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Since the Fed Rate Rise Things Are Already Getting Dicey

By Terry | American Decline


Ok, It’s Just a Saying But It Makes the Point

Since the Federal Reserve rate increase (as modest as it was) the economy has been getting more tenuous. I posted a warning about this just before Christmas. Just today Walmart announced it will close 269 stores in 2016 impacting 16,000 workers (10,000 in the U.S.). Despite the hype Obama pushed at his State of the Union address when he announced that, “Anyone saying our economy is getting worse is peddling nonsense.” Walmart’s layoff’s confirm that, in fact, it is.

CNN noted in it’s article on the Walmart layoffs: [quote]The retail sector struggled mightily, and shares of Walmart fell 30%, last year.[/quote]

I guess they are peddling nonsense too. Of course, 16,000 workers won’t think so in the coming year.

China Market Struggling

On CNN today another headline announced that: China posts slowest annual economic growth in 25 years

Walmart and China are of course closely tied together economically. Walmart is the biggest buyer of Chinese goods. So, it is no surprise that China and Walmart are struggling together.

Peter Schiff Interview

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Peter Schiff of his own firm Euro Pacific Capital and author of The Real Crash and How An Economy Grows and Why It Crashes did an interview on Alex Jones today. It is worth a careful look. Could we be on the edge of another 2008 collapse? Peter thinks so and gives his reasons why affirming that it will be far worse than 2008 because of all of the Fed Quantitative Easing (QE) juicing.

QE- A Very Brief Overview

QE is an artificial stimulation of the market with dollars from nothing. The Fed generates more debt and more FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) into the market. The problem? Real wealth doesn’t expand to meet those dollars. It is an artificial stimulus with no real tangible growth to match. In other words, the Fed is creating another even larger bubble of debt. When the bubble pops as all bubbles must eventually, it has that much farther to decline before we reach a normal market again.

The bottom line: QE is doing nothing in the long run but making recovery after collapse way worse. Don’t tell Keynesians (deficit spending freaks) that though. They ain’t listening- just like Obama and our politicians in general.

The Markets

Since the rate increase, the markets have dropped as well. The Dow dropped over 300 points today along with the Nasdaq. Since the beginning of the year, U.S. stocks have posted their worst 10 day start to a year ever. Global markets are weakening as well. Not surprising since we have a “global market” now. Not surprising since we also have a global banking cartel ensconced in all the key markets building their New World Order from the inside out.

All in All

Keep a watch on things. Don’t get caught up in anything risky right now. You may want to do some prepping even if you have thought of it as weird. Go on amazon and check out the books on the topic. Many inexpensive Kindle books cover this. If you don’t have a Kindle don’t sweat it. Download the books if they look good and read them on your pc with the Kindle pc app. You don’t need the Kindle to read the books.

Ant_workingI think it’s time to be the ant right now rather than the grasshopper. Grasshopping can wait. A word to the wise is sufficient as they say.