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Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards Proudly Resigns. What is She So Proud Of?

By Terry | Abortion

The Fortune Article is Titled: What You Need to Know About Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthoods Departing President. It really isn’t however so it seems….

321,384 Abortions Last Year Alone Cecile. Something to Be Proud Of?

Did Fortune really give us what we “need” to know? Or perhaps did they miss a few extremely pertinent facts that more accurately tell us what we need to know? Quite frankly, the article was pretty much of a white wash which in light of what is presently going on at Planned Parenthood is pretty shameful.

The compendium of facts below cover what Fortune failed to mention in their article. Facts, that Cecile will likely avoid as well I am sure.

Cecile Richards claims she is proud of the 12 years in her role at Planned Parenthood. Proud of what she has accomplished. As the Fortune article mentioned however, she was also well compensated. As Fortune noted, according to recent tax documents she was paid nearly $700,000 for fiscal year 2015-2016.

This would place Cecile in the bottom tier of the top 1% of income earners. Turns out the lady is a 1%er. Of course, she was never a target of the 1%’r protests since the left is big on abortion and always has been. Good way to prevent families from ever happening in fact, something the left and Planned Parenthood tacitly encourages.

Proud of What Exactly?

So just what did Cecile achieve as she helped to promote the “life changing and life saving work”, as she put it during her exit announcement, of Planned Parenthood?

Some of Cecile’s “life changing and life saving” accomplishments include:

– Selling aborted baby body parts took place during her tenure, as the Center for Medical Progress videos disclosed and brought into the public light. Now, there’s something to really be proud of, creating a side business based on leftover body parts of dead babies. Life changing for the unborn babies of course but obviously not life saving.

– An 11% increase in abortions took place during her time at Planned Parenthood which was the largest increase ever for the organization. A core part of the unfunded income for Planned Parenthood. The Federal government threw in $543,000,000 of taxpayer money to keep the ball rolling however. Something to make all of us proud perhaps?

– Over 3 million unborn babies were killed during her 12 year tenure, an average of 250,000 a year. Last year, according to PP’s annual report, 321,384 babies were aborted which Cecile said was a year that was one of the most “inspiring of her life”. I guess the deaths of unborn babies is inspiring for some, particularly I suppose if you are paid nearly $700,000 a year to encourage them. Most normal people are inspired by life not death BTW.

– 94% of pregnant woman who walk into Planned Parenthood undergo an abortion. Apart from public money given by the government ($550,000,000 at present) their largest source of revenue. Guess not much actual counseling is going on there. If so, it’s obviously pretty biased in one direction.

– Access to abortions has decreased, as clinics have closed down while abortions rose. Additionally, ancillary services that they claim is their real business have also decreased significantly.

– Finally, as Cecile steps down after one of the most “inspiring years of her life” Planned Parenthood is under investigation for the aforementioned body parts issue.

Yes, Cecile in your twisted mind and skewed perception of reality, I guess you would be proud. However, the question that lingers in the air is that if you are so proud of your death based accomplishments and things are going so well, why are you leaving?

Anything to do with the pending investigation perhaps? Just wondering. I guess we’ll see.