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MS13 and Other Criminals Sneaking Across Border- Embedded in Family Units of Illegals

By Terry | Government Deception

President Trump has been consistently attacked by Democrats, the media, open border activists and the courts for holding adults for criminal and deportation processing apart from minors found with them at the border.

They loudly scream to abolish ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) which even goes up to elected representatives along with potential representatives like the Marxist inspired Democratic Socialists (e.g., Ocasio Cortez).

What they don’t tell us is that this ranting and demonizing of illegal immigrant control focusing on “children” is allowing dangerous criminals from the vicious MS13 gang to sneak into our nation embedded as “family members” of illegal immigrant border jumpers.

Border Facts Nancy and the Media Don’t Want You to Know

The Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector is reporting a record number of illegal family migrations from Central American countries as a result of the reversal of President Trump’s promise to curtail illegal immigration and human trafficking.

Turns out that an alarming number of MS-13 gang members and criminals are blended into large migrant groups disguising themselves as “unaccompanied minors” belonging to family units.

Democratic Dreaming

All of this manufactured leftist hysteria is keeping our border from being controlled. That is intentional. Dems want open borders so they can manufacture more votes.

They absolutely know that illegals given the vote, will overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Job security for them. Allows them to continue to feed at the public trough for a career.

The impact on our legal citizens? Honestly, they don’t give a flying you know what and never have. For them, it’s about power and money, not about the nation or the citizens safety.

Globalist Dreaming

Globalists want more illegal immigrants because they don’t want a national identity that is stable, consistent wedded to ideas that have a basis in anything close to our Christian moral foundations. They want the disarray of secular and spiritual humanism.

A society in disorder can be remolded to their heart’s desire.   Borders that are out of control as they are creates disorder and devalues existing law and order and a cohesive local and national identity. This is valuable to a group that wants to recreate America to fit into their dream of a New World Order governed by one world government under the thumb of the United Nations not the United States. They want an international identity not a nation identity or God forbid, a local family and community based identity.

The American Nightmare

As a result of the combined pressure of the Corporate controlled, leftist media and Soros and his ilk funded activists creating aggressive public protests, our border is still out of control. The most maddening part of this deal is that even with the majority which Republicans hold in Congress, they still are failing to change laws that would allow the US to deport illegal immigrants, like most other countries.

In short, our elected representatives which includes ALL Democrats and enough Republican RINO’s (Republicans in name only) are the major cause of illegal immigration. 

Recent Local Reporting

Recent press releases by the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector indicate how out of control the border is.

A recent report by the local KVEO-TV station featured the Border Patrol stated that the problem in the Rio Grande Valley is worse than the flood of illegal alien families in 2014 under the Obama administration.

Brenda Medina: The Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector is reporting a record number of illegal family migrations from countries, other than Mexico.[Note: The largest numbers are coming from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala  The previous record was set back in 2014. Our Mike Jimenez spoke with border patrol agents about the influx:

MS13 Sneaking In With Illegal Family Units

Reporter Mike Jimenez From Rio Grande Valley Border Headquarters

Agent Medina from RIo Grande Valley Border Patrol

Agent Medina’s Biggest Concern MS13 and Other Criminals Blending In With Familes

Mike Jimenez: Well, good evening Brenda, I am here at the border patrol sector headquarters in Edinburg where I spoke to agents about those record breaking numbers. They say however, what is more concerning is the influx of criminals trying to get into the country illegally.

Agent Marcelino Medina: “What we consider is threats in the mix. We continue to see gang members, criminal aliens inside these groups trying to disguise themselves among the family units and unaccompanied children.

In 2014, a total of 50,000 individuals were processed. This year so far up to June of 2018, 54,000 have been already been processed. This strains the agents regular border policing jobs because they have to pull agents off the line to process the increased numbers.

…Recently, in two separate incidents, Border Patrol agents apprehended 150 individuals comprised of family units and unaccompanied children all from Central American countries. Agents say it’s these large groups that concern them because of individuals trying to hide their criminal identities.

“We have seen sexual predators, people wanted for murder, and people wanted for assault. We’ve even encountered several types of gang members; MS-13 and 18th Street gang being the most prevalent.” Added Agent Medina

Exactly in line with what the radical left and sold-out Democrats want. Not what the citizens want however. Despite the propaganda and dog and pony shows on TV, they really don’t care about what the citizens want, just how they’ll vote- as long as its for them.