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Mar 07

The Bernie Sanders Deception – Feel the Burn- Part 3

By Terry | Bernie Sanders , Campaign Deception , Presidential Campaign , Uncategorized

As previously pointed out, Sanders propagates the myth that he is a democratic socialist who wants the kinder, gentler version of socialism that operates in Scandinavian nations. The problem is it is a mythology that doesn’t really exist. As pointed out, in an article appearing on Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists, Sanders promotes […]

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Sep 07

Venezuela – A Portrait in the Failure of Socialism

By Terry | Bernie Sanders , collectivism , Socialism

With the Democratic party lurching farther to the left, socialism is being promoted as the solution to the problems of the day in America. Democratic socialist candidates, endorsed by Bernie Sanders, like Ocasio Cortez (aka Occasional Cortex) and Rashida Talib (Of impeach the MF’r fame) have now been placed into office. Uninformed and propagandized millenials […]

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Aug 07

Recent Studies Show Canadian Healthcare is Far From Free and Not Getting Better

By Terry | Bernie Sanders , Government Monopoly , Obamacare , Socialism

Cost and Long Wait Times are Driving Canadians Out of the Country for Medical Care- Primarily the U.S.   While Bernie Sanders Socialist dream is imploding economically in Venezuela into tyranny that doesn’t even faze the Bern. After their recent election, censured by the U.S. and neighboring nations as a sham, Maduro, now a virtual […]

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