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Venezuela – A Portrait in the Failure of Socialism

By Terry | Bernie Sanders

With the Democratic party lurching farther to the left, socialism is being promoted as the solution to the problems of the day in America.

Democratic socialist candidates, endorsed by Bernie Sanders, like Ocasio Cortez (aka Occasional Cortex) and Rashida Talib (Of impeach the MF’r fame) have now been placed into office. Uninformed and propagandized millenials reveled in support of the long-time socialist Bernie in the primaries. That is, until Hillary and the party manipulated their dream away from them with “super delegates”.

Millennial’s are particularly open to the idealism of the socialist message having been indoctrinated by a public school and higher education system which is filled with long time,Demoractic Socialist Idealism collectivist loving leftists.

Some suggest this is because many of the leftist professors have been insulated from the real world by remaining in the academia bubble most of their working lives, never having held a real job in the real world. Living in their little echo chambers of reinforcement, they freely push the egalitarian dreamscape of socialism.

Socialism has special appeal to young idealists with limited life experience because- well,  it just sounds so good.

If everyone has all they need in the idyllic world of socialism, there isn’t going to be all that fighting over making a living and gaining greedy “profit”. Human beings will all be so much more relaxed and happy, so they assume.

Democratic Socialists of America ask:

What would politics, the economy and society look like where no person’s voice was heard over anyone else’s simply because of money, power, sexism, or racism?

They ignore the obvious reality, rejected by our framers during the formation of our Republic, that Democracy failed in Greece because it leads to mobocracy or the tyranny of majority rule.

As Madison stated in Federalist #10:

A common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert result from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

The only problem with the alluring picture of Democratic socialism is that the wonderful dream that socialists profess has never actually happened.

Oh, they say it has in the nearly perfect people world of the Scandinavian nations. But, that just isn’t true as more than one study and book has plainly demonstrated. (See suggested resources below for starters.)

The sad actual reality is that in most cases, socialism has not only failed to deliver on its promises of fairness and equality for all, but the lives of the common person have become far worse than before the dream world of a socialist system was implanted.

Venezuela today

Hugo Chavez, whose mentor was Fidel Castro- a known Communist, thought that Marxist socialism could be implemented and succeed in his nation making him, like Castro, “El Presidente” for life. He got the second part of his dream, he was President for all of his life until he died of cancer in March of 2013 (although a high level defector reported he died months earlier).

Unfortunately, for the people of Venezuela, the first part of Hugo’s Marxist inspired socialist dream has not only failed, but has left a shattered nation in its wake.

Weight Loss and Poverty

Empty Shelves and Food Shortages in Venezuela Abound

According to 3 universities study’s released in 2017, Venezuelans reported losing on average 24 lbs in body weight last year. Additionally, almost 90 percent now live in poverty. All as a direct result of the failed socialist dream of Chavez which has produced a devastating economic crisis with major inflationary pressures and food shortages.

Well-Fed Venezuelan in Caracas Under Maduro’s Socialism Which He Claims is Working


Over 60% of the Venezuelans surveyed said that during the previous 3 months, they woke up hungry because they lacked the money to go out and buy food. Twenty-five percent of the population was eating less than 2 meals a day.

This in a nation that has the largest known oil reserves on the planet. Equal distribution of resources under Socialism? I think the evidence is clear that isn’t the way it plays out in reality- and not just in Venezuela I might add.

The study, which measured the poverty rate based on 13 different indicators, showed that 87% of the people were living in poverty. I suppose this is to be expected in a nation with an inflation level rising 4,068% during 2017 alone. This meant that even buying staples to live on has, quite simply- become not affordable. Another benefit of the socialist dream- equality whereby everyone ends up equally poor.

Maduro Cover-Up

Like most Marxist socialist leaders, Venezuelan President Maduro doesn’t blame the system, he blames business and his opposition, with help from Washington.

And those studies? He also accuses the academics of exaggerating the data because they are in concert with his enemies too.

The problem with Maduro’s claims is that they aren’t holding up to the reality of his own people.

While Maduro claims socialism is working, clashes between protesters and police over scarcity of food led to more than 150 Venezuelan protesters killed, 2,000 injured and 5,400 incarcerated.

While the protests have died down, if parts of the military side with protesters in the future, a coup or civil war is a real possibility. Meanwhile, his people are fleeing the country to the tune of about 5,000 per day.

Venezuela’s Migrant Crisis

The UN claims that 1.6 million Venezuelans have left their nation since 2015 which is now impacting their neighboring countries like Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile even reaching into Brazil which shares a small border with Venezuela. (Note: As of January 2019 the estimates of the number of people who have left the country now stands at 3 million.)

Additionally, more than 28,000 Venezuelan migrants filed asylum petitions in the U.S. last year (2017) as well. No wonder the Democrats push for socialism. It ensures them a stream of future votes under the current useless system of immigration and protections against illegal immigration in the U.S. at present.

The governments of Venezuela’s neighbors are reporting that the large influx of these migrants are now straining their social services like schools and hospitals. Some regions such as the Brazilian state of Roraima declared a state of emergency last year as 30,000 Venezuelan migrants arrived in their state capital which has a population of 350,000.

Now, they are being steered up here with this caravan movement while Pelosi and her minions take junkets abroad and refuse to negotiate on increased border protection in the form of a wall.

