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While Doubling the National Debt- Obama Spent Almost $100 Million on Travel

By Terry | Government Spending

Judicial Watch reported that it has obtained new documents from the Secret Service and the Air Force about Obama’s travel expenses. The reported facts bring the known total over the past eight years to $96,938,882.51. What the hey, just add it to the tab right? After all, it ain’t his money is it?

Obama’s Earth Day Trip

To speak about the still questionable topic of global warming alone, the total cost of the trip was $1,012,3678.76. Over a million bucks to talk about global warming? And that was in 2015. Hadn’t we heard enough from this guy on the issue already yet we still have to fund him a million to hear more?

Michelle’s Aspen Ski Trip

In February 2016, Michelle took a trip to Aspen Colorado with her daughters for some skiing. That cost us $222,875.58. Hey, she needed the rest. It ain’t easy to be a First Lady you know. Apparently, even the daughters feel the stress too as well.

Help for Hillary

In July 2016, during Hillary’s campaign, Obama went to North Carolina with Hillary. That Air Force one trip cost the taxpayers $360,236. Good investment huh? The lying you know what lost anyway.

Obama’s Trip

Not to worry. For stress relief in August 2016, Obama took a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. That one cost tax payers $450,295 in flight expenses alone.

I hope he felt relaxed afterward cause if it were his money, he probably wouldn’t have. Guess he figured since he was pushing a $10 Trillion addition to the national debt throwing in another half million or so wouldn’t make much difference anyway.

Besides he had to rest up to campaign for Hillary. After all, its a tough job but someone had to do it since she apparently wasn’t willing to. What? Me Campaign?

Farewell- Quickly Please!

Now, I don’t know about you but frankly I can’t wait until this dude is out of office for good. Not only has he buried us in very deep hole of debt that most people don’t even fully fathom, but he has strapped us all with regulatory controls that are designed to increase “State” control over private citizens and businesses.

Good riddance to unwelcome baggage. Talk about fake news- just  wait till we hear the media spin on his legacy about how wonderful a President he was.

And when the “you know what” that he left hits the fan, guess who will take the blame?

It won’t be Obama E. Neumann. Might even be Bush again. They already got 8 years out of that excuse. What’s another 4 or 8 right?