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Dec 07

The Hidden Cost of War Citizens Never Hear About

By Terry | American Decline , Federal Reserve , Government Deception , Government Spending , National Debt , Uncategorized

Pentagon - Aerial View

While we are made to almost feel guilty for questioning our perpetual engagement in war, massive profits are being generated at the expense of the average working stiff. A recent audit by Ernst & Young and other private firms of the Pentagon’s budget was unable to be completed. The auditor’s concluded that the DoD’s financial […]

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Oct 22

Why Government Run Healthcare Won’t Work

By Terry | government growth , Government Monopoly , Government Spending

Single Payer Healthcare

Lefties and Dems ceaselessly cry for government run healthcare. They claim it is their “right” and therefore demand it with their carefully cultivated government entitlement mentality. Cultivated by an educational system that pushes government control from cradle to grave. Their main eye is on what they consider the prize they deserve- free healthcare. However, what […]

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Aug 29

Another Brilliant Progressive Idea from Gavin Newsom- Universal Healthcare for ALL – Including Illegal Immigrants!

By Terry | collectivism , economic decline , Government Spending

Leftist’s Sure Do Come Up With Some “Progressive” Ideas. Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Said As Governor He Wants Universal Health Care for All- Including Illegal Aliens! Brilliant! He stated in his interview that he was “very proud” (not just proud but very proud) of creating the nation’s only universal healthcare plan for illegal immigrants as Mayor […]

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Jul 02

Senator Gillibrand Shows Democrats Hand While Creating a Falsehood About the Appointment of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch

By Terry | Government Spending , Hillary Clinton , Personal Liberty

If you want to give Gillibrand, a potential Presidential candidate for the Democratic party in 2020, the benefit of the doubt, you could say she was simply misinformed. Despite attempts to bail her out by the CNN moderator, liberal Chris Cuomo, Gillibrand claimed that Justice Gorsuch did not get one Democrat vote. She was wrong, […]

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Jun 25

When It Comes to the Left- Labels Mean Exactly the Opposite of What You Think- Ask Sarah Sanders

By Terry | Donald Trump , Government Deception , Government Spending , Illegal Immigration , media deception

Did You Ever Notice How the Labels of the Left Are Completely the Opposite of What They Actually Practice. They call for free speech but then shout down or riot when someone with a view they don’t subscribe to shows up. They claim tolerance and broad mindedness but actually practice just the opposite of their […]

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Jun 04

Draining the Swamp- Trump Signs Executive Orders Aimed at the Federal Employee Sector

By Terry | Economic Collapse , government growth , Government Spending , State of the Union

A popular promise of Donald Trump at the end of his campaign was to “drain the swamp”. This promise resonated with the growing number of Americans who are paying attention to the Leviathan growth of government in the recent decades- $21.2 Trillion national debt and growing daily. The Government Leviathan As pointed out on Michael […]

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Feb 09

The Recent Market Corrections Point to Our Achilles Heel – Massive Debt

By Terry | Economic Collapse , economic decline , Federal Reserve , Government Spending , Inflation

Is Donald Trump falling into the same debt trap that has generated our nation’s massive current national debt? Our Federal Reserve easy money policy has led to a pile of debt. In fact, since central banks dominate our global finance system, the problem is global. Our U.S. stock market is a reflection of the Fed’s […]

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Jan 18

Newly Elected New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, Makes Illegals His First Priority

By Terry | American Decline , Government Spending , Socialism

Newly Elected Democrat Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy is just getting started. After spending $20 million of his own money just to win the June primary, the former Goldman Sachs financier executive, who served as the Ambassador to Germany in the Obama administration, is kicking off his administration with a bang so to speak. […]

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