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The Foolish Right and Left Wing Paradigms – Deception Through the Media

By Terry | Government Deception

A recent post on a Survivor oriented blog reminded me of how thoroughly people have been misled by the media. After an article entitled Hacking the News, which depicted the press as being sold-out to liberalism, a reader posted the following response:

“This writer is delusional in his assessment of “liberal” news reporting and the attitudes of the people who get news from so-called “liberal” news outlets.

The truth is that such alarmist headlines and “tweets” are the norm for CONSERVATIVE news outlets, such as Alex Jones and “Before it’s the News.”

If people are misinformed it is much more likely to be from a “Right Wing Conservative” news source, such as FOX.”

To me, this is yet another example of how deceived the public is by mainstream media into accepting labels and neat little boxes for their realities while missing the overall.

All the Same Team

The so-called “right wing” news station of Fox is on the same team as the rest of the media. Fox is part of the News Corp conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch, who is a long-time member of the globalist oriented, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is a bankster created organization that pushes globalism and a one world government goal which has all of the “tooShadows_of_Power
big to fail” banks and David C. Rockefeller as its Honorary Chairman. (For more on them read Shadows of Power by James Perloff).

This so-called “right wing” is simply controlled opposition that exists to present a counterpoint to the main narrative in the media. It’s overall intent is to move the people towards the intentional goal of one world government. You will note that on both sides of the message, war as a solution remains intact.

The War Agenda is Rarely Questioned By the Mainstream

The Fox neo-cons push war because war aids in generating debt which is important for the international banking cartel represented by the Federal Reserve (see Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin) and also aids the wealthy elite who control banking and our media to gain both economic and political control over nations. Debt enslaves one to whom the debt is owed. That includes nations, not just individuals.

Left-Right? What is the Real Difference?

Fact is, the left pushes the same message. How much change in war oriented activities has there been since Obama took office? Try none! In fact, we have been involved in more wars than even under Bush with the continuation of Iraq to this day (while lessened under the same time frame as Bush proposed) and escalated in Afghanistan as well as involvement in Arab Spring revolutions, Libya and others.

There is no real difference between the so-called left and rights, liberal-conservative etc. There is rather a false emphasis of difference to produce the illusion of right and left or difference.

The Real End Game

In the end, we continue to be led towards their overall paradigm of one world government. People who buy into one “side” or the other of the false left-right, Democrat-Republican, right wing-left wing models are simply a pack of suckers falling prey to their propaganda machines controlled by fiat currency issued by a now global central banking scheme.

The global war on terrorism continues and banks hold the debt and control that results.

The Will Rogers Solution

Will Rogers

Will Rogers- 1879 to 1935

One way of ending this game was proposed, tongue in cheek, by the great American humorist of the 20’s and 30’s Will Rogers. Will said:

“I have a scheme for stopping war. It’s this- no nation is allowed to enter a war until they have paid for the last one.”

The Debt Solution

You can guarantee Will’s solution would never see the light of day. Debt is how they control and enslave nations and their people.

Politicians cannot get elected without it. Wars cannot be conducted without it. Corporations cannot operate without it, especially the largest ones. People as a whole are mired in it including the mortgage on that house you think is yours, unless you fail to pay it, that is. Guess who owns your house then.

Debt is promoted over savings continuously. In the end, it is the holder of the debt that controls the one who owes the debt.

War is one of the most effective ways to promote national debt. The holder of the debt is the nation. The one to whom it is owed is the international banking cartels which operate under the paradigm of central banks. (See The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin for details)

People are in fact simply misinformed by all of the media and it is by no means an accident. It is simply easier to accept what you are fed without questioning it. In the end, we all end up under the thumbs of the international financiers and their minions.

Media Spin Means Control

The articles below demonstrate some of the deception and how effectively people are controlled by the media. Instead of questioning the media, most people simply accept its spin and comment on it as though it is the word of God. It is deception at its finest. Few understand or acknowledge that even those who think they are so well-informed. It’s deception by omission rolling happily along and few ever notice, until it will be too late that is.

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