t what it seems.

By Terry | CFR , CFR Corporate List , Constitutional , Council on Foreign Relations , Military

eon Panetta lifted the ban on woman fighting in combat today. Panetta said it will make our military stronger. The issue was framed as opening up 250,000 jobs for women and opportunity for career moves for woman Tom Bowman, the NPR Pentagon correspondent, said some of the objections to this issue are: Woman don’t have […]

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