Most of these migrants report they are leaving to escape Venezuela’s imploding economy. Hyperinflation, as mentioned above, has destroyed the purchasing power of their currency.

Over a decade of price controls, as it always does, has generated widespread food shortages all over the nation, especially when you factor in the reality that the monthly minimum wage is currently worth about $25- far below what is need to match the over 4,000% inflation rate.

Maduro’s Response?

According to a Fox News story:

Venezuela’s socialist government denies there is a migrant crisis, with Vice President Delcy Rodriguez recently declaring that images of desperate migrants walking across Colombia were staged by Venezuela’s enemies to justify an intervention.


President Nicolas Maduro has urged his country’s emigres to “stop cleaning toilets abroad” and return home. In August, he sent a plane to Peru to pick up around 100 migrants who he said had been duped into abandoning Venezuela.

Not An Isolated Case

The unfortunate reality is that socialism has failed everywhere it has been applied. All Communist nations which killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century alone are based on socialism. Indicated by the name of Russia under communism, (which it still is despite the Perestroika Deception as Anotoliy Golitsyn’s book describes it)  as the U.S.S.R or Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics.

Or as the Preamble of the People’s Republic of China states:

After founding the People’s Republic, China gradually achieved its transition from a New-Democratic to a socialist society. The socialist transformation of the private ownership of the means of production has been completed, the system of exploitation of man by man abolished and the socialist system established.


The people’s democratic dictatorship held by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants, which is in essence the dictatorship of the proletariat, has been consolidated and developed.

The idyllic results of Communism have never actually manifested anywhere producing the exact opposite of its cry of “Power to the People”. As author R.J. Rummel, in his book Death by Government, points out on his site:

In sum the communists probably have murdered something like 110,000,000, or near two-thirds of all those killed by all governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas from 1900 to 1987. Of course, the world total itself it shocking. It is several times the 38,000,000 battle-dead that have been killed in all this century’s international and domestic wars.


Yet the probable number of murders by the Soviet Union alone–one communist country– well surpasses this cost of war. And the murders of communist China almost equal it.

Of course, our indoctrinated youth are never given this information nor are they taught the relationship of Communism with socialism which is the basis of the Communist form of government. Nor do the “useful idiots”, as the Soviets labeled them, who push Communism ever bother to acknowledge these facts- either out of blissful ignorance or just plain old deception.

Instead, socialism is pushed as the answer to all of our prayers for love, hope and peace. The Scandinavian nations which have all been forced to return to capitalism in order to survive are presented to us “capitalist fools” as the poster boys of socialism.

The actual truth is that nation’s like Sweden have been badly damaged by socialist ideas and are now suffering from rampant immigration, another Communist/socialist ideal, which is forcing them back to capitalist mechanisms in order to both survive and recover.

A Failed Model

Socialism is failing hugely in Venezuela, just as it failed in Cuba and Chile and other South American nations. Only the uneducated, who have not taken the time to examine its real life results, still buy into its empty promises with no evidence to back them up based on applied reality.

The video below posted by France 24 on 12/21/18 is called Dancing with the Dead: Venezuelans Turn to Desperate Measures. It begins with the Cult of the Holy Thugs with Venezuelans who pray to statues of robin hood-like street thugs for guidance. Graves have been desecrated. First for their gold and jewelry as with the older graves and now even for their bones to be sold to occultists who use them in rituals.

Citizens report no law and order. Jails, local and national, are jammed with prisoners dying, sometimes of starvation. Hospitals lack ALL necessary supplies. Ambulances are stationary because there are no parts for repair. Inflation is rampant making even basics not affordable.

People are kidnapped regularly for anything they have. Half the police are corrupt, sometimes organizing the kidnappings. Watch below:

[youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”][/youtube_advanced]

This is what socialism always brings poverty, crime, starvation, social, cultural and economic collapse.

Unfortunately, too many people have been taught to accept authority rather than examine reality and do their own research. They buy into the lies they are fed without question, ignoring realities of collapse going on right in front of our eyes in our own hemisphere, without opening their minds to question the spoon fed pablum of socialist propaganda.

A mind only works when it is open. Many these days have been trained to be closed to anything but what authority feeds them. It’s scary to think that people very simply just don’t think, but that is what those who crave power over the masses count on.

Hitler, one of the most famous perpetrators of a socialism based system- the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI), is reported to have once said: “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” Fortunate because thinking would reveal the socialist scam for what it is- a scheme for those who wish to rule by tyranny as Rummel’s Death by Government confirms.

Supporters pushing for socialism are doing nothing more than preparing to live in their own prison. That is, if they survive, which is a questionable proposition.

Based on the realities of socialism applied in real life with real people, like Venezuela today, the actual results speak against survival.

Unless, our young people and those sucked into the socialist vortex wake up and smell reality with an open mind, we could join the ranks of destruction along with Venezuela as well.

In this fleeting world where all ends with “moth and rust”, no empire exists forever.

However, let’s not assist the destruction of our faltering Republic (NOT a Democracy– a Communist stepping stone) with the failed model of socialism whose time bomb of destruction starts ticking the moment it is embraced.

Always has.

Always will.

You can take that to the bank. And you better do it quick because guess what else collapses along with socialism?