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Oct 10

Voter Fraud – California DMV Admits 100’s of Illegals to Voter Rolls – Tip of the Iceberg

By Terry | collectivism , Government Deception , Illegal Immigration , Personal Liberty

Election Fraud

Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a Republican in Fresno, CA is furious after “unraveling a cover-up” after an internal audit showed that about 1,500 voters had been improperly added to the voter rolls. The DMV wrote a letter to the Secretary of State’s office saying that: This error has been corrected and is separate from the processing […]

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Sep 07

Venezuela – A Portrait in the Failure of Socialism

By Terry | Bernie Sanders , collectivism , Socialism

With the Democratic party lurching farther to the left, socialism is being promoted as the solution to the problems of the day in America. Democratic socialist candidates, endorsed by Bernie Sanders, like Ocasio Cortez (aka Occasional Cortex) and Rashida Talib (Of impeach the MF’r fame) have now been placed into office. Uninformed and propagandized millenials […]

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Aug 29

Another Brilliant Progressive Idea from Gavin Newsom- Universal Healthcare for ALL – Including Illegal Immigrants!

By Terry | collectivism , economic decline , Government Spending

Leftist’s Sure Do Come Up With Some “Progressive” Ideas. Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Said As Governor He Wants Universal Health Care for All- Including Illegal Aliens! Brilliant! He stated in his interview that he was “very proud” (not just proud but very proud) of creating the nation’s only universal healthcare plan for illegal immigrants as Mayor […]

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Aug 20

Well, We’re All Just a Nation of Immigrants – Aren’t We?

By Terry | collectivism , Constitutional , Illegal Immigration

Statue of Liberty- Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

Have you ever gotten pasted with that progressive meme? “We Are a Nation of Immigrants.” That’s supposed to be their “game stopper”. It’s designed to be a canned quip that is supposed to shut up the xenophobic right wing conservative types- according to their myopic little dream world box of identity politics anyway. The problem […]

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